I LOVED hearing from so many of you yesterday!!! I can’t wait to check out blogs that I’m not already reading. It made me smile to read your comments and also to hear so many mention Cohen :) Thank you so much for the nice words!!

Tomorrow is my birthday. I haven’t decided if that makes me smile or not, haha!
It’s crazy to think Valentine’s is already all over the place. I do love Valentine’s goodies. 
Heart month makes me smile. I love Knox & Sloane’s heart card they sent out last year. We may be thinking about one this year. 
We found out about Cohen’s heart on February 13th so that and Valentine’s will kind of always be a little hand and hand for me. Ironic in a way, considering it was his heart. 
This recently happened. It really makes me smile. It kind of makes my heart skip a beat. 
I love them so much. 
This was a quick week. We are just hanging out. Our friends are on their way over to play. 
A few people asked, Brent is really liking CrossFit. He did a three week training class for it and has started an early morning class for about a week now. We attempted to do Insanity, but my doctor told me to hold off when I went in before we found out about Celiac and my rotten gallbladder. She said I could do it once I felt like my body was where it needed to be. I think I’m ready to work out, but I’m pretty content with just riding my bike or elliptical. I’m not much of a gym person. 
I’m still working to clean off my computer so this post is probably boring. I still have lots of sweet pics from Christmas I want to post. 
The blog is almost finished, but we will still be making a few tweaks. 
I posted some daily deals here earlier. The page is in the sidebar above my pic. 
Don’t forget to enter the $100 Visa gift card here.
Have a good day!


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    Hi, Megan! I LOVE LOVE your blog! I forgot to comment on yesterday's post, so I figured I would today. Your blog inspired me to start my blog after I married my high school sweetheart in June 2012! I think that it is amazing how open you are with readers about your life and family. I truly loved reading through the posts of Cohen's story and it has been a joy to see the twins grow throughout the last five months. I blog over at http://lovelaughterhappyeverafter.blogspot.com/ :)

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