Manic Monday

It wasn’t crazy manic, but manic enough for me to just now be sitting down, let alone blog.

I stay up too late. I never really feel tired because of it, though. I’ve kinda of always had that ‘sleep is a waste of time’ attitude. However, Knox & Sloane have been sleeping until about 8. So, if I sleep from midnight until 7:30, that really is quite a bit of sleep. Well, last night I woke up twice. The wind was SO high and something blew over on the back porch and I woke up and made Brent look. Then, two hours later, my eyes popped open. Of course Knox & Sloane decided to wake at 7ish today. I actually did feel on the tired side this morning.

One of my besties, Ashley, came in town yesterday and stayed with us last night. We were glad to see her, even though it was a short trip. We played this morning and then went to lunch before she headed out. I was thinking we would take the babies to lunch, but at 11 o’clock, I could tell they weren’t going to last. Needless to say, they had eaten lunch and were asleep by 11:45. My parents came over while Ashley and I grabbed lunch. They slept until 3:30.

They are feeling better, though this weather is still blowing their sinuses up. I think they are also working on some teeth. Knox is still whining hardcore. Thankful for those whines, but also thankful for 5pm and grandparents coming by.  I’m still debating music class tomorrow. They both still had low-grade fevers today, but I think are on the up and up.

After lunch I went to pick up a new rug! I drove 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. Thankfully my dad went with me. I LOVE the rug! Craigslist can be awesome.

Let’s back up to lunch, Knox & Sloane have been SO picky the past two weeks or so. I’m chalking it up to snot and maybe sore throats, but man, it’s rough. For dinner, I had the bright idea to just give them one thing. I didn’t do multiple things. Sure enough, they ate it all. Maybe they didn’t need options/sides….or maybe they were just hungry.

A YEAR AND A HALF! Can you believe my babies will be a year and a half tomorrow? It blows my mind. Every single day they are changing. Sloane is saying sentences. We can’t really understand them most of the time, but she’s working on it.

We are catching up on Mad Men. We have always wanted to watch, but never have. We are almost through season one and we really like it. That’s what we are doing right now. I typically don’t blog while we watch TV because I end up typing whatever the show I’m watching says, but I had some business I had to tend to so I figured I might as well since I was on the computer. #addictedtoblogging

Okay, back to Mad Men and here’s to the rest of the week being a little less hectic and that my kids are full of laughs and not whines :)

Oh, and before I go, my heart can’t even take this picture. I love it so much. We were snuggling a few mornings ago and I looked down to see this. My heart wanted to explode. Thankfully, Brent was able to hand me my phone before they moved.



  1. says

    I just love that pic.
    I'm the same as you as far as staying up late. The girls don't wake up until 8:30-9am so I get plenty of sleep even if I go to bed late.
    I hope K&S get to feeling better soon. I definitely think the wind has stirred up some crud that's affecting everyone's allergies. We had to give the girls some claritin tonight because Tillie has been getting hives and Tensley has been snotty and had runny itchy eyes. :(

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