My Online Journal

I posted 378 blog posts in 2012.

I was going post about our past four days right now, but it seems my computer is FULL! Yep, full of pictures, that is. So, I’m moving some over to my external drive.

Backing up and moving things can kind of take some time so I was browsing around my blog and thinking about a new year or blogging. I looked down on my sidebar at my archives to see that 2012 had 378 next to it. That kind of shocked me. I mean I know I blog a lot, but to think that I averaged at least a post a day? I never would have thought! It doesn’t feel like I’ve blogged that much. I think a good portion of those came from doing 31 Days of Twin Treats in October and doubling up on a few other things.

I know many weekends pass where I don’t do a post. For the past year, I’ve typically posted in the morning time while the babies are taking their nap. Then, during their afternoon nap, I do things around the house. On the weekends, Brent is here so I typically end up spending time with him during the nap and getting things done around the house. He is now going to bed relatively early and waking up early, as he recently started CrossFit, so that also leaves me a little more alone time since I run on little sleep. Now that the babies are working on transitioning to one nap, I’ll probably work on my post during Brent’s sleeping hours.

Is it weird that I thought about this?

I don’t really think so. I want to make a point to have quiet time with God and blog each day. When I’m alone, those are the things I want to do. I don’t feel like those are things I have to do, by any means, but I enjoy doing them and I feel better when I do. They are just part of my day, kind of like brushing my teeth.

I’ve fallen out of the loop of blogging our days and I want to get back of it. I can imagine it’s quite boring for some, but it’s the main reason for this blog, so I want to keep it up! Of course I’ll be blogging other things, too!

I do blog some sponsored posts, and most of the time I enjoy it. All of the opinions are my own. Sure, I’ve had companies send me things that I didn’t like. Instead of wasting space on my blog telling what and why I didn’t like it, I simply didn’t share. I’ve declined products and services I don’t believe it and will continue to do so if need be. I’ve found and learned so many things through the blog world and social media so I do know they provide a great sharing platform. I occasionally receive products and/or compensation and I will indicate so. Obviously that’s not why I blog, or what keeps me doing so, but of course it’s a nice little perk!

I share my life, things I like and everything in between. I’m random. If you’ve been reading, you probably feel like you know me, as you should. I think I did a post a few months ago talking about feeling shy lately. I felt like lately I had been thinking what to post instead of just opening up my blog and posting. I don’t think I was censoring what I said, but I was wondering if people cared and why they would care.

I snapped out of that pretty quickly. In a way, it’s one of those “you can’t really care what people think” scenarios. I want to post what’s on my heart; I want to post my opinions; I want to post my pictures. This is my journal and I’m going to look back on it and read about our life. I’m going to remember our moments.

I welcome different opinions, of course, and I know having an online journal means having people read and chime in. I enjoy that. Even though this is my journal, I still love the interacting, socializing and networking with others. That’s also a nice perk of having an online journal!

I’d love to know if you are reading so I can know you. Do yo have a blog?

{I think this may be my favorite picture of Brent and I from 2012 and it was taken on New Year’s Eve :}


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    I love your blog! I have been a long time reader! I do not have a blog, yet :)

    How does Brent like Crossfit?! My husband and I started doing Crossfit last year! We love it!It so fun, and addicting :)

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    I have read your blog for a long time. I don't really comment much, but I do tweet you every now and then :) I sometimes blog, but am hoping to get back into it soon!

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    I have been reading your blog for a long time. My blog is ~

    I consistently blog about my opinions! 😉 I take the command seriously that older women are to train the younger women to love their husbands and children, be keepers at home, etc. I so wish there were older women around when I was young and raising four children to train me! God knows what He is talking about…we just need to listen and obey.


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    I do love reading your blog, even if it is a sponsored post! I always wanted to start a blog but was afraid to post my feelings online because I thought I was going to hurt feelings, but in the end, I am glad I have a blog! It's a good creative outlet for me and a fun way to make new friends! You can follow me at ~Jessica :)

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    Happy New Year! I have a blog, but I don't really write in it. I made it private and while I enjoyed writing in my blog, it's nice to get feedback every now and then. I'll send an invite to you if you'd like to be a reader.

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    My favorite blogs to read are the ones where people use them as online journals. That's definitely what I do! I have blogged since our engagement in 2008. I had almost 300 posts in 2012 so it's safe to say it's a hobby that I've stuck with! Happy New Year!

