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I have a feeling that I’m not the only one when I say I use to watch a soap opera. Am I right?

I can remember it being the summer before my sophomore year in high school. I would make sure that I wasn’t doing chores or anything that would take my attention away from Days of our Lives at 12pm. Then, when that was over, I would go on about my way. Until, Passions started. Then, I got hooked on Passions. That didn’t last long because come one 1pm and I was ready to lay in the sun or play online, you know, anything I wanted. I decided it wasn’t for me and I would just stick to good ole “Days” :) Then, school started and not long after I began to drive. Then, I got a job. Of course I was never at home at noon to catch my soap. I know, what 15/16 year old should be watching a soap? Eh, it was harmless.

I think this was way before the days of DVR, or I guess I should say Tivo since it came out first, so there was no recording and catching up. Occasionally, I would catch one if I was home from school or it seemed like it did repeat really late at night, when I should be sleeping. Thankfully, I felt like no matter how long I went, it was always pretty easy to start back in or figure out what was going on.

I remember when Knox and Sloane were much younger and taking two naps. I would sometimes turn the TV on, but there was never anything on that I wanted to watch at those times. Since I knew what time that was, I could have scheduled to watch something daily had I found something I liked to watch.

Thank goodness for the internet, right? I remembered, with the help of my Twitter friends, that I could stream series of shows online. I could watch shows back-to-back. Shows I had seen before and even those I hadn’t.

Have you all tried Hulu? You can stream shoes! It’s awesome! And Free! Also, Hulu Plus? It let’s you watch shows on your iPad, iPhone, gaming consoles and set top boxes. There is only a $7.99 per month fee and you can pretty much watch it anywhere. Both of these have a great library of shows to select from. Now, even our Apple TV set top box has an option for Hulu on it. So that makes it super easy!

Did any of you watch One Life to Live or All My Children? Well, they are coming back! New episodes will be on Hulu and Hulu Plus! I had actually always heard great things about both of them, but they were never on at a time when I could watch them. It will be original cast members, with some new ones, too! I’m excited to see what they are like as far as making a “big return.”

Each weekday there will be a new episode and it’s a half- hour long. I figure since I can watch them on my actually TV now, I can turn them on during nap time. That’s something else I love, it can be playing and I can be doing other stuff. Also, by getting Hulu, you can pick other shows you want to watch at your convenience! You can get a week FREE TRIAL – HERE. I think I’ll give both shows a try and see if they seem like I would enjoy watching!

Anyone want to win a YEAR LONG subscription to Hulu Plus?? Also, one grand prize winner will win a Roku! Then, you can stream Hulu right from it!

***What’s your best idea for an episode, spin, love story, intro of an old character?”

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    I've never used Hulu but a year free would make me a believer for sure- and a Roku would be fabulous! Do you love your Apple TV? Contemplated that also.

  2. says

    I love OLTL but i'm so torn because of all the drama with PP and ABC. I'm not at all happy with what they're doing to GH but I love Trevor St. Johns and I may cave just to see him.

  3. says

    Great giveaway! I've never watched soaps, but I do LOVE greys anatomy, and I think they should bring Addison back now that private practive is over!

  4. says

    I just got rid of our satelite last weekend and was looking into getting a Roku! I'm also an ABC soaps girl and am soo happy that AMC and OLTL are back! I would love if OLTL brought Jessica back with some new love interest.

  5. says

    Well, I love Courtney Cox spinoff *well not really spinoff* from Friends to Cougar Town. Of course they always bring people back after dying…ha ha! I have no idea!

  6. says

    love seeing characters come back on the other side of problems they had when they were younger (now the mentor vs. the mentored) Great giveaway.

  7. says

    OMG I loved Passions! I couldnt stand it when Luis and Sheridan split and then Timmy died so I slowly quit watching. Wonder what ever happened to Alister(?)? Also, did you know Ethan and Theresa were married in real life?!

