17 Months!

Knox & Sloane turned 17 months old on Saturday! I really want to get back to their monthly posts because I love them :)

I feel like they have changed and grown SO much even since 16 months! They are seriously like little kids now and it blows my mind!

Their little personalities are so strong and different!

We recently transitioned into one nap and it’s going pretty good. They are sleeping from 7pm-7:45am then go down for a nap about 12:30, after lunch. Ideally they sleep for 3 hours but sometimes it’s 2-3.

They are eating pretty well, but I just added Fruity Pebbles and Kix and their tummy doesn’t like one or the other. Still not doing gluten on a normal basis. If we are at a birthday party, special dinner, etc., they are getting bites here and there. It doesn’t seem to bother them, so that will probably continue until we have the Celiac testing. I think Fruity Pebbles claims to be GF, but Kix does not, but it is corn flour. So, it concerns me a tad.

They are still loving fruit, but not veggies as much.

They are really trying to use their forks and spoons. I still love the Lobster high chairs that are clipped onto the island, but lately they’ve been using a booster, too. I talked about both here. I basically do this so they can watch one of their shows while I’m trying to prepare dinner or fold laundry.

They still LOVE them some Barney. They’ve also been watching some Shrek, Cars and the Color/Art Crew.

Sloane is chatting up a storm and mocking and Knox is talking, but not as often. I know he can, but Sloane is so dominant that he kind of does lots of listening. Though when I ask him to say mommy, he says daddy and smiles. He’s not fooling us :)

Yesterday was actually their first morning to do the church nursery and they did well! Of course, as I mentioned, I’ve been a bit hesitant, but I knew it was time. So, first time for me to leave them without a family member. They cried for a second when they saw off walk out and a few seconds after, but then were fine. We get a pager in case they need us, so that makes me feel good.

Sloane is now requesting bow. “Bow” Bow” “Bow”…we hear it pretty consistently. Knox loves wearing baseball hats even though they are quite bit on him. He turns them backwards.

They went to the doctor a few weeks ago for a well check and Sloane was half a pound bigger and half an inch taller. We were shocked she wasn’t weighing much more than him. She typically has been at least a pound, but after he had some sickies, he gained about two pounds in two weeks! So, when we went she was weighing 21 pounds and he was weighing 20.5 pounds

They are so fun and we love seeing them change and understand us more and more everyday! I snapped this picture Saturday and I think it’s so cute :)

Happy Monday!


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    I've been reading your blog for a while now but I don't know that I've ever commented. I love the monthly updates you do for your twins. My daughter will be 18 months next week (she was born 12 weeks early) & it's so neat to see her reaching those milestones that Knox & Sloane are reaching at the same time.

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    Have followed you since sweet Cohen's birth, and have cried and rejoiced with you~ As a grammy of two sets of twins, one set is girls and one is boy/girl, there is always a dominant twin who does most of the negotiating for the pair. Ironically, in our boy/girl set, it is the girl as well. But, you are right that he is learning, because he is doing much more listening, observing and studying. When our littles started PreK recently, they kind of branched out more, but she still "mothers" him a great deal. <3 Gale

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    The reason that kid aren't considered gluten free is because they aren't processed/made in a gluten free facility – meaning that non-gluten free items are processed/made on the same equipment. Even though the ingredients are gluten free the way the food I made matters too!

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    They are so adorable and love that picture of them! Regarding veggies…I never had issues with my son who is now 3 eating them, but my 20 month old daughter was always suspicious of them. She mostly eats them now, but when she was younger I steamed a lot of her veggies then mixed them with ground turkey and baked them to make meatballs/patties for her. I stuffed everything from carrots, broccoli florets, peas, squash, etc into them. It worked! Just an idea in case you haven't thought of it

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    Been reading your blog for a LONG time now… and I have a 21 month old 😉 You are SOOOOO blessed to have such great sleepers!!! My son will only sleep 10-11 hours at night and take an hour and a half nap! AAAK! Also for the veggies… try smoothies! :) Put spinach, kale, etc in them and you can't really taste it!!

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