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    I love your style of blogging, I think it'll be great when your babies are a little older and you can look back and remember all these fun days! :)

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    Wow, that is a lot of blogging! I don't blog every day. It is my goal to be consistent but sometimes I just don't feel like it. And I don't like putting pressure on myself either. But I do love it and will keep going for as long as it still fits me.

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    I've been reading since before Cohen's birth and have never commented! :) Love your blog and mostly that it is real life stuff. I blog at Happy New Year!

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    Hi! I have been reading for a while now. I don't know if I've ever commented but I love following your blog and twitter. I blog a mix of teacher things and general life things at

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    i'm reading :)
    i started when you founf out about cohen's special heart….
    i'm german, living a small-town-life and i have a blog as well. well, it's private {i'll invite you if you're interesed}, because i blog about my kids and our daily life!

    have a great day!

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    i'm reading :)
    i started when you founf out about cohen's special heart….
    i'm german, living a small-town-life and i have a blog as well. well, it's private {i'll invite you if you're interesed}, because i blog about my kids and our daily life!

    have a great day!

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    Hey Megan! My name is Natalee and I have been reading your blog since Cohen. I have been praying for you and I have come to love you and your sweet lil family. My husband and I also have twins!! We have girls, and they will be 2 in March. I was inspired by you and a few other bloggers to start my own blog….it is called WareHouse Girls. Warehousegirls.blogspot. I have only done 2 posts….but I am about to get on it! I hope you follow!!

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    I love your blog Megan! I have read it since you found out you were having Cohen. I loved reading your success story of having the twins through injectibles and IUI, because that is what we are currently doing. They are so cute, and they are the best dressed babies I've ever seen! :)

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    I enjoy your blog because as a mom I really like reading from other moms I can relate to. It's nice to share ideas and inspire each other. I will only read a blog if they make me feel positive and/or inspire me to better myself.
    So I say thank you for sharing your life and keep doing what you want to do because when you are doing that I want to read it 😉

    My blog is

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    Hi Megan…I have been following your blog (I don't remember how I found you) before Cohen was born. My heart broke for you when you found out he had heart defects. My heart is also not well and recently had a cardiac ablation and hopefully will have a good outcome after my heart heals. I love your stories and pictures of those cute little babes. My daughter had her baby girl on 8/12/11 and named her Lily. She also has a dog just like yours named Elvis.

    I do not have a blog but love reading several on a daily basis..The Pioneer Woman, Enjoying the Small Things and yours.

    I look forward to many more blog posts and pictures..oh…and recipes.

    Linda from Texas

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    I love reading about your family!! I have a blog and lately only post once a month (my child's monthly updates) but plan to post more this year!

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    I love reading about your family!! I have a blog and lately only post once a month (my child's monthly updates) but plan to post more this year!

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    I've been a long time reader, but I don't think I've ever commented! I'm hoping to get back to blogging this year, but it's been a REALLY long time since I updated :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your life! I love reading about your beautiful family and your posts regarding natural posts, have been so informative and helpful as I choose products for my family!

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    I love love your giveaways after winning one myself 😉 I've been following you since before Cohen was born. Happy New Year to you and your fam!

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    Hi Megan! I love your blog and am embarrassed to admit that I've been reading for three years and have never said a thing. So, thank you for extending this opportunity. I so enjoy reading the happenings in your journey and following you on Twitter! I blog as well at Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year!

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    I have been reading your blog for a few years now. I have been blogging religiously for just over 6 years since we began the process to adopt our 1st child. I love having my blog and looking back through it. I am so grateful I started it. It has also allowed me to find so many other blogs out there that give me inspiration, hope, spawn my creativity or just open my eyes to new things. I have prayed for your family so many times and still continue to. Thank you for your honesty. I guess it's about time I chimed in to let you know I've been reading. :)

    My blog is


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    I'm a new reader, I found your blog while I was doing a google search. Something about the way you write just connected with me! Sometimes I feel shy when posting because I feel like its not interesting but like you said its an online journal so if you aren't posting what you feel then it sort of loses its meaning. I blog over at

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    I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with the twins. It was fun to read about your pregnancy since I was due a week later than you! I have two girls ages 3 and 1

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    I love reading your blog and can still picture you during your high school years too! What a wonderful mom you've turned in to and of course, I've followed all of your heartbreak and joy along the way… I have a blog, Every Day that follows, but I have never been able to get going with it even though I love to write. Your dedication to yours is an inspiration so maybe this will be the year that I start joining in!

