Sweet Voices!

I’ll do Midweek Randoms in the morning. I haven’t had a second to sit down at my computer today, until now. So, I thought I’d share a few sweet videos I’ve taken lately :) Sweet voices and sweet videos :)

I gave in one day and let them play on the couches. I also let them eat yogurt on it and push my folded pile of towels off. Hey, sometimes you just have to break the rules. It became even more worth it when this happened…..

Yes, I’m putting Christmas out and I have yet to carry all the Halloween to the attic.

Here, is another time I gave in…what can I say, cute things happen when they do things they haven’t done before! I spray their hair with water sometimes and Knox LOVES spraying it at himself. So, I say have at and gave it to them. Water can’t hurt :)

More water! Sink play….and the sweetest hellos ever :)

Happy Wednesday!

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