Twin Treats: Hugs & Kisses!

So a week or two ago, I posted this video, which I love. They are all about giving hugs and kisses. However, typically it’s when we prompt them.

Also a week or two ago, they had their first un-prompted smooch in the bath tub. It was super cute.

Well, yesterday, I was picking up after breakfast and I walked around the corner to find them giving a peck and it was too cute! I grabbed my camera and started giggle. So, of course that made them get tickled so they did it a few more times, along with hugs.


I still can’t believe I have two.

This cracks me up because it looks like she is showing him the deer on her shirt…

She puckered her lips several more times before her morning nap 😉 The bottom right pic is where I caught them this morning after breakfast 😉

Happy Friday :)


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    These pictures are just Adorable! I hardly ever comment on your blog, but I couldn't help myself, I had to tell you how much I LOVE Knox's little house slippers!!! And Sloane's morning hair! ha, precious sweet babies!

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    Your little ones are beyond precious. I love the "look at my shirt!" picture. And you win major mom points for finding such totally adorable outfits for them.

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    Such precious, sweet innocence. The triplets, until recently, would always kiss each other before one of them left and say, 'Good-bye brother, I love you.' Aarg. It goes by too quickly.

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