Saturday Stuff

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers on yesterday's post. I know Katheryn and her family are very thankful.

We've had a nice Saturday morning. Well, I guess it's afternoon now. The babies are napping and Brent is in the shower and I'm here..blogging, even though I have 100 other things I need to do, too:)  When you have the itch, you go with it. Anyways, I finally got Knox & Sloane's little seven month pics snapped. Although Knox really just wanted to pull the stickers off both of them. So really not many face shots. I'll post those soon.We are doing family pics next weekend so that is exciting :)

I'm obsessed with these sweet potato chips and if you haven't tried them, you should. They.are.so.good. I got them at Target.

While on the subject of food. This oatmeal caught my eye at Target as well. Also, really good! There are five packs and they have you fill the pouch with water once you poor it in the bowl. Easy measuring for ya there! There are five packs in the box and I think it was only $1.69.

We got some herbs potted and I'm thankful to have them back around. It's so easy and convenient to have lots of basil versus paying a ridiculous amount for it at the store.

We are really trying to start cooking again and planning our meals more.

I'm going to try to do a little project this weekend. It involves these things and I'm sure something else that I won't have, but need.

They are installing some of our shutters on Monday. Sheets can finally come down!! I mean, seriously, our neighbors have got to be wondering about us, haha.

I picked Knox up a blue hat at Hobby Lobby. I thought he could wear it for the heart walk. I think I'm going to get a red heart applique for it :) It looks so cute on him.

The Heart Walk snuck up on us as Easter is about to. I can't believe it's next weekend!

Last night Brent and I went to a birthday get together for a friend. We had a nice time. I kind of ran out of time for shopping, but who doesn't love vino and a Starbucks gift card?


 I'm always debating on picture sizes. I posted these at "extra large" and they just looked huge, so I made them to be "large"...hmmm

Have a good day :)


heavy heart

I intended to do a "Twin Treats" post today, but I got busy and not long ago I also received news that a dear friend's baby went to Heaven :(

I can't really muster much to say as my heart is hurting really badly for her, husband and family. 

Baby Blake was 30 days old and he had SMA.

Katheryn has been so strong. I've known her since we were very, very little and she has always wanted to be a mommy and she is. She has been for several years now and has wonderful stepchildren. She had a difficult journey becoming and staying pregnant and she found out when she was pregnant with Blake that he had SMA. She did a great job carrying him as long as she could and had to endure many tests and doctor appointments along the way. She had no idea how long Blake would be here on Earth, but we can all agree 30 days doesn't seem long enough.

I know Cohen welcomed him with a big hug.

Please pray for Katheryn and her family.

Such a beautiful baby!

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother's womb.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there was none of them.
—Psalm 139:13, 14, 16

Every single day I think about my angel in Heaven and I thank God for lending me two more. I hold them tight, everyday, for we are not promised tomorrow.



The week before.....

*Thank you all SO MUCH for the car feedback on yesterday's post! I'm going to have Brent read each comment, too. I think it's really going to help us on our car search. It's nice to hear first hand from parents with more than one child and comments on specific cars in general.

*Also, I mostly thought the butter comment was funny. I do plan to try other things first....avocado, other oils, etc.

*I'm going to do the Easter/Spring link up next week! I still haven't gotten any pics uploaded : / 

This is another post in this series talking about motherhood, parenting, etc. :)

The good thing about a c-section is oftentimes you have a set date and time. My first delivery was a c-section, so my delivery with the twins was also. I knew for a full week what day the twins' birthday would be and around what time they would be born.

The week before delivery, I had a thousand thoughts running through my head. With twins, I expected them to be smaller; I expected them to be in the NICU for an unknown time; I expected to, once again, be recovering from a c-section in the hospital. Thankfully, our duration in the hospital was very short. We were in and out and I am very thankful Knox & Sloane were good sizes and healthy. I tried not to let the 'what if' thoughts consume me. Of course, having experienced leaving the hospital without my baby in the past didn't help all too much. As for mentally, the week before delivery, all you can do is hope and pray. Be optimistic. I knew no matter what our experience was in the hospital, it was part of God's plan.

