Twin Treats: New Tricks!

So they let me practice taking some pictures. I also introduced them to Sesame Street so that bought me some time 😉

Not perfect, but improving. For some reason I hadn’t really been as into black and white photos like I once was, but I feel like now if the picture is decent, the black & white still shows the subject good enough.

You might see their newest trick is getting up on the table/chest and couch. Knox is much better about sitting down when I tell him, too, but Sloane still wants to jump & down on the couch.

Yep, Sloane is still all about her bow. When she starts requesting I bring her two and let her pick and she usually chunks the other one.

I love them and these pics :)

Maybe my favorite picture ever…….

Sloane likes to give herself kisses in the oven…..

I took these pictures with  my phone and sent to Brent this morning 😉

***Totsy has Vive Le Fete today!


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    OK #1 – I love your new header! #2 – those knitted doggie winter hats are the cutest things EVER. # 3 – you are totally improving already with pictures! I am no expert at taking them but I can appreciate pretty ones! ha Those are all such CUTE pictures. I love seeing their little personalities!

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    Seriously- your kids get cuter every day! The second picture of Sloane in B&W is Ah-MAZing! Great job! Her eyes are piercing! Brent better watch out!! And Knox's smile? He's gonna be such a heart breaker!!

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    First, your kids are precious!!! Second, someone else commented but can you share where you got that trunk? Our wooden one has to go since my toddler likes to jump and dance on the couch! :)

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