I sat down to post and I thought about doing a Twin Treats post, then remembered yesterday’s post was full of pictures of my favorite twins :) A few minutes later, I remembered I joined in on Throwback Thursday on Instagram, also known as “#tbt” :) You basically post an old picture and tag as #tbt.

I had always seen people post their tbt pictures and I liked looking. I like seeing how they looked however many years ago; what they were doing and so forth.

In the past two weeks, I’ve probably had ten people ask if we are having anymore babies. So, the first “throwback” picture I thought to post yesterday was my belly with the twins. I pulled up a picture and immediately thought, oh my gosh. It’s like I knew my belly was that big, but even still looking back, I can’t believe it. Then, I thought, surely no one really wants to see this right now. haha. I don’t know why I was hesitant for a second. It not like I didn’t post weekly bare belly pictures. Going into it, I told myself I would take them, but probably not post them. Then, I thought eh this is my journal, I might as well.

I’m SO glad I have the “Prego Mego” posts from both my pregnancies. I basically can look back and see all three of my children grow. I can remember the moments taking those pictures; the kicks; the appointments.

Then, I decided to post another throwback picture, which was of Knox & Sloane taken minutes after they were born. It’s one of my very favorite pictures of them. To look at it and see what came out of my body blows my mind. For a second, before posting on Instagram, I thought I’m sure a picture of very new babies, still covered in vernix, will probably not appeal to some.

I posted it anyway. It’s my story.

It really is such a miraculous thing, childbearing. Children are precious gifts from God whether or not you gave birth to your child or someone else did. When I look at my “tbt” pictures I posted yesterday, I do think about how I never thought that I would have kids and how I can’t believe I had twins. I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant twice; I can’t believe I’ve had three kids; I can’t believe I had three kids in fourteen months. I can’t believe one died.

I also think about how my parents were told their chances of having a baby were one-in-a-million, and here I sit today. They tried for eleven years, adopted my brother and brought him home a year to the day before I was born.

I pretty consistently get emails from women struggling to have a baby. I know I have many blog readers and social media followers who struggle with infertility. I have close friends that do as well. I guess my point of this is that one day, your throwback pictures may surprise you, too, like mine do me. I know the fertility issues I had don’t even compare to some. Someone always has it worse. I can tell you that had I not been able to have kids, I would have adopted.

Think about what you want you throwback pictures to be one day. Tell yourself nothing is impossible. Don’t give up on whatever it is you want :)



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    Children are a precious gift! Your belly pic makes me wince – I remember my daughter with three. At one point she was in so much pain she could not walk. I love the little cap they used for Sloane. You do make beautiful littles.

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    That belly is awesome! Isn't amazing what our bodies can do? Looking at you now you would have never guessed your belly was that big …so cool!

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    Love the pictures! :) I'm a long time reader, but never comment…but I have to say you are so inspiring and a great writer!

    as for "girly Prissy" .. YOU need come class.


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    I loved reading ALL your preggo posts!!! Most beautiful mama EVER!!! and @girly prissy if you need to get back to a more private society then why are you ready blogs!!! This is a place for hope,faith and friendships !

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    LOVE the belly pic! And Sloane's little beanie with a bow was so cute! I wish my hospital had done that when I had my daughter. She just got a regular ol' beanie! lol

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