Midweek Randoms :)

Happy midweek :)
  • I finally have all my Christmas stuff put away. I miss the pretty lights and decor. My goal is to re-organize all of the Christmas stuff now that we have a big attic. We were going to make the attic into a normal room last fall, but decided it really needed to go at the bottom of our list. So it may be a few years. For now, we are just going to use it for storage, but organized storage!
  • I don’t think I posted my favorite ornaments we got this year. I love them. On the bear one, they accidentally wrote my name on the larger, papa bear, haha. We got it when we took the babies Christmas shopping at the mall. Oh, it also looks like it says “2022”…but it’s a 1 :)
  • I think Knox, Sloane and I are getting cabin fever. We are about to start music class and I think by summer, I’m going to start them at Mother’s Day once or twice a week at church for half a day. I wasn’t sure I’m ready, but I’m getting there and I think they are.
  • We are currently using our small living area, off the kitchen, as the kids play area during the day. I’ve got to think of some kind of toy organizing set up because what we are doing now, just isn’t cutting it. It’s like we pick up, but toys are still everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love having toys everywhere, but making it hard to walk isn’t really feasible. 
  • Eventually, we want to have the upstairs gameroom be a play area for them, but right now, it’s so nice to be able to be in the kitchen so I can work on cooking and what not.
  • Speaking of cooking, I’m SO impressed with the gluten free enchiladas we recently made! They turned out SO good. I’ll sit down and post all of the details soon!
  • When I woke up this morning, it was 14 degrees. That’s cold. I think the high is actually in the upper 40’s, which is warmer than it has been lately. I like warm weather, but I do not like hot weather. The thought of a sticky summer exhausts me, so I have my fingers crossed it will be a mild one! Right now, I am enjoying the cold!
  • I also like that I get to snuggle up in warm clothes right now. I got these fleece-lined leggings from Very Jane and they are so cozy. I also got lots of compliments when I wore them. Yep, chambray goes with anything! 
  • So, when I was pouring my coffee this morning and looked over to see this….
HOW are my babies already eating cereal from a bowl and watching morning cartoons? It just doesn’t seem right. Time, please please slow down.
  • I’m trying to keep up with my “Daily Deals” page pretty regularly. I just posted a fantastic deal for Layla Grace!
  • I’m obsessed with this new little stand I got. I first visualized it going on the kitchen island, but it can probably go many places. I went in Hobby Lobby to pick up some ribbon, and of course, I ended up skimming the aisles. It’s one of those places I don’t go all too often, but when I do, I never end up getting just what I went for. 
  • Another case and point, Hobby Lobby had these snag-free hair ties! I’ve been wanting to get some for forever and just haven’t. I see them on deal sites or Instagram and always forget about it. I thought $1.99 was pretty good for three. You can’t really tell, but the middle one is pretty and shimmery. 

  • I still go back and forth on making my picture large or x-large.
  • Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway for a chance to win a personalized lucite tray!

Hope you all are having a good day!



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    Hi~ The babies look so grown up sitting there feeding themselves! I was wondering where did you get your white plates? Im in the market and saw some from Pottery Barn, which didn't get the best reviews and Crate and Barrel. Wondering where you got yours.

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    For the toy storage we got this from Target and use 6 baskets. They also have a vertical one. I love it because the baskets are really big and hold a lot and bigger things! And it looks nice enough in our house that it keeps it as an adult room when toys aren't thrown all over the place! It's a very sturdy piece and looks nice. You can see it in the background in this picture.



    Also, have you looked at the Fresh 20 website? You can sign up for an annual subscription with a "Fresh 20" Groupon search for next to nothing. They have a gluten free part to their sight. Might be a good place to get some new ideas. 😉

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    Haha that is funny about your attic. We bought our house 8 months ago and it has an unfinished media room that will add 300sf. Our goal was to do it in the fall but we've since made it into a room to organize Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor:-)

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    Lol… that is too funny about going from large to x-large on my pictures. I always go back and forth too and end up at large. Didn't think i was the only one that had to think about this!!
    And yes, time flies! Before you know it they will be in that playroom upstairs!!

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    One of my BFFs came by yesterday wearing those leggings and I was so jealous… NOW I am really jealous! So cute!! Dying over the pic of Knox and Sloane eating cereal from bowls. How did you master that? My kids would toss them, ha! They look so big! Love your midweek updates!

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    What section did you find those hair ties in? I only ask because if I don't have a specific mission when I go into Hobby Lobby, I end up with a cart full of stuff!

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    Oh enjoy those babies! They are just so cute!! Please post what brand of gluten free shells you used for your enchiladas you used. We are gf and love to hear new ideas!! Thank you

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    I want to know how your babies are eating cereal out of a bowl too! The girls still haven't mastered utensils. They usually have them for about oh, 2 minutes before they get taken away. We're going to start really working with them on using a spoon. We also have issues with them throwing their bowls & plates in the floor.

    I think we've decided to start MDO too but I think I want to wait until summer as well…when flu season is over.

    Our toy area is pretty much in same area and we are also having a toy explosion issue. We plan to make a trip to IKEA this spring and hope to bring back some storage solutions and hopefully new baby stuff. 😉

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    That picture of K&S is too much! How are they so grown up already? I can't even handle it. I love the pictures you post of them on Instagram too. You can almost see their little personalities shine through!

    I love those leggings! I'm so mad I didn't jump on the Very Jane deal when it went live! I've been dying for a pair of Far isle leggings! I might just have to check out Forever 21…

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    I didn't know it was possible to love you anymore but you had me at Christmas Story Leg Lamp bwahahaha! The hubs and I have the whole collection but the lamp, we can't find it ha! Where did you get yours? We have the bundled up boy and you pull the string and he moves ha, we have the little boy stuck to the telephone pole and he says I'm stuck I'm stuck help me I'm stuck lol, hahahaha the lamp would for sure complete are collection lol! We love Disney our whole tree is mostly Disney themed! I can't wait to take Kelcee to Disney World! Anywho those mickey and minnie ornaments are so cute! It the ornament with a jewel an owl? I can't tell from the pic. Hey you being on the taller bear makes for lots of laughs and you can tell Brent see I'm head of the house ha! Kidding….ok your twinsies just keep getting cuter and cuter each day! Love the picture of them eating breakfast the cutest! Ooooh I can't wait for you to share the gluten free recipe…I so need to go gluten free for my health. Great post girl and those leggings holla you rocked 'em!


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    love the pic of the kiddos eating breakfast watching cartoons!!! Time really flies. This one makes me lonesome for my little boy… he's so grown up now at 3 it's mind boggling! And… Knox is wearing jammies that P has too! Love those jams :)

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