under the weather.....

kind of.

Speaking of weather, it has been getting close to 70 degrees here during the day and down in the 30's at night. Crazy. This time last year, we practically had a blizzard.

Luckily, Knox's little tummy issues last week seem to have pass. It must have been something I ate. I'm keeping an eye on it.

Unfortunately, he started getting a little cough. He's always been a congested baby, but this cough was different. He woke up Sunday morning with it. He coughed all night, while sleeping, Sunday night. Monday morning, he woke up with it and Sloane sounded like she was getting it. So I scheduled them to see the doctor.

I won't talk about how we were running late, and I called to let them know, and the proceeded to have us wait an hour and a half. Okay, I will. A little uncalled for. I'm not sure if they really thought keeping two, 5 month old, potentially sick babies chill for an hour and a half was feasible. Luckily, they were in good moods and pretty giggly, see below, but still. It was making this momma bear upset, not to mention we missed a nap and a feeding. Although, Sloane did decide she would take a snooze. I totally understand having to push us back some, but to intentionally make us wait to be the last patients of the day. Our appointment was at 3:00. I called to let them know about five minutes before that we were running a little late because Brent was on his way to get us. She said be there be 3:15. We got there at 3:25. She (receptionist) said she would make sure they could still see us. Five minutes later she came back and said they could. Doctor walks in our room at 4:55.
****I'm adding this part in several hours after I posted it and after some comments. I totally understand that we shouldn't come first. I would have rather been rescheduled. I know there are sick babies and babies with appointments and ultimately, the wait was our fault since we were late. I think even if they would have let me know that we would be bumped to the last appointment, that would have helped. Then, I would have had time to feed them, change them, etc. Instead, I was putting it off and waiting in case the doctor came in. I definitely see and understand everyone's point of view. I guess I just thought it could have been addressed (by letting us know how it would play out) differently ;) 

So, the doctor checked them both out. Of course, they weren't coughing too much when we were there. He said they sounded good, inside, after listening to them. As soon as he heard Knox's cough he said he had some concern about it. He said based on the cough and the way his eyes looked, he had definitely been exposed to RSV, but right now his was more bronchial. They did go ahead and run the RSV check, but we've not heard back on that. He said we need to keep an eye on the cough and that ultimately it will let us know if it's turning into RSV. He said if any wheezing starts, to call right away. He said it may get worse before it gets better, but it may just kind of stay as a cough and pass. He said to try to keep them as hydrated as possible. He said keep a cold mist humidifier going and do saline as many times a day as possible. We have one humidifier, but their room is pretty big so Brent is going to pick up another today.

We've tried so hard to keep them away from everything and everyone, but clearly, it's not possible. Yesterday was the first time for them to leave the house since Christmas Day. I know they will and need to be exposed to things, but the thought of them being so little and one or both babies in the hospital, scares me. Sick babies in the hospital isn't something I ever want to deal with again. So, we figure if we don't need to take them anywhere right now, we won't. Our doctor told us when they were itty bitty to really aim for April, as far as getting them "out in the world." So, something snuck in the house.

There was very little coughing during the night last night, which I'm thankful for. They slept good, but by about 6:30am the coughs started. Knox coughed for about the first 30 minutes of his morning nap, but then it seemed to chill. He did okay while he was awake. He wanted to eat a lot longer than normal. He is back down for a nap now, and coughing off an on.

Sloane weighs 14lbs2oz and Knox is weighing 14lbs. Still tiny tots, but they've each almost gained two pounds since their appointment a month ago!

They really were being little hams at the doctor. You could see in Knox's little eyes that he didn't feel great, but he was still a bag of laughs. Neither had a fever, also a plus.

I mean what else was I going to do for an hour and a half? Take pictures & video, of course.

Getting ready to go....

Where did my little baby go?
He loves my hair..
Sloane was tired...
Sweet thing was tired when we got home, too...

Here's to hoping our week goes with little sickness.

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Friendly Dining & Good Food

Thanks to BlogHer & Olive Garden, Brent and I recently enjoyed a nice meal at our local Olive Garden.

First of all, we both love Italian food! I would probably eat it everyday if there were no such thing as gaining weight. It's so good. I can remember going to Olive Garden when I was in junior high, and I loved it then.

