For MOMs by MOMs

Introducing For MOMs (moms of multiples) by MOMs!!

Are you a MOM (mom of multiples)? Do you sometimes need a shoulder to lean on or maybe advice from other moms of multiples about having multiples? Well look no further, you’ve come to the right place!
Heather, Jennifer, Amanda and I found each other through blogging and have cultivated a lasting friendship. We talk pretty much daily about life with our twins and it has been a great comfort having other moms who understand what life is like being a mom of twins.

In the past weeks, we have been talking about using our blogs to create a platform to discuss MOM topics and also allowing other MOMs to give their input as well. After throwing around some ideas, we finally decided to host a weekly link up called ‘For MOMs by MOMs’.

The link-up will be every Monday and each week we’ll be discussing a different topic. Most of the topics will be geared mainly towards other MOMs but some will definitely be broad enough that all moms can get involved!

What part do you play in the link-up? We want your opinions and experiences too! We think it would be great for MOM’s to get different perspectives because your experiences and/or opinions might not be the same as ours…and that’s okay!

The link-up will start next week! Since this is a new project, next week we’d like for all of you to introduce yourselves. Tell us about yourself, your multiples, whether or not you went through fertility treatments or anything else you would like to share so that we can get to know you.

There aren’t any requirements to enter this link up. We want this to be about supporting one another and maybe finding a few friends in the process! We do encourage you to follow the blogs you like to show them some blog love. ;)

We are so excited about this and hope you come back each week to link up!

Don’t forget, next week’s topic is about introducing ourselves!

*Jennifer put this post together! Thanks, Jennifer!!

Also, since I do have some obligations to BlogHer & my wonderful sponsors, I will often be doing the MOMs post in the afternoons or evenings on Mondays! I can't wait to read all of yours.

A few things...
*Be sure to check out my Darphin review and a chance to win some of their products HERE!
*You can enter to win a $50 Visa gift card HERE :)
*My latest post in the expecting & parenthood series is HERE!
*I'm hoping to post iPods From Cohen fundraisers on Wednesday of this week!
*I'll be working on the May sponsor post to go up at the beginning of next week. Let me know if you are interested :)

Happy Monday :)



Twin Treats :) 35 & 36 wks

Slaone and Knox are now 36 weeks! A little over 8 months :)
Sloane now has her two middle bottom teeth and Knox now has two middle on top and two middle on bottom. SO CUTE!

They are both really starting to mimic us. I like to think of it as learning :) Sloane seems to do it much quicker and Knox usually just laughs and her and her. She is giving us five, smiling and tucking her neck when we say "doggie, woof woof"..clapping for patty cake.

I feel like this week Sloane has been saying mama.

Since Knox got his fourth tooth Monday morning, he has been a MUCH happier baby. He is smiling SO much and just cheesing at us. It's so cute and I feel like his teeth have really been getting the best of him the past two months! Those darn things.

Sloane is now teething harder and it's causing a bit of separation anxiety just like it did with Knox. It's hard for me to walk out of her sight without her getting angry.

Sloane LOVES the camera. You will see she has become quite the little poser. Knox is starting to more now that he wants to show all his new teeth off :)

Knox has become a little clown. He loves to put the activity gym on him, play peekaboo and squeal as loud as he can like a bird.

We went to the doctor last week for flu Boosters and Knox went this past Monday for a check up on his skin. He weight 17lbs2oz so he's definitely gaining better! The doctor said his skin is just still SO sensitive. When it starts doing good, he naps or goes to bed and rubs it raw again. Never ending cycle, poor buddy. He said no sunscreen or bug spray this summer. 

We started sippy cups, mum mums, puffs, banana, avocado...what else..seems like something else. 

Knox & Sloane went to Sam's and Lowes, together, for the first time this week. I push buggy; Brent pushes stroller. Yes, people asked if they are identical. Never fails.

Here is an iphone picture dump from the past two weeks (minus ones I've already posted;)

before his second tooth came up top..
she loves her pink chair...love the pic of knox & brent :)
 he looked like Elvis...and playing peekaboo...
he's always looking up at stuff...I'm sure he will be a climber...

They love to lounge in their high chairs, haha...
Sloane, get your hands of my food!

sweetest little boy....
teething much? she would NOT stop chewing her high chair.

what's a shadow?
happy weekend :)


She Pulls Up!

Guess what Sloane did last night? Yep, pulled up in her crib! We sat her in there while waiting on her turn for diaper change. She was giggling so I got the phone on. The next thing I knew, she was pulling up!! Brent was just a few inches from her and of course, you can tell by my giggling (causing the phone to shake) and telling her to sit her booty down, I was not expecting it! She's been pulling up on me in the floor, but not quite like this! She was so proud.  

