A Year & A Half!

I can’t believe Knox & Sloane are a year and a half old today! It truly does seem like it was yesterday when they were born.

It’s been a busy, hectic, wonderful and amazing year and a half!

People are so right when they say the days can be long and the years can be short. The days can definitely be long, but when they are sleeping, I miss them!

They are doing new things every day. They are understanding more of what we say and starting to communicate more to us.

They are SO funny!

Dear Knox,

You are the sweetest little cuddle bug. If we are sitting in the floor, you want us to snuggle with you.

You have the cute little teethy smile. You squint your eyes up and try so hard to give the biggest smile you possibly can. It makes me smile so big every time you do it.

You do pretty good at playing on your own and you love to stack stuff. You’ve also learned to crawl up and down off the couch and chest and it’s one of your favorite things to do. We try to get you to sit, but you love to stand, and run, and of course you’ve fallen a time or two. I think I cried harder than you did, but it scared me!

You are a strong little boy!

Since winter has been upon us, and the weather here is crazy, you have had a few sicky bugs. Nothing major but your first ear infections, etc. It’s so sad when you are sick.

We started music class and you really like it. You also really like running around the room checking other things out, which is fine, too! You love to dance at home. Anytime music is home, you will swing your hips back and forth.

You have the sweetest little spirit. You’ve been walking up to Sloane and giving her kisses without us prompting you and it’s just so sweet. When you are on the couch, you always want to give us a kiss and I think it’s because you know we don’t really want you up there. Already a sweet talker I suppose.

You are a picky little eater sometimes, but we are working through it. Part of me really thinks that is where your stubborn side comes out, but it could be texture issues, too.

You’re still a great sleeper and we thank you for that 😉 You and Sloane like to talk and giggle with one another in your crib and mommy likes to watch.

You love animals and making their sounds. We can’t wait for the zoo this summer!

Every time an airplane flies above the house, you freeze, act like you hear something and then start making the airplane sound.

You’re favorite word is more. We taught you and Sloane to sign it and you are both great at saying and signing it.

You love watching Barney and The Lorax. We watch both daily. I don’t really mind because Barney is teaching you, too! You love the music and bright colors in The Lorax.

You’ve started giving us a little side roll with your eyes and it is hilarious. No idea where you learned that.

We think you are going to be a little clown like I’m pretty certain your daddy was. If we laugh at you, you smile and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing or step it up a notch.

I hope you’ve had as wonderful of a year and a half as we have!

We love you SO much!
Mommy & Daddy

Dear Sloane,

You are definitely a little diva in the making. Though we haven’t intentionally tried to make you so girly, you just naturally are, and we do really love it!

You cross your legs at the ankle almost every time you sit down.

You always want a bow in your hair. In fact, this morning when daddy was upstairs getting ready to bring you guys down, all I could hear over the monitor was “bow, bow, bow!” haha.

You’ve gotten where you want less jammie days. You act like you want to take your jammies off and put an outfit on. This is fine by me because you have an insane amount of clothes. Just wait.

You give THE best hugs. If we squat down on your level, you will often come running into our arms. Then, you even pat our back! I think you learned this from us, but it’s so sweet and kind of you.

You definitely like every single toy…..that Knox is playing with. You really like to take things from him, but we are woking on sharing. You are quick to grab and run.

You love love love to dance. If the quietest little song comes on the tv you start shaking your toosh and pointing your fingers in the air. I have some great videos that you’ve probably already watched if you’re reading this. You’re welcome, haha!

You are really wanting to learn to jump. Everyday you and Knox are practicing. I think you will have it before long.

Your hair is getting SO long. It definitely has some curl to it. It’s still lighter than I imagined it being right now, but it’s beautiful :)

You are a great helper. We taught you that after we change a diaper, we wrap it up real tight, and you go through it over the baby gate. It’s very helpful. Just recently, you’ve started sitting by me when I change Knox and you will hand me a wipe.

You love your baby doll. You also recently started wanting her to wear a diaper and to change her. We let her sleep with you and you are very thankful.

You and Knox both love your grandparents so much!

You are more shy around people to begin with. You just like to stand back and take it all in, while Knox runs right up to the crowd. This is probably a good thing!

You are trying to have conversations, but we are still working to understand what you are saying. You talk fast like it’s a full sentence. Sometimes we figure it out and sometimes we don’t.

We are working on minding. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell you not to open a drawer, you will walk up to it, look at me and try to open it or pretend like you’re going to. Little turkey.

You love your sleep. You would sleep much longer every morning, but Knox is your wake-up call.

We love you so much and your little joyous personality and we’ve had a wonderful year and a half with you!

{The picture below cracks me up because I’ve been trying to teach you to smile when I say smile ( mommy likes to take pictures.) I put my fingers on the sides of my mouth and make a smile. Well, for this picture, I asked you to smile and you did just what I had showed you, but you could tell you had no interest in actually smiling! haha}

We love you SO much!
Mommy & Daddy


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    Could they be any cuter! I'm so excited to see all the milestones they are reaching…makes me excited (or maybe sad, or even a little scared–ha!) for what's to come with Elyse in the next few months!

  2. says

    Little Sloaney with her fingers on her dimples… omg, that is darling! What a sweet little duo!

    Can't believe how fast everything seems to be flying! They are so cute!!!

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    When I was just a bit older than them, my parents found an Easter egg (a real hard boiled one) in the yard that had been hidden 4 months earlier…it was August, it was HOT, so you can imagine the state of the egg. They carefully placed it on the porch until they could properly dispose of it, and told me NOT to step on it. Much like Sloane, I was going through the "watch me" phase, stomped the egg, and graced the whole family with the WORST SMELL EVER! So, good luck with that…they are seriously too cute!

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