Twin Treats: New Tricks!

So they let me practice taking some pictures. I also introduced them to Sesame Street so that bought me some time ;)

Not perfect, but improving. For some reason I hadn't really been as into black and white photos like I once was, but I feel like now if the picture is decent, the black & white still shows the subject good enough.

You might see their newest trick is getting up on the table/chest and couch. Knox is much better about sitting down when I tell him, too, but Sloane still wants to jump & down on the couch.

Yep, Sloane is still all about her bow. When she starts requesting I bring her two and let her pick and she usually chunks the other one.

I love them and these pics :)

Maybe my favorite picture ever.......

Sloane likes to give herself kisses in the oven.....

I took these pictures with  my phone and sent to Brent this morning ;)

***Totsy has Vive Le Fete today!


Midweek Randoms

Happy Wednesday! It is Wednesday, right? It's crazy how I can't keep up with my days.

  • I'm heading to the post office today to mail some stuff from my blog sale last week. There are still a few things left. I plan to post more soon. I was going to the post office Wednesday, but both of my parents kind of had colds and there is no way, in this world, I would attempt to take both Knox & Sloane to the post office. 
  • In fact, I now know how hard they are to wrangle in public at this age, outside their stroller. We started music class week. It really is so much fun. Sloane likes to sit in my lap, participate, etc. Knox, he likes to run around, pull cords, open doors, etc. The boy is fast and cannot be tamed! After two classes, I assured the instructor I would bring someone with me next time. It's not only that, but we dance with our kiddo and do a few things that it really is kind of difficult for me to hold two and spin and twirl. I would probably end up on my bottom! 
  • I snapped these last Tuesday, before and after music class....
  • Can we please look at the bottom right picture? When did my baby girl turn into a little girl? :(
  • Knox & Sloane are really into getting on the couch, and while it freaks me out, I'm trying to teach them how to get off and on in a safe way, as well as not to jump up and down. Sloane really wants to jump up and down. We keep their little Scentsy dolls sitting on this couch and they love to cuddle with them. 
  • This was at music class yesterday. They are really into balls and Sloane is really into her book. She takes it everywhere. The balls are part of an activity in class.

  • We also love that our friend Hudson is in our class. We love to see he and his mommy every week :)
  • Yesterday, after class, we met Brent for lunch. Knox wasn't in the best mood as he was exhausted and ready for his nap, but Sloane was sharing many faces....
  • Speaking of friends, we've been doing more play dates lately and I am really enjoying them. Not only are Knox & Sloane getting to interact and play with their buddies, but I'm getting adult interaction with their mommies :) I've been having people just come to our house because once again, taking mine anyplace is kind of tricky right now. Even though I think they know what "no" &  "stop" and "be careful" mean, they aren't really into abiding. 
  • I thought I would be against baby leashes, but I'm starting to reconsider. 
  • If you missed my post yesterday. The video is a must watch. It's a documentary and it's powerful.
  • Thankfully, none of our colds lasted long. The kids got it, Brent and I got it and my parents got it. I really do think hot tea, honey and lemon works wonders...
  • Be sure to check out my post on Monday about Mamarazzi. If you are wanting to learn how to work your camera, it really is a great option! They are also now selling their manuals that they gave us at the workshop. For those who have mentioned doing a workshop if I host, shoot me an email!
  • Did you know that Amber, in Parenthood, is Maggie from One Fine Day? Crazy, huh. I knew I recognized her when we were watching the first thing and I looked it up and sure enough. She is also from Bernice from Hope Floats. Loved her, too!
{both images from imdb.com}
  • If you don't watch Pretty Little Liars, you should. It's good. Also classified as maybe a teeny bopper, but I don't mind. Brent and I just caught up. Yep, he watches, too. He laughs and makes comments and thinks it's dumb, but still entertaining. We've decided we like watching shows back-to-back. We always have something to watch...until we get up-to-date. Now, we are debating what show to start next. 
  • My sweet friend and sponsor, juliethefish designs, is having a 3 day sale. Now until Friday Jan 30 - Feb 1, you can get 15% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Such a great deal and such really does such a great job!
  • I looked down in my console yesterday and it kind of made me laugh. Brent is always saying I don't keep my car too clean. Well, everyone needs scissors, a fake baby phone, pack of mum-mums, nail polish, hand sanitizer & a Starbucks gift card at their fingertips, right?
  • My hair is so dirty. I hope I don't see anyone at the post office I know. I was going to wash it on Monday night, but for some reason I didn't. Good thing since there was a major downpour while I was outside yesterday.
  • Don't forget to enter to win $50 Visa gift card, here, by determining your Archetypes! 
Hope you're week is going good! 


