Twin Treats: SWEET video! 11.30.12

This might be my favorite video of Knox & Sloane to date. So sweet. I love to see them interact more and more everyday. This one was taken on November 19th, I believe. They are very into giving one another kisses and two nights ago they gave each other a kiss for the first time without being prompted. They were in the bath tub and just leaned in. It was so sweet!

I think you might want volume to hear their giggles, but please excuse my sometimes-still-there twang accent ;).....

The meanings....

I’ve talked several times about us picking out baby names, but never really talked about the meaning of their names! I first posted the names here and then about us picking them here.

We didn’t pick names based on the meaning, but we can’t imagine Knox & Sloane being named anything else. We say that all the time, that we really just can’t see.....


Thankful for Advice

Looking back, my pediatrician and OB both gave me great pieces of advice when it came to my pregnancy and having twin babies.

I'm pretty certain my OB said, "You can do this." I really don't remember if he was referring to carrying two babies, birthing two babies or raising two babies. Nonethless, I believed him. He had a set of twins himself. From that point on, if I was aching while being pregnant or thinking about all the diapers we would need to buy, I would think I can do this. Even still, if the babies are both being super fussy or being very demanding, I'll tell myself, I can do this.

I think this was probably a day that I was wondering how much longer I could carry them....

Popcorn, Indiana

Have you all tried any of Popcorn, Indiana's popcorn?

I can't even describe to you how much I love.....



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I’m typing this as we are in the car traveling with Knox & Sloane. (I wrote this last Tuesday night, although it's now a week later when I'm posting ;) We’ve taken several trips.....

Rosie Posie!

If you've been reading for a while, then you've probably seen some super cute things from my sponsor, Rosie Posie Designs! She has made us some.......


Cyber Monday Specials!!!

*** I know many of these were extended past Monday!!!

Here are a few Cyber Monday Specials that hit my inbox!!! Some are from my sponsors and some are from other businesses! They are ALL great companies with REALLY great SPECIALS!!! Please email me if you have any troubles with codes or questions!!

HAPPY SHOPPING!!!.........


Jammie Junkie

You guys, I'm addicted to pajamas.

Not only am I addicted to them, but I'm also addicted to Target.

It just so happens that Target has some super cute sleepwear right now. I can't hardly contain myself. Luckily, I am, so that Santa can bring a few of these fabulous items........


Always Here

I've been thinking about Cohen quite a bit lately. I think about him a lot, but around the holidays, I think about him not being here with us even more.

I think the loss of any loved one is definitely.....


Midweek Randoms!

Happy Tuesday :)
  • I think I'm going to do a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday post on Friday morning with all my sponsors and affiliates to share their deals :) I never ended the sponsor discount code, so...

15 Months :)

Knox & Sloane turned 15 months old yesterday!

Times flies, we have definitely established that! I don't like it whatsoever :(

They've now experienced their second Halloween. That's crazy, too. So now, they are doing seconds, but yet still firsts. This year they love Christmas music and the lights, but last year, they didn't pay quite as much attention.

Back to Halloween. Last year, they were just barely up and moving. In fact Knox was trying to roll over when I was taking their pictures.

Here they are this year and my how things have changed!

Yesterday they didn't want to nap too much, but were very ready for bed. I left Brent to do bedtime so I could run to AT&T and the store. These kids seriously love going to bed. They are both saying "nigh nigh" when we asked if they are tired or sleepy.

I'm having the hardest time getting a picture of them both looking at the camera. It's much easier to snap one when they aren't looking :) They were playing with random toys....and ya know, measuring spoons yesterday while I snapped this!

I also took some sweet pics of them on Saturday, before going to a birthday party. However, same thing...impossible to get one of them together ....for the most part. You can tell as soon as they get out the door, they want to start running! Sloane wasn't having her bow, so I put it on a headband. She typically does good with it when she won't leave just the bow in her hair. Turkey!

I attempted a pic with Sloane, but she wanted to look everywhere except the camera ;)

my boys :)

They are both starting to talk so much! The dancing is still so funny, especially Sloane. I have GOT to get her on camera shaking her hips. Funniest thing ever! She also throws her arms up and points while she dances. It's great.

They are obsessed with Barney.

They are loving food lately.

Still sleeping 7-7.

