Midweek Randoms

Happy Wednesday! It is Wednesday, right? It’s crazy how I can’t keep up with my days.

  • I’m heading to the post office today to mail some stuff from my blog sale last week. There are still a few things left. I plan to post more soon. I was going to the post office Wednesday, but both of my parents kind of had colds and there is no way, in this world, I would attempt to take both Knox & Sloane to the post office. 
  • In fact, I now know how hard they are to wrangle in public at this age, outside their stroller. We started music class week. It really is so much fun. Sloane likes to sit in my lap, participate, etc. Knox, he likes to run around, pull cords, open doors, etc. The boy is fast and cannot be tamed! After two classes, I assured the instructor I would bring someone with me next time. It’s not only that, but we dance with our kiddo and do a few things that it really is kind of difficult for me to hold two and spin and twirl. I would probably end up on my bottom! 
  • I snapped these last Tuesday, before and after music class….
  • Can we please look at the bottom right picture? When did my baby girl turn into a little girl? :(
  • Knox & Sloane are really into getting on the couch, and while it freaks me out, I’m trying to teach them how to get off and on in a safe way, as well as not to jump up and down. Sloane really wants to jump up and down. We keep their little Scentsy dolls sitting on this couch and they love to cuddle with them. 
  • This was at music class yesterday. They are really into balls and Sloane is really into her book. She takes it everywhere. The balls are part of an activity in class.

  • We also love that our friend Hudson is in our class. We love to see he and his mommy every week :)
  • Yesterday, after class, we met Brent for lunch. Knox wasn’t in the best mood as he was exhausted and ready for his nap, but Sloane was sharing many faces….
  • Speaking of friends, we’ve been doing more play dates lately and I am really enjoying them. Not only are Knox & Sloane getting to interact and play with their buddies, but I’m getting adult interaction with their mommies :) I’ve been having people just come to our house because once again, taking mine anyplace is kind of tricky right now. Even though I think they know what “no” &  “stop” and “be careful” mean, they aren’t really into abiding. 
  • I thought I would be against baby leashes, but I’m starting to reconsider. 
  • If you missed my post yesterday. The video is a must watch. It’s a documentary and it’s powerful.
  • Thankfully, none of our colds lasted long. The kids got it, Brent and I got it and my parents got it. I really do think hot tea, honey and lemon works wonders…
  • Be sure to check out my post on Monday about Mamarazzi. If you are wanting to learn how to work your camera, it really is a great option! They are also now selling their manuals that they gave us at the workshop. For those who have mentioned doing a workshop if I host, shoot me an email!
  • Did you know that Amber, in Parenthood, is Maggie from One Fine Day? Crazy, huh. I knew I recognized her when we were watching the first thing and I looked it up and sure enough. She is also from Bernice from Hope Floats. Loved her, too!
{both images from imdb.com}
  • If you don’t watch Pretty Little Liars, you should. It’s good. Also classified as maybe a teeny bopper, but I don’t mind. Brent and I just caught up. Yep, he watches, too. He laughs and makes comments and thinks it’s dumb, but still entertaining. We’ve decided we like watching shows back-to-back. We always have something to watch…until we get up-to-date. Now, we are debating what show to start next. 
  • My sweet friend and sponsor, juliethefish designs, is having a 3 day sale. Now until Friday Jan 30 – Feb 1, you can get 15% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER! Such a great deal and such really does such a great job!
  • I looked down in my console yesterday and it kind of made me laugh. Brent is always saying I don’t keep my car too clean. Well, everyone needs scissors, a fake baby phone, pack of mum-mums, nail polish, hand sanitizer & a Starbucks gift card at their fingertips, right?
  • My hair is so dirty. I hope I don’t see anyone at the post office I know. I was going to wash it on Monday night, but for some reason I didn’t. Good thing since there was a major downpour while I was outside yesterday.
  • Don’t forget to enter to win $50 Visa gift card, here, by determining your Archetypes! 
Hope you’re week is going good! 


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    I was against baby harnesses too (that helps to call it that ;)), until my girl could run! We got one that is also a backpack, and she LOVES IT. We make sure to load it with cool things, and make a big deal about how she's carrying her own stuff. She cooperates very well in it :)

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    Hi there! I signed our twins up for Mother's Day Out on alternating days so that I could go to Mommy & Me classes with one at a time. That's what saved me! This approach has been useful in our new potty training adventure. ICK. Chasing them all is super hard!

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    Well it sounds like music class is a success!! Great pictures!! Going to the post office here is always a hassle there are always tons of people in line. It's so annoying, hope you got in and out quickly!

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    Pretty sure I thought it was Thursday all day today, this week is just weird somehow! We've been having playdates lately too, and they're so much fun! I think I like them more than H though. 😉

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    I take my kiddos to music class every week and we LOVE it. I also live in the Tulsa area and we attend at MSPA. They are 1 and 3 and are certainly a handful between the two of them, so I can't imagine two at the same age! We've been going for two years, and it has seriously been so beneficial for them. So glad you are doing it with your two.

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    My husband and I also watch entire tv shows back to back.Which ones have you guys enjoyed?We have plenty :)

    Your babies are getting so big!I just watched the video of Sloane going on her tippy toes and Knox laughing at the turtle toy a few days ago, and they are simply gorgeous kiddos.

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