The Light That Shines

My mother-in-law posted this video on my Facebook yesterday and I think it's beautiful. It's a documentary on a young women that has battled breast cancer, survived, and now has bone cancer. She's in her mid thirties. The photographer who took the pictures, and produced the documentary, did an outstanding job. Her name is Sue Bryce and if you look at her blog, you will be hooked. She is amazing. She brings out the beauty in all women and the documentary reminds us all, whether you have cancer or not, you're still beautiful.

'The Light That Shines' a story for all from InBedWithSue.com on Vimeo.

(There are tons of people Sue credits for putting this documentary together and those can all be found on her blog.)



This weekend I attended a photography workshop and FINALLY learned how to use my camera!

I know, you are probably thinking, you've had a DSLR forever, why don't you know how it really works? That's a good question. I just haven't taken the time to sit down and learn and I haven't really retained what I've been told. I just grab and snap. I haven't used auto in a while, and I know to avoid a flash at all costs, BUT I still haven't had my settings on what they should be on, to get the best pictures possible. I certainly didn't know how to see the settings and adjust accordingly when I was taking the picture.

Jenny Collier, a local photographer, reached out to me and told me about her photography workshop. She said she would love to teach me how to work my camera and understand how to capture the moments. She and another local photographer, Ashley Thompson, host the workshop together. 

So, I attended on Saturday and I truly did learn so much! I have really been beating myself up for not doing it sooner! It's so easy to just grab your phone these days, but the pictures really are so different! My goal is to leave my camera sitting close by and being able to use it just as easily as my phone. 

Jenny made the point that if you know how to use your camera, you don't have to spend a lot of time behind it. You can take a few great pictures versus taking a TON and hoping to get at least one good shot. Now if you can take a bunch of great shots rather quickly, that's always a plus, too :)

I know my pictures all be perfect and I know it's kind of a learning process, but I'm just thankful to have the insight on what it is I'm doing :) 

I loved that Jenny and Ashley provided a book that we can reference back on and while we were at the workshop, they walked us through (with slideshow/powerpoint, too) it as the teaching process, with camera in hands. They also had two little girls come in as models so that we could practice and have them right there to direct us and answer questions. 

I asked Jenny for a little snippet to post about the Mamarazzi workshops and she said...

Mamarazzi of Tulsa workshops taught by photographers, Ashley Thompson (ashleythompsonphoto.com) and Jenny Collier (jennycollierphotography.com) happen four times per year.  We teach moms the basics of photography and how to get out of auto mode, lighting, and how to capture more creative and photojournalistic images of their children.  We also offer Mamarazzi parties which means you can host a class of your own by gathering five or more of your friends.  

We just opened up registration for the March 30th workshop this week.  Find more information or register on our blog: http://mamarazzioftulsa.blogspot.com 

For questions - email Jenny at mamarazzioftulsa@gmail.com

Mamarazzi has also decided they will sell their workbooks so you can also email Jenny for details on that! 

**LOCAL FRIENDS - If enough of you want to participate in a workshop, I would be happy to host one :)

Here are some pictures from the workshop that I attended.

Hope you all are having a good Monday! :)



I've never been a big fan of my freckles, and at times I've had lots, but this made me smile :)

I love all these Finny and Zook prints. I'm thinking they might go in the gameroom one day!

Happy Sunday :)


Celiac Testing, Stuffy Noses & Tippy Toesies

Well, I had high hopes that we would remain well after our first Sunday in the church nursery and our first music class.

No such luck :(

Right now, they aren't too sick, and no fevers, but very snotty/stuffy noses. Actually, more so Sloane's nose than Knox's. We had been doing pretty good for a few months, minus their first ear infections. Yesterday, the doctor said Sloane did have a bit of irritation in one of hers; no fluid, just redness. So she is starting an antibiotic. As for the other junk, he said right now it's just a cold that they both have, of course. We are hoping it stays that way and passes quickly.