  8. says

    I'm not sure of a new story line. It seems the stories always involve someone coming back from the dead. Well someone they thought was dead returning and finding out they've been living on an island with amnesia for the last 10 years. I love those ridiculous and far fetched stories. That's what soap operas should be about.

  9. says

    I totally watch soaps! I have been watching Young & The Restless , and Bold & the Beautiful since I was like 8, and now my husband and all of his family watches it as well! Cant give up the good old soaps, even when they are boring because its such a habit ! Silly and fun and great for SAHMs ha!

  10. says

    I haven't seen a soap for a long time, but we can't afford a cable bill, so this would be an awesome way to catch up on shows I've missed!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  11. says

    This is such a fun giveaway. I was not a big fan of soaps but my mom LOVED Young and the Restless and we always joke about how the characters who were young aged so quickly!

  12. says

    I am so happy to have my two soaps back. Been watching all week and loving OLTL, love that it picked up where they left off pretty much and so glad Victor (the yummy TSJ) is back. AMC is taking some getting used to, jumped too far ahead and not enough of the old characters back. I say bring Tad back, they haven't said what happened to him yet, but I am hoping Dr Evil (Love VI) has him in his lab somewhere and got put away in jail , now that he is back, he can bring Tad back (or better yet Tad escapes, we need that rivalry)

  13. says

    Wouldn't it be fab if on All My Children they went WAY back in time, and Jenny wasn't dead? They bring back dead characters all the time, why not bring back one character the fans actually cared about? :-)

    Seeing Jenny and Sam back would be AWESOME!!!!

    And on One Life to Live I would like to see Vicki and Joe back together again! So over Clint!

    I've been enjoying having the shows back and can't wait to see how much more daring they can be since they are online now and not bound by the constraints of network TV anymore!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  14. says

    I love All My children and am so glad that it is back! I'm ready for David Hayward to stir things up in Pine Valley !

    debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. says

    You know I remember Days of Our Lives from when I was a kid, but in college we kind of got sucked in to Passions! Hmm a good story line…gosh what haven't they done…what if the main characters had to go live survivor style for a week!

  16. says

    I would LOVE IT if they brought back Joey Buchanan (Nathan Fillion) to One Life to Live!!!!! I loved him on there!

  17. says

    I can't think of a specific character, but it's always great when you think a character has died, but then they re-appear in a future episode! Especially when it is one of the "villains".

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  18. says

    I used to watch Days too! For years! And if I randomly turn it in, I see the same people on it.

    It would be great to try out Hulu for free…I have heard great things.

  19. says

    Let me see, I need a good love story. I recently saw a news article where this cop that talked a guy out of suicide and they met up later. So what if there was a story where there was a cop that talked a guy out of committing suicide, and then later he went to dinner at the cop's house and fell madly in love with the cop's daughter.


  20. says

    I love the episodes that make you think that someone havs been killed off but then you find out it was all just a dream . Thank you


  21. says

    On OLTL I would love the Christian Vega/Jessica Buchanan Love story to come back. Maybe even bring back some alters!we miss the insanity of the D.I.D, Maybe even Rex & GiGi

  22. says

    I absolutely loved Victoria Lord on One Life to Live. I would like to see a new storyline with her as one of her personalities, Niki Smith, come back and when she does we find out that when she was Niki, she had twin daughters. Both daughters also have split personalities as well!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  23. says

    I would love to see Rex and Gigi come back to One Life to Live with another baby in the picture and Rex find out that Roxy and Bo are his legitimate parents

  24. says

    I've never had the chance to watch soaps so I really don't know the characters and can't make a suggestion for an episode.
    I've always liked the idea of the "bad boy" who was really a good guy playing an undercover part.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  25. says

    I am not a soap watcher, but I might watch if they would do one of the campy sendups that can be so much fun.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail . com

  26. says

    I love when they bring back someone who has been dead for few years. I just sit there trying to think about it. Just hilarious. Can't give up my soaps!!

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