Must Read. Cancer-Causing Chemicals

My cousin sent me an email last night that included one of the links I'm posting below. She said she knew how important things like this were to me because of Knox and Sloane.

She's right. 

Important to me because of them; Important to me for them. Important to me for your kiddos, too. Important for us all.


Monday Brain Dump!

Hope you all had a good weekend :)
  • Actually, this is probably a combination of a brain dump and weekend recap. Multitask, right?
  • Did you all watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? I thought they were pretty cool. I thought the music was great. 


Moms On Call Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the Moms On Call giveaway and took advantage of the emailing discount. I promise you it's SUCH a good deal and so worth it.

A winner was picked randomly for the book....


Twin Treats :) wks 48 & 49

Forty-eight and forty-nine are close to fifty-two, huh?

I know it's been a few weeks since I've done a Twin Treats post. I always say I want to get back to it, but honestly the process of getting all the pics off my phone usually seems like a process. I've GOT to be better at organizing pictures. Soon, it will just be Twin Treats, with no weeks behind it. Then, pictures on my computer I'll just put in monthly folders instead of weeks. MUCH easier :)

Anyways, we've had a good few weeks :)

Knox has had a rough month. Poor buddy. He has a doctor's appointment today.

Needless to say, there are far more picture of Sloane in this post as he has been a bit grumpy, but a nice little cuddle bug, therefore not in front of the camera much.

Sloane had about a week of a virus, but then she's been back to good.

They are both standing and Sloane has taken a few steps! I think she did four at once. She will go a few days and practice a lot, but then go a few days and act like she doesn't care. She seems to do it a bit more when her daddy is around ;)

They are both waving hi and bye. Sloane is blowing lots of kisses and Knox is starting to. I can also tell Sloane to give Knox & Kiss and she will leave over and put her lips on him. So funny.

They are both eating pretty good, but Knox is still more picky.

I still need to do an eleven month post that reminds me.

I was going to start weaning to regular milk, but now that Knox's skin has broken back out, I'm going to wait a bit.

They are using sippy cups pretty good.

I'm debating on doing something other than cow's milk, but I can't decide.

They talk to each other in the cribs and it's the most precious thing I've ever heard. I basically just sit and watch the monitor and listen to them, haha.

They are still doing a morning nap and afternoon nap. The past few weeks, occasionally one will skip one nap or the other. I don't mind too much because it gives me nice one on one time with the other, but then they are usually a bit tired in the late afternoon.

Still doing 11/12 hours at night. Knox usually wakes up earlier than Sloane. She could probably sleep until 8:30, but he's a 6:30/7 waker.

Both are saying momma and daddy, hi and a few other things. Sloane will say done if I ask her if she's done. Knox pushes whatever I'm asking him about away.

They are both dancing to music and it's hilarious to see them shake their booty.

I love these jammies and his sweet smile :)
Sloane got her first baby doll last week, and she's obsessed. You can tell her to give it a kiss and she does!
Picking her favorite...
Hanging in his baby boy bloomers :) They are from www.sheshemade.com. They came with a cute shirt that I'm going to do eleven month pics in... a bit delayed ;)

They love their toys that have slides so they can put things down them. Brent picked them up another one this week and they were so excited when they saw it.
Napping with grandpa

Knox loves this rocking thing and Sloane loves standing on her head and raising her legs...
Self portraits by daddy...
The venue where the birthday party has a Ronald statue. Sloane wanted to sit by him and she she wanted to wave, haha...
The hat is a bit too big to wear, but she likes trying it on, lol....
He gave me a few smiles yesterday even with his itchy skin. I love him. I did instagram, but you can kind of see it through the filter. 
The other day, Sloane grabbed Knox's bib and started swinging it and hitting herself and just laughing so hard. It was hilarious. I also really loved the little romper she was wearing. Something about tie strings. She was also trying to walk quite a bit...

Sweet baby man...

Yesterday, Sloane and I went and met up with Sarah and her little ones, Megan & Lindsey and baby Jack. Lots of fun! Sloane and Maeva...
I love the pinafore back of her outfit.

My parents kept Knox while we were gone. It's SO hot, I knew his skin would be miserable.

Knox has been playing with drumsticks for months, but Sloane discovered it yesterday..