Unfortunately, he said that he really is seeing quite a bit of the flu and if it's optional, we may hold out for about two months on the church nursery. He said they are just at the age where everything goes to the mouth and it's almost impossible to sanitize and everything is super contagious. So, I guess we will see how they do from now until Sunday.

I know the sickies are inevitable and just part of life, but it seriously crushes my heart when they are sad and pitiful. I know they are building up immunities, which is a positive thing.

On a completely different note, at the first our last appointment, I talked to the pediatrician about my Celiac and wanting to get Knox & Sloane tested. He agreed that we really should as well. Since I've not been feeding them gluten, the biopsy test really wouldn't be an accurate option. It tests for damage. At this point, they probably wouldn't have much damage. Therefore, we are going to do the bloodwork.

I will say, again, that Knox hasn't had anymore skin issues since cutting gluten.

Though many have asked, I'm really not good at explaining many medical terms, but I do understand them pretty well. Basically, they will be checking to see if they have certain genes like I do. Studies have shown that genetic predisposition does play a pretty big part in Celiac Disease. It shows that 95% of people with Celiac basically have this genetic makeup. I looked around on a few sites for a in laymen's terms and I believe THIS site does a good job.

I believe there are various opinions on whether or not the bloodwork results/this genetic makeup can be considered an actual diagnosis of Celiac, but from what I've gathered, it's quite accurate and many doctor's are diagnosing with it. And as for Knox & Sloane, I'd much rather know their bloodwork/genetic makeup than to wait and have to check for damage with a biopsy, you know? I believe we are going to see a pediatric GI doctor in this process, too.

According to Celiac Central / National Foundation for Celiac Awareness an estimated 85% of Americans who have Celiac Disease go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions. More of there statistics here.

My PCP is pretty passionate about Celiac Disease and keeps up with many studies. Basically, doctors are figuring out that people's bodies are rejecting the gluten other ways, not just with GI issues. They've also found that people can be intolerant to gluten and not have actually Celiac Disease. I watched a special on Dr.Oz and he did a pretty good job of explaining that. Video is here. (It's part 1 of the segment and parts 2 & 3 are listed right underneath it. I believe part 2 shows the differences.)

I'll update once I know about Knox & Sloane!

So things were a bit fussy and irritable around here yesterday. Lots of cuddles, though, which are nice. I snapped some pics before and at the doctor. It was cold so we bundled up.

He looks like such a baby man in these, but you can tell he doesn't feel good...
Sloane has started doing this thing where she runs in place on her toes. My mom started calling it "tippy toes" and she now responds and does it upon request :) I was trying to record her on my phone, but it was full (naturally), so I grabbed my mom's phone and caught a few seconds of it this evening. I think she was delirious after no nap and two hours at the doctor, as well all were! Thankfully my parents showed up with dinner and arms to hold.

I love Knox's "hi" :)

*The hats were a gift so I'm not sure where they are from, but I can find out!


For Sale!

Good Morning!

I'm trying to organize the babies' clothes and thought I would part with a few things! :( I really love all of these, but I know I can't keep everything!..... and we have LOTS ;) 

If you want an item, please email me at inthiswonderfullife{at}gmail{dot}com. I'm accepting payment through PayPal only. 

Shipping will be $4 for each item and $6 for more than one. 

1. SOLD Baby Nay Play Outfit w/ Embellished Flowers & Bows 
Worn a few times - hung to dry, perfect condition

2.Silly Goose Smocked Race Car Shortall 
Worn once, hung to dry, perfect condition

3. Ralph Lauren Dress 
Worn a few times, hung to dry 

4. SOLD Kissy Kissy Circus & Baby B'gosh Stripped Jammies 
both newborn 
Each worn a few times, hung to dry 

5. Circo Heart Dress 
Worn once, hung to dry 

6. SOLD Ralph Lauren Boy's One-Piece 
Worn a few times, hung to dry

7. SOLD Children's Place Boy's Sweater 
Never worn - washed & hung to dry, perfect condition

8. SOLD Corky's Kids Bubble 
New with tags 

9. SOLD -Smocktions Superhero Longall 
Never worn, washed & hung to dry, perfect condition 

10. SOLD Baby Nay Ruffle Outfit
Worn once, hung to dry, perfect condition

I plan to post more soon!

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