Celiac Testing, Stuffy Noses & Tippy Toesies

Well, I had high hopes that we would remain well after our first Sunday in the church nursery and our first music class.

No such luck :(

Right now, they aren’t too sick, and no fevers, but very snotty/stuffy noses. Actually, more so Sloane’s nose than Knox’s. We had been doing pretty good for a few months, minus their first ear infections. Yesterday, the doctor said Sloane did have a bit of irritation in one of hers; no fluid, just redness. So she is starting an antibiotic. As for the other junk, he said right now it’s just a cold that they both have, of course. We are hoping it stays that way and passes quickly.

Unfortunately, he said that he really is seeing quite a bit of the flu and if it’s optional, we may hold out for about two months on the church nursery. He said they are just at the age where everything goes to the mouth and it’s almost impossible to sanitize and everything is super contagious. So, I guess we will see how they do from now until Sunday.

I know the sickies are inevitable and just part of life, but it seriously crushes my heart when they are sad and pitiful. I know they are building up immunities, which is a positive thing.

On a completely different note, at the first our last appointment, I talked to the pediatrician about my Celiac and wanting to get Knox & Sloane tested. He agreed that we really should as well. Since I’ve not been feeding them gluten, the biopsy test really wouldn’t be an accurate option. It tests for damage. At this point, they probably wouldn’t have much damage. Therefore, we are going to do the bloodwork.

I will say, again, that Knox hasn’t had anymore skin issues since cutting gluten.

Though many have asked, I’m really not good at explaining many medical terms, but I do understand them pretty well. Basically, they will be checking to see if they have certain genes like I do. Studies have shown that genetic predisposition does play a pretty big part in Celiac Disease. It shows that 95% of people with Celiac basically have this genetic makeup. I looked around on a few sites for a in laymen’s terms and I believe THIS site does a good job.

I believe there are various opinions on whether or not the bloodwork results/this genetic makeup can be considered an actual diagnosis of Celiac, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s quite accurate and many doctor’s are diagnosing with it. And as for Knox & Sloane, I’d much rather know their bloodwork/genetic makeup than to wait and have to check for damage with a biopsy, you know? I believe we are going to see a pediatric GI doctor in this process, too.

According to Celiac Central / National Foundation for Celiac Awareness an estimated 85% of Americans who have Celiac Disease go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with other conditions. More of there statistics here.

My PCP is pretty passionate about Celiac Disease and keeps up with many studies. Basically, doctors are figuring out that people’s bodies are rejecting the gluten other ways, not just with GI issues. They’ve also found that people can be intolerant to gluten and not have actually Celiac Disease. I watched a special on Dr.Oz and he did a pretty good job of explaining that. Video is here. (It’s part 1 of the segment and parts 2 & 3 are listed right underneath it. I believe part 2 shows the differences.)

I’ll update once I know about Knox & Sloane!

So things were a bit fussy and irritable around here yesterday. Lots of cuddles, though, which are nice. I snapped some pics before and at the doctor. It was cold so we bundled up.


He looks like such a baby man in these, but you can tell he doesn’t feel good…

Sloane has started doing this thing where she runs in place on her toes. My mom started calling it “tippy toes” and she now responds and does it upon request :) I was trying to record her on my phone, but it was full (naturally), so I grabbed my mom’s phone and caught a few seconds of it this evening. I think she was delirious after no nap and two hours at the doctor, as well all were! Thankfully my parents showed up with dinner and arms to hold.

I love Knox’s “hi” :)

*The hats were a gift so I’m not sure where they are from, but I can find out!


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    LOVE their hats! I bought my kids knit hats last year (sock monkey and an owl) and they still fit this year. Unfortunately, Florida "winter" this year has been extra warm.

    Good luck with the tests!

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    Hope the testing goes well. My son was diagnosed with Celiac 3 months ago. We just had our daughter tested a few weeks ago and she came back negative!!! :) I hope your babies get great results too! If you are talking about the same Dr. Oz episode I saw about gluten intolerance and Celiac disease, be careful!!! He was somewhat confusing because sometimes he wouldn't differentiate between the two when he was talking. He also shared recipes that were Huge "no no's", such as using oats. I wish they would have had a blogger that specialized in Gluten Free cooking instead. I have found a ton of good ones since we began this knew way of eating.
    By the way . . . those two cuties are just adorable!!

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    Aren't they so much fun right now?! Even though they like to test me, I really am enjoying the girls right now.
    I'm so glad to hear Knox hasn't had any more skin issues!
    Our girls tend to get a little snotty after being in church on Sundays but we just dose them up with some children's claritin an it clears them right up! I think Tens however, might have a little bit of allergies. She gets Nasonex frequently.

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    Those hats! OMG!

    I was going to offer some advice on the whole ear infection thing, but feel free to disregard it, because I'm certainly not trying to tell you what to do! We have taken Jade to a naturopathic doctor on several occasions, and she recommended some ear drops to us about a year ago that we absolutely swear by. They are a garlic oil blend and have truly helped Jade not have an ear infection in the last year. She also told us that by giving antibiotics for ear infections, it often kills the good bacteria in the body too, which then makes them more susceptible to other viruses. When Jade takes antibiotics (which we've only done twice), she gets an upset stomach and becomes a poor eater. Because of this, we try to go without them unless absolutely necessary. And if we do have to give them, we usually don't give the full round. (I know every doctor would probably scold me right now, but so far it's worked well for her). Anyway, again, not trying to tell you what to do, but it is something to think about. Probiotics are also excellent, especially if they have to take antibiotics, but you may already be doing that! Hope they feel better soon!

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    Hi, I also love the hat. I am curious and perhaps I missed a post, but did you decide to permantly rehome Elton or is this temporary? Why? We have doggies and our bulldog is still having a hard time adjusting to the babe, just getting others perspectives on the dog issues:)

    My baby is 8 months old and we are having lots of food allergy issues. My pediatrician has thought it may be a gluten issue. Currently we are staying away from all things gluten and it seems to be helping though she has had a few issues with other foods. It is just so hard to see my little baby have issues that I have never experienced!

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    Those hats are so adorable! Glad to hear that there will be no more skin issues because the problem has been found and sorted. Gluten allergies can affect different individuals in different ways and this is why its important to get to the source of the pain or reaction each time and to get children tested for food allergies.

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