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    I have been reading your blog for the past year or so, can't remember where I stumbled across it. I don't comment much but I do love your blog!!! I think you have such a wonderful knack for writing. I have a blog over at where I talk about our rural lifestyle of living on a ranch in Nebraska, raising our toddler and building our own home!

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    I have read your blog for a long time. I hardly comment but I wanted you to know that I love reading about you and your family. I love, love, love to see pictures and read stories about those two precious babies!

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    I love reading about your days with your littles and how you honor Cohen. We have a family blog too ( Come check us out : ) Blessings in the new year!

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    I've been reading for years (before I had a blog OR a baby), and have always enjoyed the easiness of your writing…now that we have a little boy, I am always looking to you for advice, suggestions and reviews – mostly for baby things, but also everyday things. Now that I have a blog, I can agree that it's hard to not think if people will like what you're writing, but who cares?! Your blog is one of my favorites…simply because you do just write sometimes…it's refreshing! I love seeing the babies in their pjs with food on their faces…it makes me feel like an OK mom. 😉 Thanks for writing!! xo

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    I've been reading your blog since towards the end of your pregnancy with Cohen. I don't even recall how I came to your blog, but I'm glaI did :) I made a habit of praying every single day for your family after hearing Cohens story, and it just became so much part of my morning prayer that, to this day, I still pray for you guys every single day! :) (Probably sounds strange coming from a COMPLETE stranger :)) Your children are absolutley precious! I LOVE that pic of you and Brent. I blog too, but not often, and never about anything super interesting! 😉

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    I have enjoyed reading for quite some time now! I will never forget how kind you were to post about Wings For Our Troops after I reached out to you. I reached out to other bloggers but you took the time to mention this great foundation that an amazing mother who lost her son has started and is working so hard to help others.

    If you would like to read my blog is at

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    I've been a long time reader, but rarely comment. I'm shy about it for whatever reason. I also follow you on twitter and love when you post OOTD sometimes, it brings me inspiration!

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    I am reading and have been since you were pregnant with Cohen. You have been in my nightly prayers many nights. I remember reading that you were pregnant again and I was so thrilled for you and your husband. It's weird how you feel connected to people in the blogging world that do not even know you exist!:)

    Anyway, I'm here and I'm here to STAY! :)

    I know you have a million blogs to visit but mine is (It's a work in progress, but I'm pretty proud of it!:)

    God Bless you and your beautiful family!

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    I am a reader and feel like we should know each other personally as well as be BFF's :)) Love to see those sweet babies and follow your blog for insite, tips, sponsor stuff and just life :) Our family blog is I swear I am coming to Arkansas soon to meet all my blog 'friends'!!

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    I started reading your blog just a few months before you announced you were pregnant with Cohen. I love watching your kiddos grow–they're about 7 months older than my little boy, Ben, so it's fun to see what I have to look forward to! I enjoy reading your day-to-day posts and the baby posts–love the input on baby products. I've been blogging since 2007 at

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    Your blog was one of the first that I began reading years ago. When you were pregnant with the twins, I was pregnant with my son. I love reading your posts, thank you for sharing. My blog is "These Hands".

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    I've been reading for about a year! Not sure how I found you but I'm glad I did. :) I also follow you on instagram (4ileenmarie), I love the pics of the babies!

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    I've been reading your blog for a couple years!!! Jill featured you as a blog of the week way back and I've folllowed ever since! :) Love reading about your sweet babies. I blog too, and have felt this way going into the new year …. I blog for me, and if someone enjoys along the way, that's great. If not, that's ok too as it's a way to record memories of our lives!

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    Love this post. I feel like we go back many years at this point :)

    I need to get back into the swing of my blog. I miss it and I know I would love to look back on wedding planning posts fondly SOMEDAY. Just not today. :)

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    well, i found your blog after i lost my children, and have follwed ever since. about a year and a half. i think your children are adorable, and love all your updates, though sometimes i skim because my 2 1/2 yr old keeps me on my toes and doesnt allow me much "alone" time.

