Bonnets & Buckets

If you saw our Santa post, then you may remember the precious bonnet and bucket hat the kiddos were wearing. I thought they looked SO cute bundled in their jackets, waiting on Santa, in them.

When we got home, they were sitting on the hearth playing with their Nativity and I thought they looked so sweet, so I grabbed my camera (those pics are at the very bottom.) They were just playing away. Then, I thought I'd put their bonnet and bucket back on them :) They didn't play by the tree too much, but they did great and loved being in this room, so it made it pretty easy for me to capture them.

When they were standing, looking at the tree, I definitely started to cry, haha! Typical. I still can't believe I have two babies. They melt my heart.

The bonnet and bucket hat are from The Beaufort Bonnet Company. They are made so well and of course, are darling!

Maybe a picture overload for some, but not for me; never.



  1. Never a picture overload of these sweet babes.
    love their outfits, the one where they are both close together looking at the tree is my favorite <3

  2. Those outfits are absolutely adorable!! And of course, so are the kids ;) Love all the pictures.

  3. There's no such as too many pictures of cute babies!! I LOVE the bonnet and bucket hat (and the outfits)!

  4. "Overload" any time you want! This grandmother of twin boys LOVES to see them.

  5. Not an overload at all! They are the cutest!


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