Our house, the week before delivery, was being put back together. We'd decided to have our tile replaced a few weeks before I was due. Smart, I know. Luckily, the company we had do it was very good and quick. Not to mention the tile looked amazing. I will admit that the last few days they were finishing I felt like it was never going to get done and I was nervous I would be heading to the hospital and leaving them there working. I didn't want that. I figured we would be in the hospital for a while, so I wasn't worried about coming home to unfinished floors. My advice on your house is don't start any projects--big ones--close to your due date. ;)

Around the house, my first and most important item is hand sanitizer and soap. With visitors, the first thing they should do is get clean hands. We really didn't have that many visitors once we got home. I know people assumed our hands were quite full and assumed we were doing everything in our power to keep the babies as healthy as possible. They were definitely right.

We had the house and carpets cleaned about a week before my delivery. We didn't want to have it done too much in advance as we would still be living there and we wanted it to be extra tidy when bringing the babies home.

I know, I might be extra paranoid, but I can't help it.

I think it's fun to have festive treats around the house to celebrate baby. I had cookies and a few pink and blue things. Our front door had a wreath with none other than a pink & blue bow.

The week before delivery is a great time to make sure you have all the things you need for the hospital. I do recommend doing this prior to the last week, but it's a good thing to double-check then to see if you are missing anything. There are lots of checklists that you can find online to help you pack your bag. For me, in the hospital, I needed comfy pj pants, nursing tanks, a robe, make-up & toiletries, a nursing pillow, clothes for the babies, blankets for the babies and, of course, my camera. I think it's probably natural to over-pack just because you aren't really sure what you will want to wear or how many times you will need to change baby's outfit. ;)

The week before delivery, Brent and my brother installed Knox & Sloane's car seats and took them to get inspected. Many fire stations will inspect them at any time, and in some towns they have scheduled times to do this. I know that some baby stores also offer car seat checks to make sure they are in properly. I think it's very important to feel secure in what you will bring your little nugget, or nuggets, home in.

The week before delivery, enjoy your spouse and any other children, pets or activities that you are used to doing. A baby does change many things, but of course, for the better. Oh, and get some sleep because you may go without any consistent sleep for a few weeks. :)

The week before delivery is an exciting time, full of so many emotions. Enjoy it and just breathe. :)

Since, I'm putting it all out there....here I am the week before having Knox & Sloane. I know, yikes. Yes, I had 12lbs of babies, haha. I'm 5'2" :)

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Midweek Randoms!

Hi friends!

