Cheese & Rice Balls – for the kiddos

So Knox & Sloane like rice. They always have. I learned early on that it was hard for them to actually eat it only because it was tricky to get it into their mouth. Before they starting using utensils they would just shovel it in my the handfuls, spilling quite a bit. Even now, it’s still hard for them to get it on their fork or spoon. I started doing these when they were just using their hands and it made it super easy for them to just pick one up and put it in their mouths!

They are easy. Just rice and cheese. You can do bag rice that you heat in the microwave or stove rice. I like bags because they are quick and simple 😉 I also learned that if you heat the bag for less time than it recommends and don’t break the rice apart while it’s in the bag it works good because it stays in clumps.

Easy directions:
Warm or cook the rice.
Empty bag onto plate or in a bowl.
Put cheese on top then mix together.
Make little balls.

I make the balls with my hands. You can do them any size you want, obviously. I also do it when it’s rather warm because it sticks together best and the cheese melts a bit.

Yes, I eat them, too :)

Speaking of recipe, the video playing in the BlogHer TV, on my right sidebar, shows a recipe for spinach gnocchi. It looks delicious! It’s also an easy one for kiddos, even without teeth, to eat it!


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    This is genius! And so simple. :) they always recommend rice and grains for kids but am looking for more independent eating options so my girls can feed themselves. Thanks!

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    This is a great idea! My daughter is 21 months and still spills rice everywhere! And she LOVES that quinoa and brown rice…we are actually having it for dinner tonight!

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    This is awesome! Great tip! Amelia loves rice but makes such a mess.. She will think these rice balls are fun!! I think this may be lunch tomorrow! HA

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    I made these for my grandson's lunch today. He's not into trying new foods right now, so they weren't very successful for him. But I thought they were delicious. Easy to make also. We'll try them again.

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    I just made these for my 15 month old. They were surprisingly hard to roll into balls ! Mine wouldn't stick totally together but once they cooled more they seemed a little stickier. Henry grabbed the whole rice ball and it broke in half I to his lap and he looked at me and said uh oh. So sweet so thanks for the recipe and another sweet moment with my little boy !

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