Brent and I enjoyed unlimited breadsticks & salads with our meals. Our waitress was friendly but not overbearing. She explained the specials to us and returned when she saw our water glasses dwindling on empty and when she noticed just one breadstick left in the basket. Luckily, I showed self restraint and told her no more breadsticks until I ate my actual meal.

Well, I'd be shocked if anyone actually finished their entire meal in one sitting. The nice thing about Olive Garden is you can really make more than one meal from it. Pasta is a quick and easy leftover. It tastes great warmed up! So not only did we enjoy a tasty dinner, but we were also able to savor a second portion for lunch the following day :)

Once Knox & Sloane are ready to get out, and the weather is a bit warmer, I think Olive Garden is probably a place we will feel comfortable taking them. There were kids eating with their families while we were there. Though there were quite a few big families enjoying their dinner, it never got loud or annoying. It was comfortable, and I guess it felt somewhat cozy to see families there. That is something I observe now; I think about places that will be good for us to dine with kiddos on occasion.
I feel like Olive Garden provides good food and also a family-friendly atmosphere. However, Brent and I didn't feel awkward just the two of us. I think you can go either way there, which is nice! Olive Garden also has a kids menu.

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words to live by.....

A friend posted this on her Facebook page and I've thought about it so often since!



Twin Treats :) 22-23 weeks

Knox & Sloane are 23 weeks old today! They say "thank you" for the sweet comments on their pictures yesterday ;) No, I don't usually say they are "23 weeks old" if some asks. Right now, if asked, I would say that they are just over 5 months old. I just want to keep track with the weeks for when I took a book of these posts ;)

The past two weeks have been fun! They are interacting with each other and us more and more.

They've adjusted to no night swaddle and just today I took the nap swaddles off.

Knox had become a side sleeper during the night and last night he started become a face sleeper. Yep, you heard me. On his belly, with his face flat down. Scares the crap out of me. We do have the angel monitor, so hopefully it will go off if he gets in a jam. The little guy moves like crazy, though, so hopefully it is okay.

Knox has also been a little fussy the past few days. I need to wash my hands good and feel around in his mouth for teething..but I haven't really noticed him wanting to chew on his hands or toys more. I think there is a chance he might be developing a lactose allergy because he has been doing a lot of pushing/grunting noises. Lovely, I know.

Sloane has been pretty chill lately. If I walk in the other room to grab something, she just goes on about her way. Knox is starting to get fussy if he can't see me.

Knox is rolling all around. Sloane is just going from tummy to back, but with just a tiny bit a help, she will pop back up on her tummy.

More hair for Sloane! It's not looking as reddish now, but more of light brown.

I think they are starting to get less bashful around people. Knox will give his smiles, but Sloane is still kind of working on it.

Knox woke up randomly one night about midnight crying. We gave him a few minutes, but could tell it wasn't just a nothing cry. I went in and rocked him for a bit. He burped a few times and kind of made that grunting like he was trying to poop. So I gather his tummy was upset. He fell back to sleep and did fine the rest of the night.

Brent's mom joked that we do have tears coming in our future. I'm trying not to take for granted how chill they are most of the time. However, teething and tummy aches are probably not something we can hide from....nor are the tears :(

Between this post, this post and this post, I've shared most our pictures from the past two weeks :) I have a few more and a few videos. 

They are sitting in bumbos now. Sloane likes it, but Knox just kinda tries to squirm out.

I adore his brows and lashes.

They love holding hands. You can tell the turtle was in between them, but once they pushed it down, they grabbed hands <3

Face flat...

He kind of propped his head up a little it seems after I went and took my phone to shine a light on hi like 1000 times to check, and he's turning his head.

Sloane without her swaddle after nap today. She really wanted her fist....

Love cuddle time in the mornings...

Hope you all had a good Friday!

***Please take a few minutes to read this post. Tahnie is such a fighter and she has the best reason in the world to keep at it. 


Color me happy

I snapped some pictures of Knox & Sloane a few days ago. The first few days this week were pretty dreary looking, so I thought I would put them in something bright :)

I'm still working on getting them to smile at my camera. They do pretty good on my cell phone. Even if I pull the big camera to the side, they just follow it and won't look at my smiles.

