This weekend I attended a photography workshop and FINALLY learned how to use my camera!

I know, you are probably thinking, you’ve had a DSLR forever, why don’t you know how it really works? That’s a good question. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and learn and I haven’t really retained what I’ve been told. I just grab and snap. I haven’t used auto in a while, and I know to avoid a flash at all costs, BUT I still haven’t had my settings on what they should be on, to get the best pictures possible. I certainly didn’t know how to see the settings and adjust accordingly when I was taking the picture.

Jenny Collier, a local photographer, reached out to me and told me about her photography workshop. She said she would love to teach me how to work my camera and understand how to capture the moments. She and another local photographer, Ashley Thompson, host the workshop together. 

So, I attended on Saturday and I truly did learn so much! I have really been beating myself up for not doing it sooner! It’s so easy to just grab your phone these days, but the pictures really are so different! My goal is to leave my camera sitting close by and being able to use it just as easily as my phone. 

Jenny made the point that if you know how to use your camera, you don’t have to spend a lot of time behind it. You can take a few great pictures versus taking a TON and hoping to get at least one good shot. Now if you can take a bunch of great shots rather quickly, that’s always a plus, too :)

I know my pictures all be perfect and I know it’s kind of a learning process, but I’m just thankful to have the insight on what it is I’m doing :) 

I loved that Jenny and Ashley provided a book that we can reference back on and while we were at the workshop, they walked us through (with slideshow/powerpoint, too) it as the teaching process, with camera in hands. They also had two little girls come in as models so that we could practice and have them right there to direct us and answer questions. 

I asked Jenny for a little snippet to post about the Mamarazzi workshops and she said…

Mamarazzi of Tulsa workshops taught by photographers, Ashley Thompson ( and Jenny Collier ( happen four times per year.  We teach moms the basics of photography and how to get out of auto mode, lighting, and how to capture more creative and photojournalistic images of their children.  We also offer Mamarazzi parties which means you can host a class of your own by gathering five or more of your friends.  

We just opened up registration for the March 30th workshop this week.  Find more information or register on our blog: 

For questions – email Jenny at

Mamarazzi has also decided they will sell their workbooks so you can also email Jenny for details on that! 

**LOCAL FRIENDS – If enough of you want to participate in a workshop, I would be happy to host one :)

Here are some pictures from the workshop that I attended.

Hope you all are having a good Monday! :)


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    I have NEVER learned how to use mine either and I think I've had a DLSR for at least 5 or 6 years. So pathetic. I really need to learn. Wonder if we have one of these types of workshops in my area? Sounds fun!

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      Hi Meredith. We would definitely be willing to travel to the Dallas area if you wanted to have a workshop with your group of friends. Also, we just started offering our workbooks to the public. I just sent you an email with a special offer. :)

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    How fun! So do you feel like you know a ton more about your camera? I've thought about taking their class or another local workshop. If you get one together, I would love to come!

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    I have been following your blog for almost a year now! I love love Sloane and Knox! They're so cute and you're beautiful. I have a six month old boy, and a dslr camera. I would be all over a workshop! I'm tempted to so the one in Muskogee. If you host one, let me know!!

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    let me know if you host one! i could drive over for that. it would be so fun to learn how to really use my camera. we have had a dslr since before i got pregnant with elle (so almost 4 years) and i still don't know how to use all its features.

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