Midweek Randoms :)

Happy Midweek :)

  • I had someone ask last week if I was still doing a link up. I haven’t been, but I can. Does anyone out there want to link up with their midweek randoms?? 😉
  • Knox & Sloane are currently taking a nap. I’m not giving up on the naps and they are going back and forth. When they aren’t napping it’s headstands, so I’m just going with it. #atleasttheyareinbedandkindofresting 
  • I’m excited to see Knox & Sloane hunt Easter eggs this year. They are learning coins right now so every time my dad sees them, he gives them one piece of change, a coin, for their piggy bank. I’m thinking we may do treats and pennies in eggs. 
  • What do you put in eggs? What did you get in eggs as a little one?
  • We are on purge mode. Garage sale time. My house totally looks like a tornado hit it, but I’m determined to get rid of anything we don’t need. 
  • Knox & Sloane did some cart pushing for the first time on Sunday. They loved it. It was pretty funny because they would just walk along and pick things up and put them in their cart. All we could do was laugh and explain that we didn’t need it, or wait until they turned their backs and put it back on the shelf, haha. 

  • We will stay in our current house for a while. The only two things I really think we need to do is remove the carpet downstairs and finish the attic, or at least get it insulated and walled. More thoughts on that soon! It’s just been on my mind as I’m going aiming to be more organized. 
  • Is everyone still on Frozen mode? Maybe I’m nuts, but I haven’t gotten tired of it. We really only average every other day, but that’s because if we do a movie, I ask them to try to decide together. Knox needs a break, but he gives in, too. He likes to pretend he doesn’t like it, but he does. Sloane asks to listen to Let It Go on my phone if she doesn’t watch the movie each day. 
  • Picked this up at Target the other day. It smells like rose and I love it. 

  • Do yall know the song Stronger by Sara Evans? Sloane is obsessed with it. We heard it on the radio once or twice and then it’s on my phone. She knows every single word. It’s funny, but I do love the song. She may or may not have heard me belt it, haha
  • I decided to sell Younique :) I started using the 3D Fiber Lash and I LOVE IT. It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used. I figure every gal needs mascara, right?! I’ve not tried any of the other Younique products, but I’ll update as I do. I’m going to post a pic of me with the Fiber Lash on one eye and not the other. I was going to do it this morning, but I was rushing to get to a funeral. I”ll post some others’ pics for now. My first order/party is open if you are interested, you can find it HERE :) The Fiber Lash is $29, and if used every day, predicted to last 6-8 weeks. Feel free to email me with questions! 

  • The funeral was for one of my good friend’s dad. Breaks my heart. He was fine and started feeling sick in December. He died from cancer last Friday. If you’re adding to your prayers, please include them. 

I’d love to hear your random thoughts today! :)


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    Bailey loves the songs from Frozen. My parents recently got them the movie and they really like it. Bailey has never walked around the house singing until she saw this movie. Her favorite is "Let It Go." lol Her and Sloane would be best friends. haha

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    I bought some of the Vaseline Lip Therapy at CVS a few weeks ago. We love it. Parker has very dry lips so I put it on his lips at night.

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    I would link up! Frozen is my the cutest movie and the first movie that my daughter Harper (2) has ever been into. We have a blast singing the songs and we watch Frozen very often. I don't mind at all. There will come a day when cute movies like this are not her thing! I checked out your Younique page. I'd like more info so if you have anything you can email me please do so. lbshoemaker(at)gmail(dot)com


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    My boys are still hooked on Frozen! :-) for Easter eggs I have ages 11,9, 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 we do some coins/dollars in gold/silver eggs…we do stickers/tattoos (cut the sheets they come in to fit)mini dinosaurs, army guys, cars, fruit snack packs…..

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