Knox was very interested in Sloane's hat, though, and she did give a little giggle.

Sweet loves...

*These outfits are from Whimsey & Co., which I discussed here. I did email her again last week. I keep hoping to hear something back and praying things are okay with her.

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Happy day before Friday!



Precious gifts...

We received a beautiful gift for Christmas.

Our friends, the Sextons, sent it to us. They have had two years that have been very similar to the two years that Brent and I have had. God blessed us with each a heart baby. We were able to have 12 days with both of our boys. We were ultimately left brokenhearted, but faithful and hopeful. About a year later, we both welcomed new additions to our families within about two months of each other.

Kristin emailed me the above verses the day before we heard two heartbeats :) How crazy is that. She had read them that morning and we had always joked about twins.

With this gift, her note said these verses would always make her think of Knox & Sloane. It will always make me think of Knox & Sloane, and Cohen, and Luke and his baby sister, Kate. It will make me think how God lead Kristin into my life and all of the emails we shared.

All five of our babies are precious gifts from God and I'm so thankful for them.

Our sweet babies love their big brothers :) 

I know Kristin and I both pray for those waiting and wanting to become parents. Sometimes His plan isn't one we imagined, but it is there.



Could you do some laundry?

Last week, Brent was getting ready for work and I was sitting on our bed pumping. He, like any normal person, is particular about which white t-shirt is his favorite. In his closet, there is a variety of sizes and brands, mostly due to me having been pregnant and getting big and bigger tummies each time. Anyways, he couldn't find the right size and brand that he prefers.

So naturally, he asks me if I can do some laundry.

I think to myself, I've done laundry. Haven't I?

But have I?

I think I've been so set on keeping the babies on the schedule because they are doing great, that I've not actually set any structure for myself.

I know I've probably made mention 100 times, I don't mind doing laundry, but I despise putting it away.

Well now, it's not that I'm not putting it away, but it's hardly making it down the hall to the laundry room. Then, when it does, it's lucky if it makes it back.

Laundry isn't something I want Brent to do. He honestly doesn't have the time. I do. However, I've found myself doing things with my time that is not laundry. Why? because it's more fun or takes less energy. Honesty, people.

My schedule...uhh, the babies....schedule is as follows....
The babies wake anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30. They are up for an hour to an hour and a half and go back down for a nap. (Brent is here during this time and he puts them down for nap while I'm pumping.)
nap until 10:30am
awake 10:30 -12
nap 12:00-2:00
awake 2:00-3:30
nap 3:30-4:30
For the most part, they are awake 4:30 until bath time, which starts anywhere from 6:30-7.
We are usually doing bath/bedtime routine for about an hour.

They are waking from some naps about 15 minutes early as we are about to take away the nap swaddle (because they are ready.) So, usually I have anywhere from 3 to 4 1/2 hours where they may be asleep. When they aren't asleep, I'm with them. I love watching what they are doing and how they are changing. I will sometimes fold their laundry while they play, but for the most part, I interact or watch. Sometimes I check twitter and read some blogs (via phone) while they are nursing, but when I look down and they are staring up at me, I feel bad having my attention on something else. Cheesy, maybe.

So, what do I do during their nap times? For about 30 minutes of the morning nap, I pump. Other than that, I do what ever pops to the top of my mind. I try to have quite time. I will occasionally nap during their morning nap. For 45 minutes the other day, I was on the phone with the county treasurer's office trying to figure out the status on our taxes that we paid before moving. I mean that's clearly money we are due back. I walk Elton for a few minutes in the back yard, or watch him like a hawk, with the door open. I try to get a shower in. I try to tidy the kitchen, bedroom, etc..I try to get a blog post in and respond to a few emails. I try to read a few blogs. I try to unpack a box. I try to eat. I try to do laundry some days.

I try to do a lot of things, but they need to be prioritized.

Brent wasn't at all saying I don't do anything. Believe me, he knows the babies schedule from being home on the weekend and he sees how hard it is to actually start something and finish it.

