Welcome to my PARTIES page :)

Some are showers and some are other events; some I've helped host and some I've just attended!

You Are My Sunshine {Baby Shower}

Beautiful Bridal Shower {Bridal Shower}

Showered with Elephants {Baby Shower}

Cute As a Button Baby Shower {Baby Shower}

A Sweet Shower {Baby Shower}

A Baby Shower for a Best Friend {Baby Shower}

Blogger Christmas Party {Christmas Party}

Baby Brunch {Baby Shower}

Penny's Hug & Chug {Baby Shower}

Silly Sweater Party {Christmas Party}

Decorating 80's Style {Birthday Party}

80's Party - Outfits {Birthday Party}

Twin Treats {Baby Shower}

Knox & Sloane's Baby Shower {Baby Shower}

Sprinkle! {Baby Shower}

Pooch Party {Dog Birthday Party}

Gender Reveal Dinner {Babies}

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