Pointing to eyes, ears, teeth, nose & hair.

They love brushing their teeth.

Saying sounds for cow, clock, dog, duck & car.

Lots of vrooming and moo'ing going on around here :)

Saying all kinds of words. I love that I know what they are trying to say even if it's kind of hard to make out!

They've learned to go up the stairs, but not down them.

Lots of fun :)


The Batik Boutique & giveaway!

The Batik Boutique was founded by a sweet girl that I grew up with, Amy. When I got her email about the boutique, I remember thinking how wonderful it was that she started a business in order to help others. Amy and her husband live in Malaysia and they created this business in order to help women there who are struggling to raise their families. You can read the full story HERE.

All of the fabric is handmade through....


Official Favorite

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you probably know I have a slight addiction to coffee and creamer. Brent and my mom kid me that I hoard creamer because there are so many in the fridge. I like them.

I really don't drink a lot of coffee. Usually just one cup in the morning...or maybe even just half. Occasionally half a cup in the afternoon.

Lots of times.....


Baby Sleeping

I've recently had a request for baby eating, too, so I'll be doing a post on that soon! This post is on baby sleeping and I did it as part of the Huggies series! 

I think the only advice I can give on getting your baby to sleep.....


Little Turkeys :)

We have lots of cute little turkey outfits to wear in the next week or so :) The one below is from Zulily and the brand is BeeHave. I LOVE Zulily. If you aren't a member, join now! You can get a $10 credit if you sign up HERE from now until November 16th!

Yesterday Knox & Sloane had their flu shots. We first met.....


Pave Love

I've been eyeing this bracelet at J.Crew for forever. I just couldn't.....

Fall First

I'm not going to lie, when I saw pictures of Christmas trees going up the weekend after Halloween, I was a little shocked. We've always done ours right after Thanksgiving.

However, at our last house, Brent had to bring the Christmas decor out down from the attic, which meant he had to squeeze a lot of stuff through like a 3x3 opening. When I say a lot, it really was. When it was time to put it up, he often commented he felt like he just pulled it down. I typically felt bad, although he refused to let me do it myself.

So, fast forward this year and people start decorating early. Why not enjoy it longer? I think you can celebrate Thankgiving with your tree up. I think fall and Christmas mixed are pretty! As long as we don't overlook Thanksgiving in it's entirety, I don't think it matters what kind of decor you have up! To each their own.

With that being said, we aren't hosting our families' Thanksgiving celebration. We will actually be gone most of the week, hundreds of miles away from our home. For you creepers that I fear are out there, we do have a big & scary housesitter. He's awesome and he doesn't care what kind of decor I have up :)

I did have fall around the house in October and while I wasn't sure we'd have fall foliage, we actually have a ton around our house. We are on about an acre and all of the trees ended up being beautiful. When I went to Arkansas, it made me miss that, but we weren't in this house last fall so I wasn't sure what to expect. Literally the week I got back from my trip, our leaves and trees began to change. So while I am putting out Christmas decor and putting up fall, I've still really enjoyed our fall!

From our kitchen/breakfast area window...yesterday.....

LOVE. The sun coming through. I felt like it was a sign from God saying soak this beauty up!

This is what I see when I open the back door off the kitchen. I snapped a pic four different times over the past week...
Trees in front yard...

Seeing all this for our first fall in this house made me love it all the more!

I did pick up a pretty new, fall wreath at Hobby Lobby on Monday. They already had all their fall stuff 80% off! So, this was originally $150 and I got it for just over $30. Pretty good deal!

Happy Fall and welcome winter! We've had freezes almost every day this week!

I've picked up a few new Christmas items that I'll be sharing soon! :)

*Be sure to enter two giveaways this week! One for a Nordstrom gift card HERE and one for a Visa gift card HERE.


Beauty in Age

As I get closer and closer to 30 years old, I often wonder, am I aging well? Do I actually look older than my age? Should I be doing more things to help with the aging process?

Then, I take a step back and realize.....


Giveaway: Sponsor Spotlight!

Last month, A Complete Waste of Makeup sponsored my blog. She is a fellow blogger named Neely and she is very sweet! I didn't have any giveaway openings last month, so we got her signed up for today! She wanted to do a sponsor spotlight to share about her blog and she wanted to give one of you.....