Happy Friday


*** Be SURE to check out GroopDealz "Christmas in July" this weekend! Some AWESOME deals and festive items!


Midweek Randoms

Hi Everyone,
In case you missed my review of the great new Baby Orajel Naturals teething product, you can still read it here (though the giveaway has ended). I also wanted to let you know that if you are one of the lucky women attending the BlogHer conference in NYC on August 3-4, 2012, you can visit the Baby Orajel folks at Booth 1100 to learn more about taking care of your little oneís teeth and gums! They may even have some product samples to share with you so be sure to stop by.

Hope you all are having a good week :)
  • Don't forget to check out the Moms On Call special offer & giveaway HERE. It's a great deal and program!
  • We are having a pretty good week around here. Not too too much going on. Weeks are passing by so quickly. 
  • Knox still has a bit of a snotty nose and a little cough. Just like six months ago, when he got sick, his skin has flared back up. I think stress contributes to it, somewhat. Since he cleared up before the allergy immunologist appointment, we haven't gone. I called this morning to see about getting him in. 
  • I thought I would start working on weaning them over to milk, but I think I'm going to wait until after their birthday now. I don't Knox to have a reaction and be miserable. 
  • Speaking of finding things out about your little one, everyone needs to read THIS blog post. It's something not many people recognize, but it's important that it is caught quickly! 
  • I've gotten several comments and emails about the chair in this post. I posted about it a while back, but I think new readers are the ones wondering. It's from One Kings Lane. I do think they've had it since I've ordered it once or twice. 
  • My mom picked me up some white roses yesterday. Love white roses. 
  • Have you all tried Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Iced coffee? I love it. I put a little Cold Stone creamer in it. So good. 
  • I wish I was going to BlogHer. I think I'll try next year. If I were, I'd order super cute contact cards from Tiny Prints :) I just got an email that they are 50% off right now if you use code: DOD0726 Would it be weird if I ordered for next year? haha Remember that time I was going to spam deal emails? Yeah, need to do more of that. 
  • I mean is it me or do they look like little kids now. Melts my heart.
  • My sweet sponsor, Shared Joy, sent me these cute earrings! I love pink and polka dots :) I know of lots of things I can wear them with. She also sent Sloane this adorable headband. I need to snap a better pic next time she has it on!
  • We really want to see the new Batman, but it just seems weird now. My heart still hurts so bad for the victims and their loved ones.
  • We did rent Drive, which was super bizarre. Not my type of movie, at all. We also watched the new Sherlock Holmes. I wish I would have paid closer attention to it. I was hunting for party stuff. 
  • Party planning is in full force! Sheriff badges for all :)
  • The babies have lots of festive western attire they will be sporting all August :) I can't wait!
  • Another random drink I'm loving. Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. I like the Hibiscus one, too, but I like the lime better :)

  • I'm meeting with some friends this afternoon and excited!

Have a good day :)



Daddies in Waiting

*My blog is a bit under construction, getting a new look, so please forgive any glitches :)

Another post in this fun Huggies series on expecting and parenthood!

Huggies provides us with prompts and we share our opinions/feelings/advice on them. This topic is: "My Hubby Wants To Be More Involved In The Pregnancy. What Can I Suggest?"

This may sound weird, but I knew after caring for a dog with Brent for eight years, that he would be there. He would be there for my pregnancy and he would be there for our children. When I say, "be there," I don't mean just physically. I knew he would be involved as much as he could be.
It seems silly referring to a situation with your dog and comparing it to one with your children. However, if you've had both in your life, you probably know that there are quite a few similarities as far as how you teach/handle/interact with both. Brent has been amazing with Elton since we picked him up. The day we brought Elton home, I remember getting butterflies in my tummy thinking about how sweet Brent was to that tiny little puppy. That was one of my first indicators that he would be a wonderful dad.

I was right.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think that being involved in a pregnancy means your husband will or won't be a wonderful parent. In fact, I think it's normal and quite common for men not to be too involved in pregnancy. It's definitely something that is a bit foreign to them.

I don't think that means they don't want to be involved.

With that being said, the question asks my advice if someone's husband does want to be a bit more involved. So, in my opinion...

Talk. I told Brent how I was feeling. He asked. I didn't over share...unless he asked. Pregnancy can be a tricky thing as far as TMI, haha.

I wanted him to go to a good portion of our appointments. He wanted to as well. However, there were times were he couldn't make it and times where I didn't really care if he went or not. I asked. I think appointments can be special as you are getting to hear and maybe see your little one growing inside you. It's miraculous, really.

During the first half of my pregnancy with Cohen, I didn't have to go to my OB much. Things were going fine and all was well. In fact, when that midway appointment came along, Brent had a meeting at work and I almost told him not to come. I cannot imagine him not having been there. Needless to say, appointments were a bit different for us after that point. With the twins, getting good news after that anatomy scan was something we were able to experience together. Very thankful for that.