Do you all still want to do a Easter/Spring decor/food/clothes/etc. link up? If so, this afternoon? Tomorrow morning?
  • A new giveaway started last night. Check it out here :) I think it's so nice people want to give things away!
  • I gave in and got "Draw Something" :) I must admit, I'm already pretty addicted. I'm not sure how many games I can have going at once, but my username is "lifeofmegan". Also, can I leave a game and go back to it? Do you all buy colors?
  • Knox & Sloane had their delayed six month appointment yesterday. It went pretty well...besides the fact that I hate shots and I'm still not too fond of the nurses at our office. The doctors, I love. The doctor didn't seem too concerned about Knox's allergic reaction the other day. He said there are a number of things it could have been with him having been outside for several hours, weather change, food, contact, etc. He said let's hold off on peas for right now. He also said Knox has a great metabolism. So, he wants us to add butter to his food! Sloane was in the 25th percentile for weight and Knox was under the 10th. Little bean..though soon, he will be butter bean, haha. He was half an inch shorter than her and her head was half an ich bigger than his. 
  • We a few more fundraisers for iPods from Cohen that I'll be blogging about soon. One is a Stella & Dot and very grateful and excited. LOVE Stella & Dot! 
  • The Heart Walk is coming up at the end of April. It's April 21st. If you are local and want to participate, please let me know. We would love to have you on Team Cohen!! We had an amazing time last year. I posted about it and pictures here and here. Love the pictures and they kinda make me emotional. I don't think I will be able to get shirts out in the mail this year since I have pretty full hands : / 
  • Brent got a call yesterday and our new couch is in. I honestly kind of forgot about it. We ordered it a few days before Knox went into the hospital, in February, and it was supposed to ship within eight weeks. So that's exciting.
  • My chairs also arrived this morning! I can't wait to get them set up!
  • We gave this easy recipe a try the other day. It is just Kraft cheese, bacon and bread crumbs. It comes in one package, from the cheese section. You put the check directly in the bag to coat it and put it in the oven Simple!
  • We've had two business cards on our front door lately for lawn services. We think people are trying to tell us something and hopefully it's not our neighbors, haha! We were going to try to see what bloomed before making any large changes to the yard this year. However, we do have some work to do to make it nice looking and then maybe a large over haul next year. There is a Japanese Maple in the front that is way overgrown and needs to be trimmed. It drives me nuts.
  • Speaking of neighbors, I saw ours had their pool company out the other day to open things up. I kind of feel like Clark Griswold looking out the window and imaging pool parties and then I remember it's not our pool, haha. Honestly, I have no desire for a pool because I'd be paranoid about kids going in and I know I'd have an itch to be tan all the time and both of those can lead to no good. But hey, maybe they will invite us over? ;)
  • So, I'm finally sending out moving announcements/address change cards. I thought it would be fun, although better late than never, right? One of my talented sponsors made them and I'll be posting them soon :)
  • Have you all seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I really liked it. There were parts that I couldn't watch and we fast forwarded through, but overall, I thought it was a really good movie. I haven't really the books, but now I'm kind of itching to.
  • I own Hunger Games and still haven't read it. Chances are, I'll also see the movie first. I just can't find time to read lately. If I have extra time, I'm wanting to read blogs or Pin :)
  •  I am going to do a breastfeeding post soon. I've had many emails and comments lately requesting so I do want to! I've started one, but I need to work on finishing it. 
  • We sold one of our cars yesterday. It was the good ole car the day I turned 16. Yep, she still runs like a charm. Though, we hadn't driven her in quite sometime. She was a two door and she was a Honda and she was great to me. She is still in the family, so I can still see her if I feel the urge, haha. We are on the hunt for another car. Well, we want an SUV. We had, and loved, our X5, but we sold it when I was pregnant with Cohen to save on costs. We aren't sure what we will go with now. Do you have an SUV? Do you like or hate it? What is it?
  • We tried out this "one-pan" recipe that I saw on the Today Show and thought it was good. I'm not a huge pork person, but Brent really liked it. It is easy and delicious. I could have eaten every potato and onion once it came out of the oven. I posted the recipe here.
  •  One of my sponsors, Paper Clouds, has a special I wanted to share. For the next 5 orders placed she is offering FREE SHIPPING with the code "FIRST100" in honor of her first 100 sales! The 100th sale gets a big surprise!
  • Be sure to check out my post on 'dressing while expecting' here, brought to you  by BlogHer & Huggies!
  •  I have some great sponsors coming up in April! If you are interested, shoot me an email. I'm also working to respond to some today.



giveaway :)

*Erin Condren winner announced here.

This week, I am hosting a giveaway for one of my sponsors, Vibrant Designs!

Julie is so talented and has so many wonderful things in her Etsy shop!

This week, one lucky reader will win a set (2) of wristlet clutches from Vibrant Designs!

Aren't these fun? You can carry them with your ID, bank cards, phone and whatever else you would like. You can also keep them IN your purse as a great convenient tote, so that you know where certain things are.

To enter: (required)
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LOTS of chances to win :) Winner will be picked and announced Sunday! GOOD LUCK :)


Winner & Weekend :)

Hi friends :)

I intended to post this Sunday evening, but for some reason, blogger is only letting me access a portion of the comments in the Erin Condren giveaway post. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I now have a new widget for giveaways which will make things much better!

A winner was selected randomly.....

Little Miss Southern Loves....

You are the winner!! CONGRATS :) Email me for details!

I'll be hosting another giveaway for one of my sponsors starting this afternoon, so watch for that :)

So, on Saturday I blogged about being on a little road trip. Well, we traveled just over an hour and a half to go to a new outlet mall. We met up with Katie and her sweet family. I might have mentioned this before, but Katie and I met when we were just tiny tots. It's crazy that we both are now married with kids! Anyways, we had a nice lunch and chatted. They had been shopping in the morning so they headed home and we shopped around some.