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    I love your blog I've been reading it for three years now. I really admire how open you were about Cohen and then with Knox and Sloane. I'm really happy that things seem to be going well for you. I blog too. I've done three I start a new one as a chapter in my life changes (single/dating/married). This is my Mrs. blog:

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    Hi Megan! I've been reading your blog since y'all found out about sweet Cohen's heart. I love reading about your twins, your life, and everything random in between. :) I blog, but not consistently. I'm hoping to get better about it. :)


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    I blog at i'm horrible about commenting, guess I shouldn't wonder why I don't get many comments! My goal is to blog more memories this year and more about my life. It's been lacking lately!

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    I've been reading your blog since I heard about Cohen. As I read your words during that difficult time in your life, I cried along with you as if I really knew you personally.
    I continue to read because I'm happy that you & Brent have your precious twins and have been able to move on with your lives while always remembering Cohen. I'm so happy for you & your little family.
    I do blog. I don't do it for any reason except to keep a journal of my life with my boys. It took my husband & I almost 9 years to start our family and I try to document our memories for my boys as best as I can.
    I will say this, I enjoy reading your blog much more when I can "feel" your feelings about your sweet family and life pour out in your words.

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    I started reading when you were pregnant with Cohen. I have to admit that I got pregnant shortly after, and it became hard to read. Which makes me realize how terribly difficult it must have been to share. I have a tiny blog. It really is my journal, and I've never tried for an audience, really. I love just being able to use it to document and get my thoughts out.

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    I blog at My husband and I are on a journey through infertility, and reading your blog has made me realize that I'm not alone. It gave me courage to tell loved ones about our struggles and to start blogging about what's on my heart.

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    I've read your blog since you were pregnant with Cohen. Your blogged sparked my interest, not only because of the story of Cohen's journey, but also because of his name. We had Cohen picked out for our first son and he arrived in June 2011. We spelled his name Coen, because we just liked that better.

    You have a beautiful family. I'm so happy that your twins are here and safe. I think about Cohen often and wonder what he would think of these siblings… I bet he's having fun watching from above.

    Happy New Year.

    My blog is

    Talk to you soon!

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    HI! Been reading your blog forever! Follow you on Instagram too! I've commented a few times, even on your blog's Facebook page. Little about me…I just turned 39 on Christmas (not sure how I feel about that number yet? Ha)I've been married for almost 19 years, in February. I have three children and live in Pearland, TX.

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    Hi Megan! I've been reading your blog since you found out about Cohen's heart. Thank you for sharing your life with us! I love that blogging can give you a glimpse into other people's lives who live in different places and experience different things. So fun! Come swing by my blog
    Happy New Year!!

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    I've been reading your blog for a couple years now (as well as following you in Twitter & Instagram) and this might be my first time commenting. However, recently I went back and reread your Cohen posts because our first child was born last month and we had to say goodbye all too soon due to breathing complications. I appreciate your honesty in all of your posts and look forward to reading each one of them. Thank you from one Meaghan to another :)

  51. says

    I love reading your blog! I have almost 3 month old twin girls! I started doing Moms on Call after reading your twin posts! I also have been gluten free for 3 years! I posted before, but there is a WONDERFUL bakery here in Little Rock, AR that is ALL gluten free! They ship too! It is called Dempsey Bakery. Would love for you to read about our lives:

    Amy Adams

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    Megan, I was drawn to your blog right before you had Cohen I think and have come back ever since I live reading and love seeing your cute twinsies. They are adorable and you are such a cute mom! I love your taste especially the bright fun colorful things ha ha and love seeing things you have found.. I blog at

  53. says

    I love reading about your sweet twins and your love for your angel babe. :) I've seen you out and about a few times (mainly at Target) but I'm to nervous to come say hi! Silly I know, I feel like your a celebrity :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


  54. says

    Hi, Megan! I LOVE LOVE your blog! I forgot to comment on yesterday's post, so I figured I would today. Your blog inspired me to start my blog after I married my high school sweetheart in June 2012! I think that it is amazing how open you are with readers about your life and family. I truly loved reading through the posts of Cohen's story and it has been a joy to see the twins grow throughout the last five months. Love your new blog layout, as well! I contacted Jessica at Diamond Dolls in November and she is going to help me with a new design! Thanks for sharing her info! I blog over at :)

  55. says

    I LOVE your blog. I started reading the day the twins were born and became instantly hooked. I love the all the pictures and updates of the babies. I have a blog as well. Last year I was a terrible blogger, but my goal this year is to do better about journaling our life as newly weds.

