Just hanging out....

I hope you all had a good weekend!

I'll announce the J.Crew gift card winner tomorrow evening :)

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Knox woke up from his nap on Thursday....


Waiting on their cake!

I just got pics from the babies' party and they are so fun :) The cake ones are my favorite.

Here they are waiting :)......

Tips For Choosing the Right Pediatrician

Speaking of Pediatrician, we are heading there this morning. Knox woke from his nap yesterday not feeling well. He's had a pretty consistent fever (101+)...but no stuffy nose, drainage, etc. I wanted to make sure it's not his ears.

I never felt too much stress about finding a good Pediatrician. I have many friends in town with young kids and I knew that I would have some great recommendations. In fact, I had so many that it did make it a bit hard....


Heading Home

Today I'm sharing my story about bringing baby, or in my case babies, home from the hospital....along with a few tips!

I first blogged about our coming home experience here. It still melts my heart to look at that post. 

I would say first and foremost have your car seat ready. Essentially, you should not be able to leave the hospital without a car seat.

A few things re: yesterday's post....

Thank you all SO much for the feedback yesterday. I knew a lot of people had Celiac Disease, but I'm realizing more and more do. People are also saying that even if you don't have the disease, it's pretty common to still have issues with it.

I had NO idea, on so many levels, things people mentioned. People have cut gluten and seen changes in fertility issues to mirgraines and the list goes on.

I encourage you to read the comments.


My symptoms = Celiac Disease

Hmmmm....so where to begin.

I've always loved bread and pasta. Always.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My body wasn't processing carbs and sugar. Instead, it was creating cysts on my ovaries with them.

I have always carried my "weight" in my stomach. Always.


Favorite weekly buys...

Target is too close and I simply cannot resist fun things.

The majority of these things I actually needed, and luckily, they came in fun patterns. 

Chevron packaging tape? Yes, please.....


A day away....

Yesterday morning I flew to Dallas for the day. I went to celebrate a sweet friend's birthday :) It was actually a surprise brunch and Mary was very surprised! It was so nice and she was so emotional. I think everyone at the table probably cried once she started, haha!

We were supposed to be home by 9:30 last night, but our flight was delayed twice so I don't think I walked in the house until after midnight. I'm a bit exhausted today, but it was VERY VERY worth it. Me and three other girls went and it was fun getting to hang with them, Mary and meet new girls, too.


50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

There is and always will be a special bond between daddies and their daughters. Brent loves Knox & Sloane equally, obviously, but there is something so sweet about a daddy and his little girl.

I came across this and wanted to share.


Can we.....

......take a minute to thank Target for all their cuteness going on right now? Seriously. So cute. We needed groceries last night so we all loaded up and went. I couldn't decide on a jacket for Sloane and instead of getting both, I decided to do neither...for now, but how precious are they?! Knox & Sloane were ready for bed. Today, I needed to run in for toothpaste that I forgot last night. The dollar spot sucked me in...along with polka dot jeans and socks! #ilovepolkadots


Constant Change

When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I immediately began to wonder if I knew anyone with twins and who I could talk to about twins.

Who could I ask questions?

When I was pregnant with Cohen, I never really thought I needed to read books to learn about parenting or what to do and what not to do. I was gifted some books and I definitely referenced them, but I never really sat down and read them.


Wild Rice Salad with Cashews

My father-in-law got this recipe out of a newspaper in New Jersey and I really enjoyed it! Thanks to a double-batch, we will be enjoying it for a few days :)


Best Friends

I mean best friends let you nibble on their toes and then laugh, right?

{if you want to hear sweet giggles, turn the volume up. just ignore my voice. we are still working on "gentle" ;)}


Just hanging out....

Happy Friday :)

This is kind of a picture dump, but that's probably no surprise, haha.

We've had a good week, a little busy, but fun.

Knox & Sloane are changing everyday. Seriously, they look different..and act different....eat more. It kind of blows my mind. Sloane is walking and Knox is, but still crawling, too. He's just still a bit unsteady.



