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As silly as it sounds, I get lots of questions about bows & jammies. The truth is, it’s not silly at all because Knox & Sloane wear lots of jammies. Well, Knox doesn’t intentionally wear bows, but be prepared that sometimes he may answer the door with a bow on the top of his head. After all, that’s what happens when you have a sister, right? Anyways, I think I always wondered what bows and jammies people liked before I found the ones we like.

Our jammies of choice are Stretchies from the Children’s Place. Several people asked about the jammies in the picture where they were holding hands. Those are Stretchies as are the ones above.

We also like GapCarter’s and some Leveret, which I usually get off of Zulily.

I try not to spend too much money on jammies just because they do outgrow them and they do wear and get washed and dried pretty often. All of these you can get on sale and for relatively good prices, but in case you are wondering price wise, on a 1-4 scale, this is typically how I find it….

As for bows, we have lots of bows from many different places. These are probably the main ones….

Polkadot Posies
Julia’s Bowtique

Bloomies makes super cute, unique one. Polkadot Posies and Julia’s Bowtique both make great ones at great prices! I usually buy the package deals from Julia’s.

Where are your favorite places to get these things if you aren’t searching??


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    I love Carter's jammies the best! I only buy them at Kohl's (because they are always on sale and there is always a coupon) or Costco! I don't buy any other Carter's clothes for my 3 year old because of the wash wear, but the pajamas are hands down my favorite. As for bows, I know a person who gets a huge bow order together and they end up being $1.50 or $1.75 per bow :) Not sure of the supplier!

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    Look at those sweeties playing the piano! Too cute! We love Children's Place and Gap for jammies too. I've never tried the Leveret – I'll have to give those a try as well. I haven't done much bow shopping lately as we're just now getting out of the phase where BOWS ARE THE WORST. She would pull them out the very second I put them in. Just in the last week or two she's started keeping them in for a little bit. Hopefully we're making progress as bows can be so sweet.

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    We love the cute Stretchies from Children's Place, too! When my six year old outgrew them, we were very sad, but when my twins were born, our loved for them was back!!! Why anyone makes or uses snap jammies is beyond me. It's nearly impossible to snap these back in the dark in the middle of the night. Zippers are sooooo much easier!!! Love your blog!!!
    One Berry Blog

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    I buy most of my 19 month old's jammies from Costco. Love Carter's and the Kirkland Brand stretchies, and the Hanna Anderson footless jammies. For my 6 and 8 year old, I love Gymboree's Gymmies. I buy them when they are on sale for $10, and use a coupon.
    For bows, I get most of ours from Girls Crochet Headbands.

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    love peek a boo on memorial- their mud pie jammies are our fave, but our go to jammies are carters, old navy, & recently Masyn has been wanting nightgowns like her best friend… so we've been buying minnie mouse nightgowns at walmart. I've found some steals on Carters brand at Tulsa Hills Marshalls. oh! also, the disney store. I used to buy Masyn's at Gymboree, but haven't been in there in forever.

    Bows- peek a boo, lolly garden, & Kathleens Kids. My friend bought AK some from Ribbons on brookside & I've been meaning to go in there and check that place out.

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