  56. says

    Hi Megan! I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Cohen. I have always loved your blog and your positive outlook on life. You are such an inspiration! I have a blog, though it's not near as cute as yours, and I'm lucky to post a few times a month. But please stop by and enjoy!

  57. says

    I happened across your blog a while ago. My son was born not too long after your twins, so I enjoyed seeing your pregnancy posts and I love seeing them grow. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.


  58. says

    Just wanted to let you know I'm a reader as well. I have been following you for about 7 months … You can find my blog at

  59. says

    I think it's always important to have a time of reflection in blogging, to reevaluate, to renew, and I love that in this post you share a little of your thoughts on that. I love that picture of you and Brent!

    I've been reading your blog for a little over a year now and I write my own at I love your new design!

  60. says

    Hi! I think I started reading right around the time Cohen was born. I have loved reading about your adventures with Sloane and Knox, as well as how you continue to honor Cohen in your lives. I had a baby right around the time your twins were born, so it's fun for me to see what they are up to. I love that you always seem so upbeat. Thanks for sharing all that you do!

    I don't have a blog, but I am on twitter as jenlob :)

  61. says

    I've enjoyed your blog for years and appreciate your open, honest and fun posts. Our little guy is just a day older than your twins, so it especially fun to follow you and your cuties as they are growing, changing and going through the same things as my son. Thanks for sharing your journal online!

  62. says

    I've loved and read your blog for over 2 years now, and I really feel like I know you! You are just too sweet–you've commented on a few of my posts and it always makes me happy to see that. I feel like I'm almost famous with someone such as you reading my blog :) I think 2013 is going to be a great year, and I'm praying for the same for you and your precious family!! God is so good!

    Rachel @ {simple.little.joys}

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    I love following along with your blog! A friend told me about your blog when I started blogging saying she knew of another Megan blogger. I've been following since your pregnancy with Cohen and have laughed, cried, prayed, and rejoiced along with you guys! So neat how God is using your family to bring Him glory!

  64. says

    Megan, thanks for sharing your precious family with us. I have enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years and it is wonderful to watch your babies grow.
    I started my blog, a couple of months after I found your blog. So thanks for the help! I hope you find time to take a look at it, it is not much but I do appreciate it.
    Thanks, Kim Ashley

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    I've been reading since before you were preggo with Cohen :) your faith is really inspiring! and your Twins are 2 days younger than my Daughter! I love seeing what they are doing compared to my girl :)

    I've been blogging for a few years, but really got started while going thru fertility Treatments, and then when the Lord lead us to our girl, from Foster care! she was born addicted to lots of drugs :( I love being able to document our life with her! we get to adopt her too!!

  66. says

    I am just catching up on my blogs. I have a blog called The Williamson's World. It is much like yours where I just record what we are doing, my random thoughts…just the craziness of raising three daughters! :)

    I have been reading your blog for a long…long time! So glad to see the blessings He has poured out on your and your little family!

  67. says

    Hi there! Im so glad to hear you may go back to some of your everyday posts! I always enjoy what I read on your blog and I learn a lot about a lot of topics too… but I especially LOVE midweek randoms and brain dumps. I guess that's the way my head works too and I have actually found several products I like from those posts :) I have been reading since June od 2010 when Matt alerted me to Cohen's situation. I'm so glad we got to know each other a bit. I have let my life run away with me the last two years or so and have let my (half-hearted attempt at a blog-with-no-readers lapse…)I have decided to get back to the life I want and love for 2013. I have resolved to be positive and optimistic and healthy and meet the new year head-on. One of the things I'd like to get back to is reading blogs and yours is one of my favies :)Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed 2013!

  68. says

    I started reading because of Cohen and keep coming back because you're inspiring. Thanks for that.

    I started a blog of my own not too long ago to document the process of building our new house. I'm hopeful I'll keep it up once the house is built and decorated. :) No guarantees. I'm amazed how much time it takes me to take photos, edit them and then draft the post itself. Not sure how you long-time bloggers do it!!

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