In the air….

First off, I woke up yesterday and I could smell spring. It was sunny and warm with no heater running.

I think it got up to about 75 degrees outside.

It was definitely like spring was in the air and it made me kind of giddy.

Well, today the high is 48 degrees and it’s unbelievably windy. Go figure.

At least we see a light at the end of the tunnel on winter, hopefully.

Knox & Sloane enjoyed playing outside without jackets and hats on!

Yep, totally gave Sloane her first pony yesterday. She wasn’t really a fan, so I talked her into letting me put a pebbles on the top.

What they are really excited about is going to the zoo this spring in summer. They love the zoo. They told me they had to have these little outfits to wear, duh. {Brand is Velani Classics.}

They also got their new summer sandals, which they are wearing in the picture above. Sun-San Salt Waters are our favorite and the best price I’ve found has been on Amazon. I know this is kind of a blurry picture, but I love that they cross their little feet while eating. If they see their sandals in sight, they asked to put them on.

Since March includes St.Patrick’s Day and Easter, it naturally feels like spring. I know, it’s still kinda throwing me off that Easter is in March this year. I guess it’s probably been five or so years since it was , right?

The kids loved the silver tinsel tree during Christmas and Valentines, so my mom told me I should leave it up and she got these cute clover ornaments to go on it.

My goal was to avoid these this year, but I saw mini packs and thought, ehh maybe a few of those won’t hurt. I go way back with these. They are pretty much one of my favorite things, ever.

Do you smell spring in your air??
Both babies are currently down for a nap. No, they don’t take a morning nap, but Knox was up most of the night so he asked for one, and when Sloane saw me take him up, she did, too. Thanks, Sloaney :) Knox is having major flared bottom from his antibiotics, but thankfully Moms On Call & Twitter friends have helped me and I think we are on the mend. Last night was HORRID. I also have a friend who gave me a few tips on drops and such that can maybe prevent the ear infections so we can avoid antibiotics because obviously, Knox’s body doesn’t much care for them. 
I’m excited for some time with my SIL today :) 
I just posted my current savings for Ebates, here, and I think it’s awesome! 
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    Do you mind telling me what ear drops your friend recommended. We battle ears infections too. I just bought Wally's ear oil, but we just starte using it so it's too soon to see if it works.

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    Spring definitely ISN'T in the air here! It's snowing like crazy! Someday…

    My son's bottom used to get horrible, 1/4" raised welts with antibiotics and it was doing the same thing to his GI tract. Turns out he was allergic to penicillin. When he'd get like that, we stopped using wipes altogether and used plain water and flannel wipes (old shirt or from fabric store, cut into squares) until it cleared up.

    Just a FYI, if Knox's ear infections are middle ear, drops won't work. They only work for outer ear infections where the ear canal is infected. My son has had chronic ear infections for the past 5 years and his ENT says that they are pointless. Some can help relieve pain, but will not clear or prevent and infection. The antibiotic drops will only help a middle ear infection if there are tubes to allow the drops to pass through. I feel your pain. My son is on his 3rd round of antibiotics in a month and we're headed back to his ENT next week where he'll hopefully order his *4th* set of tubes. It's rough! Hope Knox is feeling better soon!

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    Okay-I may or may not be on my second bag of those Cadbury eggs. They are my favorite Easter treat! I can't believe you guys are able to wear shorts and sandals already. We are about to get hit with a snowstorm here in Ohio, so no shorts for us right now!

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    Hi Megan, I've read your blog for awhile now and so enjoy reading about your sweet babies. I have an almost 2 year old and another due any day. My oldest suffered with numerous ear infections….lots and lots of antibiotics. I think we may have finally turned a corner, but I'm worried my next will be the exact same way. Will you please share the tips your friend gave for avoiding ear infections? Thanks!!

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    Ooh, be careful with those chocolate eggs – I'm pretty sure they aren't gluten free. Even if the eggs themselves are, I think they are processed on machine that also processes wheat and/or wheat products.

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