Friends :)

Knox & Sloane met a friend of ours this weekend!

Brent and I have known Ashley for probably ten years now. Brent worked with her many moons ago, she did my make-up at our wedding and we’ve always kept in touch!

Knox and Sloane definitely think of her as a friend now, too, as they loved her!

She came on Saturday and left Sunday. We played with the babies, laid around, watched Pitch Perfect (such a great movie) and went to each sushi! It was a nice time!

They took such cute pictures with her!

The first part of Saturday, Sloane was in a TERRIBLE mood. I think it was partly the weather and partly her teeth. Once Ashley arrived, and my parents came over, she cheered up! I was worried she was not going to give a warm welcome…but she did!

She was exhausted, too. The girl is sleeping 13 hours a night and still falls asleep the second she gets in her crib, sitting up…

Knox was fully of cheeses! I LOVE his teethy smiles!!

We can’t wait for Ashley to come visit again!

Speaking of friends, on Friday evening we went to a princess birthday party for Penny & Lucy! The kids had so much fun! It was really a girls party, but Jess told Knox & Brent to come along. Knox loved looking at the pretty girls in their dresses and the big doggie. Sloane loved the girls and once some went home, she wanted to join in their activities. She’s always shy for a while then warms up…

Happy Tuesday :)


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    It is so amazing seeing friends that you have known forever and maybe haven't saw them for awhile because of where they live, everyday life stuff, etc.,and when you do get together it is as if you never missed a beat. Many moons ago is something my mom always says I got tickled when you said it love it. Love that you all had such fun, the babies loved her so much, ooooh I'll have to watch that movie, what great pics. Awwwww poor Sloane teething stinks…she is so adorable even when she is crying bless her. Love all the pics thanks for sharing. I'll take your word Sushi is good lol, I am scared to try it ha!

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    I love this! My best friend from college lives in New York and we are taking Lainey to see her this summer. I cannot wait! They've only met once before.

    Lainey's first set of molars just came in and she was acting just like Sloan, fussy and exhausted! Hope it passes soon!

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    I think friends like your friend Ashley are those type of friends you can go a long time without seeing and pick up right where you left off..or at least that is the impression I got lol- so glad the twins warmed up to her quickly because it is intimidating being the new person in a kid's environment, they are just the cutest Megan! And I am so jealous that you and Jess get to see each other!!! She designed my blog! hehe

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