I’ve never been a big fan of my freckles, and at times I’ve had lots, but this made me smile :)

I love all these Finny and Zook prints. I’m thinking they might go in the gameroom one day!

Happy Sunday :)


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    I'm going to purchase a print of this one….I have red hair and freckles, so this print is pretty much spot on. My husband says he loves my freckles, and since his opinion is really the only one that matters, they don't bother me much. I used to hide behind make-up and now, I let them shine. So thank you for this….

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    I LOVE this. So much. I have freckles & always hated them as a kid.
    My oldest daughter (who is 6) has freckles and she wishes she didn't have them (my middle daughter doesnt have them) I need to get this print for Kate's room I know it would make her smile.

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