Me with miss princess....
 We've determined Knox really likes to ride in the Bjorn. Pretty cute. And how adorable is Chloe?!
Katie with my sweets....
Sloane was being a little ham once she finally warmed up. She just kinda sits and stares for a few minutes....
 I could have just eaten a dozen cookies for lunch. SO good...
They had a really cute Easter bunny and we were going to get the kids picture with him, but just kinda forgot about it.

It was nice to get out and about, in another town, on a beautiful day :)

Knox got some shorts, few shirts & a hat and they both got sippi cups. Sloane is pretty set in the clothing department. I got a necklace and top from J.Crew & Brent got some shorts there as well. Success.

Knox & Sloane did great on the car ride there. However, on the car ride home, Knox started getting really fussy. I got in the back seat with him and I could tell his little face was getting really irritated and a little puffy. I couldn't tell if it was his car seat rubbing or what. I knew that morning he woke up looking really irritated around his chin and neck, but I figured he had just rubbed his face on his sheet throughout the night and was drooling, as usual. It was soon determined we needed to get him checked, as his face was looking more swollen and he was starting to scratch, which he doesn't typically do. He was also getting it on his neck and by the time we got to Urgent Care, he had a hive like reaction on his tummy. Sure enough, Urgent Care said he was having a reaction to something. We still aren't sure what it was. I'm really hoping it was just pollen or something random..and not food. All he ate that day was breastmilk and peas. Both of which he had eaten before. He's on steroids for a few days and we have our delayed six month appointment today, so it will be addressed then.

Sweet love, can't catch a break it seems..

Hope you all have a good day!



Dressing while expecting!

Along with friends asking me about registering, I have had many ask about what to wear when expecting! I know it's different for everyone, but I'm happy to share what worked for me. I've officially been pregnant during all seasons. What I will say, and stick to, is to wear what you have until you can't anymore! Turn dresses into shirts and add leggings. Be creative, comfy and cute...when you feel up to it!

One thing that I really found to be important were tanks. These were good because you could wear them under a shirt that might be getting a tad short or you could wear them with a cardigan. The longer the tank, the better. The belly is growing, so if it's long, the tank can grow with you. While you are in the early stages, a little gathered material looks cute as well. 

I did have several flowy tops, that I loved! I think most you could clearly tell I was expecting!

I found that when I was pregnant, I wanted to look pregnant. I didn't want to just look fluffy, which I think can happen easily with certain maternity clothes. I wanted my shirts to hug my tummy, which isn't typically the case when I'm not pregnant. I'll never forget the time I was wearing something with an empire cut and an elderly lady asked me if I was pregnant.... when I wasn't. I think it was then that I vowed when I was pregnant, I would look the part. Although, I really think with my build, it wasn't hard at all....oh, and considering I had twins.

Since I am petite, my belly popped out pretty quickly both times I was pregnant. I did, however, still have a stage where I felt like I looked chubby and not pregnant. Back to the snug fit; I felt like if it was hugging my tummy, maybe people would realize I was pregnant and not just look at me, trying to determine. I might have been delusional, but I think it made me feel better.

With jeans, I could not do them from very early on. Any restriction I had down low was VERY uncomfortable for me. My first pregnancy, the majority of the time it was cool outside. I loved leggings. I would wear them with sweaters, jackets, cardigans, anything. My second pregnancy, I bought maternity jeans the second I became pregnant because I wanted to give them a shot. I did try a belly band-type thing both times, but only lasted a few wears. I just didn't find them to be comfortable or stay in place very well. With jeans, I liked the ones with full panels because I felt like they weren't cutting into my tummy. With twins, I did run into needing to cut the elastic at the top because I got a little too big for the panel.

I think leggings were great in the summer for dresses turned tunics.
I couldn't do heels during either pregnancy. I did maybe a few times my first one, but with the twins, not at all. I had a lot of pressure and I actually read that heels could cause more pressure and strain, and I in no way needed that! I liked flats with a little cushion for support! Of course, I aimed to wear cute ones as well.

