In Twenty-Nine Years……..

I’ve learned that I don’t feel older each year.
I’ve learned I’m not going to grow any taller.
I’ve learned I probably memorized more than I actually learned in college.
I’ve learned it’s amazing I survived some of the dumb things I did in high school.
I’ve learned best friends don’t have to talk everyday.
I’ve learned I don’t care how much something is or if it’s name brand.
I’ve learned I’ll never like pedicures.
I’ve learned I’m extremely blessed to have amazing parents that have always thought of their children first.
I’ve learned I am capable of having children of my own.
I’ve learned to wear sunscreen.
I’ve learned I can survive after one of my children dies.
I’ve learned my eyes are aging and I probably need glasses.
I’ve learned I can’t eat wheat.
I’ve learned the truth will set you free.
I’ve learned I do actually like some country music.
I’ve learned wrinkles do come with age.
I’ve learned I’ll always think sleep is waste of time.
I’ve learned nothing feels better than holding your baby.
I’ve learned I don’t have an addictive personality.
I’ve learned I won’t always get my to-do list done.
I’ve learned the difference between love and lust.
I’ve learned my hair looks better long.
I’ve learned someone always has it harder.
I’ve learned having things organized around me keeps my mind organized.
I’ve learned my heart can hurt from loving.
I’ve learned the government isn’t really trustworthy.
I’ve learned God sent me an amazing husband.
I’ve learned being pregnant with more than one baby is hard, but miraculous.
I’ve learned some people really come into your life to stay.
I’ve learned saving money feels good.
I’ve learned better safe than sorry.
I’ve learned a smile goes a long way.
I’ve learned my brother has a disease, but is still a really wonderful person.
I’ve learned not to sleep with my hair in a ponytail.
I’ve learned sometimes God is the only one that can listen.
I’ve learned I feel better giving than receiving.

Random. Of course I’ve learned more, but these were the first things that came to mind :)

I had a nice day yesterday. I played with the babies in the morning and evening. Brent took half a day, came home and sent me for a pedicure with two of my friends who treated me. So sweet of them! I met Brent and the babies at Target afterwards. My mom took me to dinner Thursday night and Brent planned a little dinner with a few friends tonight. Thank you for all the calls, emails and texts for my birthday!

Happy Saturday :)


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    I'm a little late, but wish you a very happy birthday! And I thought I was the only one who didn't enjoy pedicures. (I'm just way too ticklish to relax.)

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    Happy birthday to a wonderful inspirational you! p.s. what is it about our eyes getting worse as we get older?! I get one month closer to thirty and suddenly I can barely see anything!ha!

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    I love your list! Happy belated birthday! I can't remember if I told you that or not, too many social media connections to keep up with. 😉 I'm learning that my memory is not the steel trap it used to be! ha!

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