Valentine’s Week

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Both babies aren’t feeling too great this week.

We all had a nice Valentine’s. Brent hit up my favorite place, Target, and got me some goodies. I got the babies a few things and he brought them balloons home. I’m getting him shoes :)

Sloane is still in love with her bows. One night we had a long night with Knox and he and I were still in bed. Brent came to the door with Sloane and he had covered her hair in bows. So funny.

We went to the doctor Tuesday. Knox was trying to feel better, but he just didn’t.

The doctor said he had a double ear infection and bronchitis :( We’ve been doing breathing treatments since.

Sloane has gotten where she wants a snack, in a bowl, so she can sit down and eat it. It’s pretty funny..

Wednesday, Knox seemed to be getting better and was smiling again…

Valentine’s Day, yesterday, Sloane started feeling bad, I could tell, but it wasn’t until during the night when she really started coughing.

Valentine’s goodies…

How CUTE are their faces when they saw their goodies?! They love balloons.

I love this video :)

That brings us to today…you can tell Sloane is about to be down and out. She’s coughing and choking :(

Sick of the sickies. I know it has a ton to do with this darn weather. Probably wasn’t the smartest to start them at music class and church nursery during winter, but I thought it was time. The ped said really try to give it another month. He said it would have been different had they already been going, but this season is hard because the weather is irritating and germs are spreading. Blah.

Happy Friday :)


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    I hope they feel better soon, it's tough when they first start getting out, but next winter will be different b/c they'll have so much more immunity.

    By the way, where do you get their PJ's? Are they all cotton and footed? I am having a hard time finding all cotton, footed pj's after 12 months.

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    Your husband looks so much like my boyfriend, it's crazy. Oh my goodness, the picture where they see the balloons literally made me laugh aloud. So cute!! Happy Valentines! Hope everyone is feeling better!!

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    It's hard, isn't it?!? You want to take your kids out and see the world, but you worry about seasons/germs. I hate it! But it seems like even when we keep our kids in, we STILL get sickies in the winter…so we go places =)

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