For dresses, I usually love smocked, sleeveless and long, but I really didn't wear them much while pregnant. Again, it goes back to that feeling-like-I-look-like-a-sack thing. I preferred a little snugness around the tummy in a dress. Now, come about 30 weeks and summertime with the twins, I gave in to the smocked sacks. Don't get me wrong, I think they are cute. 

And just for giggles, here I am the day before Knox & Sloane were born. I think it was the biggest dress I owned.

For sleep, I didn't want any restriction. By halfway through both of my pregnancies, I was in Brent's t-shirts. I was most comfortable that way, and when you are fighting for a few hours of sleep, comfort is a key factor. 

I thought I would share since I've had lots of questions! I have purchased several pieces of maternity clothing, but mostly from the clearance rack! I wanted to throw some "official" pieces in. Hope this helps!

Each week, with both my pregnancies, I posted pictures of my growing belly. Those can also kind of give you an idea of things I liked to wear during the day! Here are the posts from my first pregnancy with Cohen and here are the posts from my second pregnancy with Knox & Sloane.

Find more posts from bloggers sharing their experiences of motherhood on the†Huggies page†on BlogHer.com.

*Be sure to check out my post on registering for baby, as part of this series, HERE! :)

*I'll be posting the Erin Condren giveaway later today. I had some troubles last night accessing comments. 

Happy Monday!


Pin & Ride

Good Morning :)

Happy Saturday!

The weather is beautiful and we are taking a little road trip. I'm playing on the iPad and "pinning" things. I'm finally getting better at remembering Pinterest.

Seriously, what did we do before computers/smart phones on road trips? I loved looking at magazines, but they always made me sleepy. I use to wish the Internet would work on my computer. A few years later and here we are!

I could spend hours on end on Pinterest. It makes me want to cook, decorate, have parties & make things. For now, I'll be looking & swooning as I hold & carry two babies...and when they walk, I'll be chasing them :) But surely, SURELY all these pretty things & yummy treats will find their way in my home, right? I love seeing when people blog something they've been inspired to do after seeing it on Pinterest. I'll try to do that, too ;)

Some things I'm eyeing....

Source: m.shape.com via Megan on Pinterest

Yay for my first blog post from the iPad via car :)




Are you all having a good week?

It rained here, again, yesterday. The sun ended up coming out in the evening, though, so we will see about today and the rest of the weekend. I'm REALLY hoping for a nice weekend :) 

I spent most of yesterday going through the kids clothes, closets, containers, etc. So much stuff. It's really kinda crazy. I mean, I have no idea how they've managed to walk their little legs around town to shop...or order things online. Geesh!

Nonetheless, I think I've weeded some things out. I have a few boxes and things piled up everywhere and I'm thinking about having a sale on the blog. I get paranoid that I'm no good at sales. I have no idea how much shipping things costs; I have no idea how much to ask for things. The list goes on. I'll be debating.

Knox was a little fuss bucket while waiting on his bedtime milk last night, not unusual. However, as usual, the second he was finished with it, he became a little clown.

Brent was playing peekaboo with his lovey and then all the sudden he grabbed it and started pulling it off and on his face by himself. Brent played with him for a while and then I came over to watch. Brent grabbed his phone (and hid it) so he could record it :) I could watch this over and over again.

Adorable baby boy. Genius baby. duh. 

LOVE. ---and I like the volume up, but you will have to excuse the proud er obsessed parent voices.

and from my favorite bud vases.....with almost dead flowers....


*Twin Treats later today or maybe combined with next week.
*Erin Condren giveaway here.
*SheSheMade discount code here.



One of my sponsors, SheSheMade wanted to share a WONDERFUL discount with my readers today! 

They have SUCH cute things! Knox & Sloane have some adorable outfits and some they will soon be wearing :) I can't wait to see them in them.

As you can see, SheSheMade has super cute smocked outfits as well. We love our smocking around here and I also can't wait for Knox & Sloane to start wearing their spring and summer outfits.

So, the exciting part....

Sheshemade is offering a 15% discount right now on their smocked items! Enter code "easter15" ----Speaking of Easter, they do have some still in stock, so get it now! Easter Anavini items are already marked down and this discount will be lowering it even more. Definitely the lowest prices around on Anavini!

Happy Shopping :)


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