I’ve read lots of posts, tweets and more about Bloglovin’ lately. People have said it helps keep the blogs you read organized. You can add ay blog you read to the list and they pop up when there is a new post!

I just started adding in some blogs and hopefully will add more! Do you have Bloglovin’? Leave your user name or blog and I’ll follow! :)

You can follow me on Bloglovin’ here  or with the button below :)

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      Yes, I started using it a few months ago when I heard Google Reader was going away. When you first sign up, it will ask if you are coming from Google and it will import all of your blogs you followed over there.

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    Yes! It makes blog reading so easy and convenient! Been reading yours via bloglovin' for a good while! Only way I read blogs anymore as it is hard to find time to sit at computer! or just look up "My Life More Abundant." Also bethann1124 on Instagram. 😉

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    love following your blog! I just started my own blog–
    I have 5 kids (3 soccer boys and almost one year old twin (boy-girl). when I found out I was expecting twins someone sent me your blog, I have been following it ever since :) so thankful for all the help and advice in having boy/girl twins!!

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    Visit me at

    I have been blogging for 10+ years (not always there) and have a 5 yr old son, a 1 yr old son (5 days younger than Knox and Sloane) and a baby on the way (another boy!)

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    I do use Bloglovin, and love it – but lost a lot of my favorite blogs in the transfer from Google Reader. Boo! I agree though, it helps keep everything very organized! Long-time reader :)

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    I used Bloglovin for a little while right after the Google Reader announcement…but I recently switched over to Feedly and I like it a LOT better. Same idea, I just like the features :)
    Floating Along

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    We're all being forced to find something different than Reader… boo! But Bloglovin' has been great so far. It just takes getting used to since it's something different. You can follow me at :)

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