A lot of times I would tell Brent when I felt kicks & punches. I would ask him if he wanted to feel. Sometimes he could even see it. Of course the feeling of movement that you have, no one else can experience from the outside, but to them it might be pretty cool, too! That was my favorite part about pregnancy, movement. I loved it.

Ask him if he wants to register for baby goodies with you. You might not think he has an opinion, but he might surprise you!

I know that baby showers are traditionally given for the baby and mom, but I think these days quite a few showers are given to celebrate baby, but both mom and dad attend, along with friends and family. If it's an option, ask your husband if that sounds like fun to him. It's definitely a way for them to be more involved.

If you see someone at the supermarket and they chat with you about baby or ask about you and your husband, congratulate you, etc., tell your husband. He might enjoy hearing that you saw someone and they sent well wishes for his family.

I think these are some great ways to include your husband in your pregnancy!

Check out the Huggies Mommy Answers Facebook app!

Find more posts from bloggers sharing their experiences of motherhood on the Huggies page on BlogHer.com.


Our Experience with Moms On Call - plus a special discount & giveaway!

In case you weren't reading yesterday, be sure to check out my completed bathroom makeover for a chance to win $1000 Visa gift card and $200 to Sherwin William, here!

If you have been reading my blog since last spring, you may remember our Moms On Call rescue. That's what I like to call it, anyways. I have blogged about it many times, but these posts jump out at me - here here .

Knox and Sloane were two weeks old and I was running on empty, but full of adrenaline. I was nursing both babies, one at a time, and that was on demand. We were letting them do as they please, as any baby should for the first few weeks. Needless to say, it was quite stressful.

Brent and I felt comfortable as parents, but we weren't confident. We wanted them to be okay. I think every baby is different and since it was our first time to have babies at home, we were learning. You can't learn their cries and signals right away, but they do come pretty quickly.

All I knew was that Brent would be heading back to work a month or so after Knox & Sloane were born and neither one of us could function, successfully, on what little sleep we were getting. Don't get me wrong, I sat awake with the babies' thanking God for them and holding them tighter than they probably wanted to be held. However, when dawn broke, I was pretty much a walking zombie. I wanted to give them my best around the clock.

I wanted to play with them good, feed them good, help them sleep good and I wanted them to thrive.

Moms On Call assured me all of this was possible. They agreed that of course two babies is quite a bit more tricky than one baby, but is definitely doable.

Both of the Moms On Call nurses, Laura and Jennifer, had a set of twins. Not only did they have twins, they had other children, too. That alone gave me confidence. If they could do it with lots of children, I could do it with two.

I knew I could do it. I was never that person that could imagine a career in anything besides being a mom. Don't get me wrong, I went and got my degree and I was successful, but I've not looked back for a second.

Laura came to our house when Knox & Sloane were about two weeks old. She was there for about 24 hours. She taught us things that of course we would have figured out. However, it was nice not having to waste time doing so. She was right about everything. The babies loved the way she taught us to do the bath; They did great with the schedule; They learned to stretch nighttime feedings. The list goes on.

Going back to sleep training. I know there is a big debate between letting your baby cry it out and not letting them. That is totally a personal decision. I honestly feel like we never dealt with it. We started so early, that they learned to be soothed quickly. They went back to sleep. If they woke up three times, we fed them. The next night they went a bit longer in between feedings. It was maybe only fifteen minutes, but it was longer. By three months, they were sleeping through the night, for twelve hours. It wasn't until almost ten months later that either of them woke in the night and it was only because of sickies.

True, they might just be good sleepers, but it might have just been what they knew. Babies form habits like anyone else.

So, Brent and I, along with all of our family that watched us do 'this' first hand, agree that Moms On Call was such a blessing to us!

I've done the "Email Support" from early on, with Laura. Basically, I can email her any question I have and she writes me back. THIS has been SO helpful. She is quick to respond and she knows what she is talking about. She will respond to an email I write always faster than the ped's nurse calls me back.

Laura wanted you all to have the opportunity to utilize this support, too!

If you sign up within the next three days, you can get THREE MONTHS of UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT for $50. You guys, that's a great price. I would say it's way worth every penny plus many, many more. To get this special discount, email Laura - lauramoc@comcast.net - Tell her you would like to sign up for this special and indicate "Megan" sent you :)

****This offer will EXPIRE after THREE DAYS. So Thursday at midnight is the latest you can sign up.

I also highly recommend the online seminars. They were SO helpful. They can show you how to swaddle right there in the video!