Yes, I said, "sit yo booty down"....and Brent threw in a "girlfriend" haha!...didn't know we were so slang ;)
We know, mattress lowered ;)

Hoping to get a Twin Treats up later!

Happy Friday!!



Midweek Randoms :)

Happy Thursday :)
  • Thank you all for the sweet comments on yesterday's pictures. Sometimes they make me get teary eyed, too <3
  • A few emails about iPods from Cohen as well. Beginning this next week, I have a few fundraisers starting. I'm so thankful people have wanted to help. Brent and I have put this project in front of anything else we do this year, so while we can essentially cover the costs, it means a lot to us that people want to chip in for such a good cause! 
  •  Also, the revenue from my sponsors goes to iPods From Cohen as well :)
  •  I need to wash my hair very badly. It's yucky. Not that you wanted or needed to know that. It just came to mind as I debated getting in the shower instead of doing this post. Fail.
  •  Knox is in SUCH a better mood since it cut his FOURTH tooth. Now, he has his middle bottom two and middle top two! Big boy!
  •  I honestly feel like I'm a human garbage disposal lately. I can't get full. I know it's hormonal because I can tell my milk is doing funny things, but man.
  •  My favorite dinner from this week was pulled pork sandwiches. They are quick and easy and oh, so good!  
  •  I'll work to get some recipes up on my recipe blog soon. We've made some good things lately! I'm also itching to do a few things from Skinny Taste!
  • I try not to do many boxes or frozen type meals, but this looked so yummy at the store, and healthier than some, so I gave in. I had it for lunch one day this week. Loved it. 
  • I think all my tulips have died off. I forgot I snapped this picture a while back. I loved these. I also got these around Easter and they were SO pretty. The bulbs are going in our yard and will hopefully bloom next year!
  • I really need to get a roman shade for the kitchen window.
  • I've had a few more emails about breastfeeding that I have yet to respond to. I'm not sure I will ever catch up. I am planning to still do a post. As part of the series I've been working on with BlogHer & Huggies, I will include this. I believe it will be in the month of May. Maybe the first week or two.
  •  If you've not entered for the Darphin giveaway, do! I'm so thankful to be using this eye cream. Now that it's been a few weeks, I can totally tell the difference.
  • I've been working this week on boxes. Some I've unpacked in the garage and others I've brought in and unpacked. Regardless, there are lots of empty boxes!
  • I suppose it's time to rid the dead roses : /
  • How cute is this dish towel? My sponsor, Elle & Ollie made it and I just love it. Ruffle addict.
  • Knox & Sloane are getting so mobile. It's crazy. They are moving around and Sloane is pulling up on me. I also think they are getting tired of some of their toys. They can totally tell when we add a new one in and then, they both want it, of course. Here they are the other day...
  • Have you all heard of Pink Papaya? It's a beauty product line. One of their consultants wants to do a fundraiser for the iPods. She emailed me and then sent some goodies. They smell SO delicious! So far my favorites are the Exotic Body Butter and the Cranberry Orange Hand Sugar Scrub. 
  • We are going to see the Black Keys this weekend and I'm very excited :) I'm also helping host a sprinkle that will be lots of fun! 
  • A few emails about the color of the nursery dresser lately. It's BEHR Sparrow & Gentle Rain.
  • Do you all love Baker's Twine as much as I do? GroopDealz has a great price on it right now, right HERE :)

Hope you all have a good day!!



This past weekend we took some family pictures :) I've been dying to do these for quite some time and the stars just wouldn't align. Brent's mom sent me a peek. LOVE :)

I'm already researching what sites for photobooks and a canvases :) By the time Knox & Sloane are eighteen, I will probably have 30 books of family pictures and canvases all over the house, HA!

Have I mentioned....

...... I still can't believe we have twins? I love them so much.

....and that I love pictures? Indeed.

I also wanted to share the sweet pictures from the Heart Walk that Brent's mom took! We had a great time this year and are so thankful people came out an joined us. It's something that means a lot to us. I know it's a busy season so many had prior engagements, a few joined in late but overall we were just glad to be walking in memory of Cohen :) .....and so many others!

Lots of sweet little friends :)

Cousin, Beaux...

 Friend, Walker....

Friend, Emerson...

 At the finish line :) (I may or may not have woken Sloane up for these pictures ;)

Sending Cohen a little balloon love :)

Here (and here) we are at the Heart Walk last year :) Same pretty sky and bright blue shirts....Knox & Sloane in my belly :)


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