I know I posted an important post yesterday, for a great cause, but I also have another one today :) Thank you for reading the one yesterday. The comments speak for themselves and I'm so glad people shared. I truly believe everyone being aware of newborn screening will change lives! Also, this press release was done yesterday.

I wanted to go ahead and post about TEAMworks today, because at the end of this month they are heading to Ukraine!


Please, Be Aware

If you read any of my posts, please read this one. Please share this one.

You may remember me blogging HERE about the Save Babies Through Screening 
Foundation as I shared our story.

September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month.

I'm now an Ambassador for SBTSF and I'm very thankful to be apart of this foundation in order to help spread the word.

Even if you aren't having a baby and have no plans to, someone you know or one of your friends' friends just might.  YOU don't have to be pregnant...or even a female. You can still make people aware. I thought doing this post might help ........


Never Forget

I cannot help but to watch all the television programs that come out about 9/11. Sometimes it feels weird to want to watch something that takes me back to a place where I wondered if my life was in danger. I felt attacked, physically and mentally. I felt scared.

I think it's one of those days that none of us will every forget. There are days I won't ever forget and 9/11 will always, always rank right up there.

It's been eleven years and I still remember it so clearly.


Making a Difference

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Capella University Graduate, Rachael Hartman. Rachael is a recent graduate and now works as an Education Guidance Counselor on a military base.

Rachael grew up moving around the country as her father was a Military Service Member. She is currently 28 years old, is living in her 29th house and has attended 18 schools.

Rachael graduated from Capella's graduate program with a Human Services degree. Rachael enjoyed her experience at Capella so much that she hopes to get her PhD from Capella in the future.

I spoke with Rachael for over an hour, and I honestly didn't want to hang up with her. The amount I learned in that time period gave me an insight I never truly thought about. I really wanted to know what drove her to become a counselor in the military and what it was about Capella that enabled her to do so.

Ten Years

Ten years ago, today, Brent and I started dating :)

I cannot believe it's been a decade! I know, that word makes it really seem like a long time, huh?

It's been an amazing ten years. It's had it's ups and it's downs, but we have successfully worked through everything.


Reading is Fundamental

The past few weeks Brent and I have been wondering when Knox & Sloane will really be able to understand us as we read books to them. I know they hear us reading, but often times they act like they could care less and would rather being doing something else. I know this is normal, but I know on more than one occasion, Brent and I have both gotten a little flustered because they want to jump out of our lap or just turn the pages over and over again. We worry they aren't listening. They hear us, but when will they want to listen?



Not long ago, I did a review on some Dove Body Wash. I really do love their products. They basically make everything soft!

Recently, I tried out some of their new conditioner. The thing about conditioner, I normally use quite a bit, but I only condition my hair about once a week or once every week and a half. Not often.


Bun Bread Pudding

I think I've decided to migrate my food blog over to this blog. I've found myself not posting on there because I'm posting on here and often times, I can't find enough time in the day to do a post on each. So, I figure I will just post recipes on here.


There Are Two!

Another fun post in the Huggies' Series!

How did I find out I was pregnant?

Since I did IUI with Knox & Sloane, the whole first pregnancy test experience was a bit different.


Attack of Good Labor Day Sales!

Happy Labor Day :)

So, my inbox is flooding with Labor Day sale emails! Naturally, shopping and retail is a labor of love.

I'm not letting myself by anything... I don't think. However, there are quite a few things tempting me.

I decided I'd pull a few things from the emails to share with you all :)

Do you remember the mobiles I got for Knox & Sloane's nursery? They are blabla kids and I LOVE them. They can be seen here and here. Well, Layla Grayce has them for 10% off right now! That will save you a little chunk of change.



I hope you all are having a nice weekend :) We are! I love weekends.

We didn't go to the first football game, but we did show our spirit :) We weren't going to watch because it wasn't on TV and Brent didn't want to buy the sports station package, but then he found it streaming online, so we were able to keep up once the babies went to bed.

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