She also wants to give one of you one of the new Moms On Call book! It's for 6-15 months! If you don't need this, let someone know that does! Or, it would definitely make a great gift. You can find out more about the book here.

To enter: USE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW - It may take a second to load!


  a Rafflecopter giveaway



Bathroom Makeover is Complete!

So, if you've been reading, you know we decided to do a bathroom makeover! The first post is HERE and the second post is HERE.

I'm still debating on a chandelier so that's really the only thing we lack doing!

As a reminder, here are the before pictures

See what I mean by paint makes a world of difference?!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! We went with Sherwin-Williams "Rainwashed" and it's perfect. It is exactly what I was going for. In some lights it looks green and in others it looks blue, which you can tell from looking at the pictures.

Notice the brass knobs before? We also changed those out! We already had nickel light fixtures, towel racks and faceplates on the light switches, so we went with nickel for the knobs as well! We will eventually change out the hinges as well.

Based on the palette I went with, I decided on white towels, though the rug we got would allow us to pull some brown in, too. I found the mercury glass soap dispensers I was eyeing at Target. We already had nickel light fixtures and I think they go well with the color!

Had to have my pink flowers :)

Using Chip It! helped so much when deciding on a color scheme. It gave me a good visual on how everything would go together!

I think finding a paint and a palette helps you feel a little less overwhelmed when it comes to wondering what will look good with what. It's a little bit like a cheat-sheet.

Sherwin-Williams is also a great place to find samples. You can try the colors in your palette and have them lightened or darkened. This is a plus because it allows you to adjust the color you want according to the feel you're going for.

Don't forget, you can drag and drop the Chip It! button right on your toolbar. That way when you're browsing online you can chip any picture in hopes of finding a good color palette!
Chip It!

The Chip It! video, here, explains everything!

Happy color fun!

Now onto the giveaway! 

Tell me about a room in your home that you'd like to make over using the ChipIt! Tool for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card and $200 Sherwin-Williams gift card.

No duplicate comments.
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The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 7/23/12-8/10/12.
Be sure to visit Sherwin-Williams' brand page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers' posts!

A few other awesome things you should check out-
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Share your thoughts on aging HERE. This enters you for a SpaFinder gift card.



I'm sure you've all heard about the awful tragedy in Colorado. If you have not, Google it. Perhaps grab some Kleenex.

I was a bit delayed in finding out. I didn't log onto Twitter until mid-morning and it wasn't until a bit after that that I turned on the TV, specifically to hear more.

I think everyone's first initial thoughts are, why would someone do this? 

That's a very good question and I'm not sure anyone specifically will ever know the answer.

I find comfort in knowing God certainly didn't do this.

I do find comfort in knowing so many will cling to him to be thankful for their loved ones as well as to lift families up who are a victim of this incident.

Having a child who has gone to Heaven has, of course, caused me to ask the question "why?"

Again, we may never know, but I do find comfort in knowing God knows why. It wasn't caused by evil, that is for certain.

I find comfort knowing that we will be reunited with Cohen. I find comfort knowing these families in Colorado have the opportunity to see their loved one again.

My heart aches thinking about people watching someone in that theater die, right in front of their eyes.

A few weeks ago, there was a shooting here. It was at a local Best Buy and believed to be g@ng related. A man was holding his ten year old daughter's hand and was hit by a stray bullet, in Best Buy. His daughter watched him die holding her hand. Unfathomable.

I think faith can make or break you. Don't get me wrong, if something happened to Knox & Sloane, I would be beside myself. I clearly haven't been in that position and I don't want to imagine how it would be. Though, having faith I'll see Cohen again probably got me to where I am today.

I saw this post being shared around Facebook and Twitter a few days ago. I read it and just cried. I cried because I can't imagine what she was feeling. She was ready to go and she thought she was. She had her two daughters with her.

This was her first post - http://aminiatureclaypot.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/so-you-still-think-god-is-a-merciful-god/

This is a follow up to the responses from the post - http://aminiatureclaypot.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/a-response-to-the-overwhelming-number-of-responses/

When situations like Colorado and the local Best Buy shooting arise, it always makes me ask myself, am I ready? I am. I still ask, though. It makes me pray for those to have faith that they can overcome tragedy and have faith they will see their loved one again. It makes me pray for everyone to be ready.



Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the ShopSosie giveaway!!