Nursery Fun!

When I found out I was having a boy and a girl, nursery ideas started running through my head. I honestly have no idea if Pinterest was around back then, but I've not been a member for all too long. I basically browsed websites and blogs for ideas.

I've always loved chevron. In January of 2010, I had a new little blog header made with a little grey chevron in the background. After browsing for fabrics.....


Great Gift Option!

I know there are people out there that like doing laundry. I'm not really one of them.

One thing I dislike most about laundry? SOCKS..

Brent must have 100 pairs. Why do I hate them? It's hard to.....


Twin Treats - 11.9.12

*If you didn't read my post yesterday, I encourage you to :)

Now for my attempt to do a weekly "Twin Treats" :) It's my 9 days since my last one and we've had fun. I took a little trip and I think it was good for Knox & Sloane to have time away from mommy and for mommy to have time away, but I think we missed each other, too! Once I got home, Knox started getting a runny nose and then a bit of a tummy bug that Brent had. Then, I got it. We are all on the up and up, though.

Knox & Sloane are now obsessed with Barney. I try not to have it on all day, but as soon as I mention, they get excited, especially Sloane. They do the dance alongs and.....


200 meals

I was getting ready to sit down and blog to share some random things I've purchased lately and I remembered I needed to run the mail out to the box for pick up. In my stack of mail was an envelope for a local food bank. I sent them a check and they left me with this.....


Baby's First Christmas

Another post in the Huggies Series! :)

So you are about to experience holidays with a newborn! Perhaps Thanksgiving and Christmas. This may be the first time for many of your family members to meet your baby and maybe the first time your in-laws celebrate the festive time with their grandchild.

Don't worry, it will all go smoothly!

I think the first worry can often be splitting the time. Hopefully.....


Crystal Faye

Crystal Faye is one of my newest sponsors! It's a wonderful online boutique with SO many cute things!!!....


weekend with the girls!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

I got to spend a few short days with my bestest childhood friends :) If you've been reading long, you have probably read about them before. We don't get to see each other too often at all, as we all live in different cities, but we try to make a point at least once a year to get together!

It was my first time to be away from Knox & Sloane overnight, and really for more than a few hours. Unfortunately Brent got the stomach bug not long after I left, but thankfully my parents were able to step in. I did better than I thought leaving them, but driving away was pretty hard. I knew....


Delicious Greek Yogurt

Knox & Sloane love yogurt so I picked up this Stoneyfield Organic Oikos Greek Yogurt the other day. They love it and so do I! It's so good. I didn't realize the pineapple was on the bottom until we opened it and that makes it even better!

Just wanted to share with you all in case you like greek yogurt and fruit! They also had other types of fruit as well......


That's a Wrap!

So yesterday ended my 31 days series hosted by The Nester.

I posted on October 1st about my decision to do a "Twin Treats" post every day for the month of October. While I didn't do it each day, I sometimes doubled, I really enjoyed doing them!

For the first year of the babies' lives, I tried to do a weekly post about what they were up to. I called it none other than, "Twin Treats." I just wanted to....

Halloween 2012

I hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

We had a busy little day. Knox & Sloane weren't too interested in napping. I think they were just anticipating their first time trick-or-treating. Luckily, they didn't fall asleep in their wagon, though I think they came close! They really loved seeing kids dressed in costumes....which is why they are only looking at the camera in the first picture ;)

I forgot about these little Halloween outfits so I put them in them yesterday. Sloane wasn't the least bit thrilled. Her dress slowed her down from throwing her toys and snacks on the ground. She was being a turkey. Then, she heard my phone ring and begged me to see it. I obliged thinking it would give me a still shot :)

My loves......

This is how she really felt.....

She just looked so cute in the dress...

This little guy...he just melts my heart. He's so sweet. 

I love his little reflection in the window....

I keep thinking the are going to get more curls, but so far, not really! Working with what we have, though :)

Speaking of farm animals, both kiddos did a sound today! Sloane barked and Knox moo'ed...after me saying, "what sound does a ____ make?" So cute. Then, Sloane heard a dog while were were trick-or-treating and she started making her barking noise. Pretty funny.

I'm going to count this as day 30 & 31 for the 31 days of Twin Treats :)

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