He knows we both stay up too late because come Saturday morning, he wants to nap during the babies' nap as well. We want to set a bedtime goal and follow through with it. We are such night owls. I don't want to feel like I need a nap after I pump in the mornings. I really only 'morning nap' about once a week, but still, there are other mornings where I'd like to.

I think the problem with laundry.... I may put a load in, but honestly, it might be the next day before I can really complete it. I've always been good about not drying clothes. Staying wet equals stinky. So, I typically make mental note they must at least get started in the dryer, but, it might be 24 hours before I get back to them. Thus, having to get them damp and re dry them so they don't look horribly wrinkled. Then, the cycle starts over.....when will I get back to them?

I know, I have twin babies. This is true. A lot of people have two plus kids. Sure, I get exhausted, but I still have a lot of other things I have to do; other things I want to do. And while I really want to pick paint colors and pin dreamy rooms on Pinterest, I want to prioritize getting 'chores' done, having quiet time and putting myself together. I think I do a good job and putting the babies and Brent at the top of my list :) I want to make a meal and have it ready to eat once the babies go to bed.

Three to four and a half hours really isn't a long time, especially when it is all chopped up. I also know it's not going to get easier. To me, this baby stage is actually pretty easy. I think it has a lot to do with having them on such a structured schedule. I think once they start crawling, walking, talking, etc., that's when finding time for other things will probably get even more tricky.

So,  I think this about sums up my goals for this year. No, laundry will never come first. Luckily, I think I'm putting the important things first already, as I mentioned above. I just want to get myself on a schedule to be the best I can be and do the best at what I'm going to do :)

Do you set a schedule or have structure for yourself?



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House progress....

or lack thereof....


This weekend we had great intentions of getting many things done around the house, but it really didn't happen. We did get some things done, so it wasn't a completely fail. Every little bit counts, right?

I thought I would do a few posts as we go that way we have it to look back on. Since the house may not be 'done' for a while, posts of progress seem logical.

So, the kitchen cabinets are painted. We are also painting the breakfast area and smaller living area off the kitchen. We had the dark wood painted and we are deciding on a wall color. I think the bottom looks much whiter than it probably is since I used "shake-it" to brighten the picture overall.

I think the paint on the left is what we will do. The other room seems a bit to dark for what I'm going for.

Yes, we had 23947249587234 different rolls of colored duct tape to organize packing/moving, haha.

This week, I have GOT to set up estimates for blinds and shutters. Must take sheets and blankets (and dark blinds) off windows stat.

The nursery furniture is in and the bedding is on, but we have yet to hang the things on the wall or the chandelier. Instead, they are on the landing upstairs. We plan to do that this next weekend. I think Knox & Sloane miss their fun things ;)

After many people tweeting me about the chevron goodies at Target, I decided to check them out while I was there over the weekend. I got four of these fun containers for the gameroom closet. And yes, for some reason, the shelves are pretty short. Weird. 

I'm washing every single anything that goes in the kitchen cabinets before it goes in. Lots of fun. Not. So, we have two folding tables set up with towels on them, plus all the counters, covered in towels, for our 'drying racks.'

So far, I've purchased one item from this post. Once it's in and I've figured out where I want it to go, I'll be sure to post. This was my second purchase....

I love it. I found it at Overstock.com. Of course, I haven't unpacked anything to go on or in it yet. Soon. It is the first piece of furniture I've ever bought that you had to put together. I guess everything else I've purchased already put together. It drove me a little nuts that the right door is a little lower, but Brent and I have done everything under the sun to try to make them completely even, and well, it's not happening. I know, it's probably not something you would notice, though if you come over, you may now that I've told you ;) It actually does look a lot more even than when we first started working on it.

I'm ready for all the walls (like the one above) to be much lighter.

I'd say this weekend we got about ten boxes emptied and broken down. I'd say that's a start.

I'm hoping to get the attic insulated soon so that I can empty boxes and it will become the storage closet for now.

And because what is a weekend without pictures of my favorite people....

My friend, Jennifer, who makes fabulous goodies, is having a Very Jane sale right now! Check out her chevron and other shower curtains in the sale HERE. I do have some of her products so I know she does a great job! I'll give myself a reminder to post my goodies soon.

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