I thought they came up with a fun concept to create the Pinterest board :)

If you haven't checked out ShopSosie, GO! They have such cute clothing and accessories!

A winner was picked randomly...

Megan from Tales of the Trees...

You are the winner! CONGRATS :) Email me for details!


Nourish & Replenish

I recently tried the VisibleCare line by Dove and I LOVE it.

I've always liked Dove so I was excited to try this line that contains the highest concentration of NutriumMoisture technology that Dove provides. It is said to give you more beautiful skin in just one week!

I feel like Dove is a softer product. Most of my bath products I go pretty simple on without too many ingredients and moisturizers.

As I've blogged about several times, I definitely need to give my skin a little TLC. I'm always up for trying new products. Some I stick with and some I don't. This one, I think I will definitely stick with. My skin really does feel more soft and from what I can tell, appears that way, too.

Dove was curious how women spend their "me time" away from their busy lives and daily routines.

I think bath and shower time is definitely one of the ways I have me time. I know during this time, I won't be chasing babies, folding laundry or preparing dinner. I think shower time definitely provides "me time" and just lets me have time to clear my head and clean my body :)

If I can get visibly more beautiful skin from a body wash, I'm definitely up for trying it!

I really can't think of another body wash that I have ever tried that I've liked as well as this Dove one. In fact, most of the other ones that I have tried have also been Dove. This one is a renewing body wash that helps nourish and replenishes skin. My skin could definitely use that.

One thing I really liked about this is that my skin felt more moist, but I felt like it washed off well. With Knox having such sensitive skin, I'm always a little bit nervous that something I may have on may irritate him.

A little treat for you - Visit Dove® VisibleCare® to get a coupon for $1 off!

Tell me, how do you spend your "me time" during the hustle and bustle of your daily life?? 

By leaving a comment and letting me know you will......

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One Month

Today, Knox & Sloane are eleven months old.

In just one month, they will be a year old!

How did that happen?

Didn't I just have them?

I knew time felt like it was going fast, but it has gone really fast.

Everyday it seems like they are less of a "baby" than they were the day before :( I love the baby stage.

I'm probably a tad bias, but I think they are the most precious little nuggets ever.

Brent and I still look at them and can't believe we have twins.

I love them so much :)

I'll do an eleven month post soon. It's been a busy month!

Brent's mom took this picture :) I think they were about 8.5/9 months in it. This was in Knox's rough skin days. His skin is actually a bit flared right now, but not anything like it was a few months ago.

Have a good day! :)




This made me giggle :)

*Thanks for the cowboy boots feedback in my last post. I'm really curious if either baby will be walking in their boots on party day. I have a feeling Sloane might be.

*I didn't make the chalkboard signs, but can't think off hand which site I ordered them from. I promise I'll provide sites and links once I post the pics :) 

*I had someone comment and ask and a few emails about the toy bins that were in a few pictures in
this post.  The green one with white dots is from Pottery Barn and the other one is 3 Spouts Organic. It stands up great and it's a thick canvas, but it's also easy for Knox & Sloane to stand up and grab something out of, which is why it appears to be bent inward. I believe I got it off Zulily or Amazon. I don't see the zebra anymore, but here is an elephant and a few others. 

*GroopDealz is on a roll this week. I basically want all the bubble necklaces and I'm really itching for one of these ruffle tops. They are only $8.

*Don't forget about the ShopSosie giveaway HERE!


First Birthday Party Planning :)

For the twins' first birthday, we decide on a western theme :) It will be the one year round-up!

After quite a bit of debating, we decided not to have the party at our house. I'm pretty paranoid about it being SO hot next month and between that and our house still kind of being a work in progress, we felt like having the party elsewhere would allow us to focus on it more. I didn't want to be worrying about whether or not I had clean carpet and a particular house setting It's not about the house, it's about Knox & Sloane and their first birthday :)

We are pretty certain of the venue. We are heading there this afternoon to get it finalized.

I was also concerned about having "entertainment" for the younger kids and this place had that.

I'm really not very good at DIY'ing party stuff. I'm not awful, but I think it's finding the time or actually executing the ideas that are floating in my head. Therefore, I'll probably be hitting up Etsy pretty hard over the next few days.

I'm doing burlap, pink & blue as the color scheme :) I figure they won't go for pink and blue forever so I wanted to do it for their first.

I have gotten several things, all of which I LOVE. I think they will be perfect for the party :) It will be western and rustic. 

Now, where do I find baby cowboy boots?


*I'll post pics and where I got everything after the party. 


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