Monday Mish Mash

I almost typed good morning and then I realized it’s 1:30 in the afternoon. Not sure it’s that’s a good thing or not. It’s super rainy here today. It’s been raining since we woke up. I think we are supposed to have snow tomorrow. It was in the mid 60’s yesterday. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WEATHER!

  • We played outside yesterday and even though it was in the 60’s, the wind made it seem much cooler. Knox threw his first major tantrum. He wanted to be right be the big kids that were swinging and we wouldn’t let him get too close. He was NOT happy. Sloane was not into napping, but Brent tried a few times to tuck and her baby in and she just wasn’t having it. Daddy was home and she wanted to play with him.
  • One of my sponsors, Rosie Posie Designs, has started a new website I wanted you guys to check out. I also feel like I kinda know her personally because she and Brent know one another from school. Anyways, It’s a great resource for people who have a family or friend with Alzheimer’s Disease. I know how hard of a disease it is as I worked with many seniors who had it for five years. This is what Ashley wanted to share about the site:

We are working on creating a book to help families who have a loved one diagnosed with alzheimers. My grandmother was diagnosed over a year ago and we have thought time and time again how awesome it would be to have other friends, family etc. to talk about the obstacles you go through on a daily basis caring for a loved one with this disease. We thought it would be a great idea to have people share their stories, inspirational quotes/verses, tips, etc. in a book. A go to place where you can get comfort, advice, ideas, etc. whenever you need to! We have created a website where people can submit whatever they would like to us (they can share anonymously, dedicate their submission to a loved one who has/is suffering with alzheimers, or put their own name). We will sort through all of our submissions, compile what we decide to use and plan to try to publish! Here is our website which goes into more detail: 

 ***We are offering the next 25 people that submit, a free journal. This is a good place for caregivers to jot down notes, meal & medication times, schedules, etc., it is shown here, the design includes the color purple and forget-me-nots two alzheimers symbols):

You can also check out our Facebook page, HERE 

  • Last night we celebrated two family birthdays. Knox & Sloane somehow lasted until 10 and then started getting delirious. Knox ran getting into everything and being rough like a boy. Sloane stayed by the ladies and the food, naturally. Brent put her on his shoulders so she could see the candles being blown out. She was also really into passing out sweet kisses :)
  • Yesterday before church, Sloane wanted to brush Knox’s hair very badly. However, he wasn’t having it and swatted her hand away. This made her extremely upset. Knox didn’t have a white shirt that first him clean. Way to go, mommy. So, he sported rolled-up sleeves, ha.
  • We wear hearts year round :)
  • I had heart month card made, but I’ve been pretty slow to address them and send them out : / Much harder finding the time this year than it was last :)
  • We watched Mad Men both Friday & Saturday night and we are almost to the middle of season 4. It’s so good. 
  • Saturday morning I took a beginners photoshop class and a posing class. No, I’ll probably never start a photography business, but I really want to learn photoshop and my MIL was teaching the posing one, too, so I liked hearing about it! 
  • I spent Saturday afternoon sorting through the babies clothes. I now have piles to save and get rid of. I’ll probably have a sale soon!
  • Saturday night, I went to dinner with one of my best frands and her sister. They were in town dress shopping. I can’t believe we didn’t take a picture…not even of the delicious food. #fail. It was so nice to see them! 
  • Speaking of Rosie Posie Designs, next week we will be having a little pre-sale of a super cute item!!! Stay tuned for that because everyone needs one :)
  • We’ve been needing to change the batteries in Mickey for…well, probably a few months. I finally did it this morning and Knox & Sloane were ridiculously excited. He was doing all new songs and dancing. They love him. They definitely had a dance party and though you can’t tell too well, you can see there is movement happening… 
  • Also, I shared my Archetypes and if you share yours with me, you will be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card :)
Have a good day!!


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    I love the pic of Sloane wanting to brush Knox's hair. Her eyes are so cute and sad. I love that she has on only one show and knox's shoe lace is a little untied and he has rolled up sleeves. This couldn't have been better if you's tried to capture such a moment!!! A "real" moment in time. How sweet! Thanks for sharing.

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