The good people in the world.....

Today was a fun day. The weather was abnormally warm for December so Brent and I decided to take the babies to run some errands and then to the park.

The errand right before the park was one one of the close-by markets. We just needed two things so I took Brent's debit card and ran in.

When I was done checking out, with four items, I put the receipt and card in the back pocket of my jeans...........

When we were about to get out of the car at the park, Brent asked me if I had his card. I told him I did, but he didn't need it so I would just give it to him later. I said this because, for some reason, I thought I had dropped it in my purse.

We had a wonderful time at the park. The babies were getting tired so we left. We drove through Starbucks on the way home because mommy and daddy were also kind of tired and Brent asked for his card. Well, I didn't have it. I looked everywhere and it was no where to be found. The receipt from the store was still in my back pocket, so I was immediately worried the card had fallen out at the park.

We came home and put the babies down for a nap and Brent headed back to the park.

Did I mention the park was packed today? It was really, really packed. It was beautiful and I seriously bet 300 people were there.

Well, Brent walked the path we went on, looked on the playground, crawled under cars and was close to giving up when he decided to ask a family who he remembered being there when we were, which had probably been 45 minutes ago, by this point. The lady pulled the card out of her purse! Can you believe that?? The one person he decided to ask, out of all the people there. The one person he asked happened to be an honest one. She told him she was going to cut it up when she got home, which of course we believe. If she hadn't planned on doing so, then why would she have told him she had it ya, know?

There are good people in the world and we are very thankful. We are thankful for the honest people! I told Brent this was a total God thing because I knew Brent was kind of irritated with me and I felt awful about it.

The babies were being super cute today so I snapped some pics. It's a good thing I'm somewhat quick because they are so very fast. Knox did not want to sit on the couch by Sloane, and wasn't really interested in a picture with Brent either. I did think they looked pretty cute while Knox was getting dressed.

If you didn't see the video I posted Friday, it's a must watch :) It's so sweet!

Hope you all had a good weekend!! :)

*Cute shirts by Mary Kate's Monograms


  1. YES, there are wonderful, honest people out there. My son(12) put his ipod touch on the back of our car. Well, my husband ran an errand and the ipod went with him on the trunk. About an hour later, they realized the i-touch was gone! They put an message on i-cloud, which I knew nothing i-cloud, putting a message on it giving our name and number. No call that night. Then a terrible rain storm. We thought it was gone.

    In church the next day, the message was saying how materialistic things consume our lives, etc. My husband and I thought maybe it was a good thing the i-pod was gone since our son spends a lot of time on it instead of being with his family at times.

    Exactly two weeks later, we get a phone call saying the i-pod was found and they were calling us. A kid found it and brought it home but forgot they had it. Then they found it on their counter and saw the i-cloud message, then gave us a call.

    It was found about a mile from our house w/o even a scratch.

    Now, back to balancing i-pod time with family:-)

  2. I love their matching shirts! They are just too adorable!

  3. That is such a blessing!! Love their shirts! Looks like Sloaney is doing well after her jump out of the crib!

  4. what an awesome story! and those shirts are too cute! I can't believe this crazy December weather, definitely isn't your typical Christmasy weather!

  5. What a great story, I love when people share awesome stories like that. It is good knowing there are still good people left in the world! Adorable pics, your babies are just the cutest!!! Love their shirts :)

  6. I'm so glad you found your card! It's always nice to hear a good story like that one!
    There Christmas outfits are adorable!

  7. Your babies always just melt my heart!! Love their little tees. Looks like a perfect day, minus the card incident. So happy you found it.

  8. Hi Megan - that does my heart good to know that there are still honest people out there - thank goodness for that sweet family! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately - I am trying to get thru this first holiday without my son here but it is SO HARD. I never imagined my life like this - bvut I know in my heart that God has a plan for Jonathan in heaven. Your babies are sooooo cute - these pics are adorable.

    God Bless you and your sweet family this holiday season.

    Diane T :)

  9. I lost my wallet at a park once. We went to eat supper and were going to get ice cream, when I realized it was gone. We went back to the park, and there was a lady there waiting to hand it over to a police officer. I think the media draws our attention to all the bad people there are, when there really are many good, honest people.


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