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I got so busy yesterday and Knox wasn't up for an afternoon nap, so I apologize for not getting more sale stuff up! I need to update the sale from yesterday. I think most things have sold, but there may be one or two left. I do have the maternity clothing pics uploaded. I just need to do the post.


For Sale!

Thank you for the sweet words on yesterday's post.

Today, I'm linking up with the Lamberts Lately for a blog sale.

This post is baby clothes, but if I'm hoping to get a post up of maternity clothes and one of normal clothes, so keep checking back!



On Sunday, my parents celebrated forty years of marriage. Forty. 

Actually, we all celebrated. Brent and I had them and the rest of our family over for dinner. It was a really nice time.


Mar-L's Tams & Togs

One of my sponsors, Mar-L's Tams & Togs, sent Knox & Sloane the CUTEST little outfits.

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with the little dress. I think it's just THE cutest thing. When Sloane sits down and it covers her little legs completely, it's adorable. Oh, and she walks. When she walks in a little dress and I melt. Of course, Mr. Knoxy is a super handsome in his tie, too.


Fresh Food Fridge

It's important to me to keep a fresh kitchen. Not only do I want the feel of the room to be fresh, but I want the food to be fresh, too. We aren't always successful at eating fresh, but we do make it priority. 


Officially a year, yes.

My little love bugs had their one year appointment yesterday. It kind of makes it seem more official now. It's been a year since their arrival into this world and I've loved this year.

I promise I will to to start harping on this milestone soon, haha!


Dreaming About Fall Clothes

So for the past few years, actually three years, I've been pregnant or very postpartum. Therefore, thinking about fall and winter clothes, makes me kind of think that I've not really purchased anything in a while. A few pieces here and there perhaps.


Midweek Randoms

  • How is it already Wednesday? I double checked my calendar just now. 
  • I posted some fun football goodies yesterday if you are looking fo fun ideas for this season!



I was doing some of the babies' laundry this morning and came across some of their cute football outfits. It got me thinking about football season. I really enjoy football season. I'm pretty good about watching games, but I also really like team spirit and all the fun goodies that go along with it.



Each month, I took pictures of the babies with their montly stickers on their onesie. I aimed to do it right on the 19th each month, but most months it was on a different day. Sometimes I was even a week or so off.

At some point I'm going to set up my labels and archives where I can access those posts more easily, but for now, I thought I would do a post with a picture from each month :)



I'm a bit MIA, but we are planning for birthday fun :) Already started as you can see.....


Cowboy Up

*Thank you for the thoughts and prayers yesterday for Knox's MRI.

Actually, I should probably say cowboy and cowgirl up :)


Knox's MRI is Today

Knox's MRI is today. We will greatly appreciate your prayers.

This mama's stomach is in KNOTS.


winner & reminder :)

Thanks to all who entered the Rodan & Fields giveaway!

 A winner was picked randomly...

Monday Musings

Another Monday is here! The only thing that means to me is that Brent left for work this morning to and we are a day closer to the big first birthday and party :)

I hope you all had a good weekend :)
  • Please keep my friend, Jane, in your prayers as her sister went to Heaven this weekend...actually her entire family. They've been on my heart since I heard. They are an amazing family.


Even the Seats

Over the past two weeks, we've converted Knox & Sloane into their big kid seats.

I say big kids, but they aren't. They are still my bitty babies. Even the seats made me want to cry. Not sad tears, but happe ones. I'm happy they are here. I'm happy we made it through out first year, but I am a bit sad it's almost over. Bittersweet.


Life Planner Attempt #2

Last summer, I fell in love (like many of you) with the Erin Condren Life Planner. I ordered one and planned away as I waited on Knox & Sloane to arrive. Although I didn't plan much because I was soon to have two new babies. I basically just admired the beauty of the planner.


Ten Days

*All the items sold from yesterday's post, but I'll be doing another soon! Still a few left from the first one left.

It seems like just the other day I was doing Knox & Sloane's ten month post. Heck, it actually seems like just the other day they were ten days old.


For Sale!

I decided to have another blog sale of some of the babies' things. The first one is HERE and there are a few things left. If you've been reading a while, you know they have LOTS of clothes; probably way too many. I wasn't sure about selling things they've worn, but a lot have only been worn 1-3 times, so I figured why not. Also wasn't sure about price, so if I'm way off base, you can tell me.

For Recipes & Resources :)

ConAgra Foods has created a new spot on their website that I think you are all going to like!
The Dish is a great place for everyone, but is an especially great resource for bloggers


Jewelry Junkie

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I love jewelry. I go through phases, though. Sometimes I wear it a lot sometimes, I just wear the basics. If I don't feel like wearing jewelry, I still always have on my wedding ring and diamond studs. I just don't go without those.

I'm pretty much a jewelry junkie when it comes to costume jewelry. I like options. If I find something I like, I get it in several colors. That's just who I am :)


Special Discount & Giveaway :)

I'm currently scheduling giveaways for my sponsors and a few companies I have previous relationships with :)

The way I see it? Who doesn't love to win something! It's free and it gives you the opportunity to maybe try something new.

Facebook :)

I hope you all had a good weekend!

I finally decide to make a Facebook page for my blog :)

For a while, I didn't really see a point, but lately I've had quite a few friend requests from people that read my blog. So, I thought I would keep my personal page for those I "know" :) However, I can't wait to "meet" those that I don't, on my Facebook blog page!


Back to School Goodies

Thank you all for the sweet words on Knox & Sloane's eleven month post yesterday :)

I remember the first thing I ever thought I wanted to "be" when I grew up was a teacher.

I was in Kindergarten and I remember thinking all the "stuff" was so fun and cute. Who thinks that being so young? Me. I loved the stickers, the teacher's desk, organizing stuff on the desk, hanging things from bulletin boards and the list goes on. I quickly became all of my teachers' helper. From Kindergarten until fourth grade I would constantly volunteer my special services, HA! I think it was more so I just felt like like I was getting to "play teacher" :) So yes, I was spending play time organizing jars of Play-Doh.


Eleven Months!

I'm a bit delayed on this, but Knox & Sloane turned eleven months old on July 19th.

At the time, they were both kind of sicky, so I waited a week or two to take some pictures. I love watching them play and interact. It's pretty much impossible to have them sit on the couch together, for more than a few seconds, as I'm sure you can tell below. Also impossible for them not to take their monthly sticker off their shirts ;) They'd rather chew on it!


As for yesterday's post.....

I know I kind of got on a soapbox for yesterday's post, but as I've mentioned plenty of times before, it's something I feel pretty passionately about.

I replied to one of the comments, but to none of the emails. I decided I'd just do a quick post in case anyone else was thinking the same thing. I feel like one of the comments, although I need to think of it as the commenter's opinions, kind of attacked my post, but I also think they were missing my point. By human nature, part of me feels like I attacked back, lol. Though, that was not really my intention.

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