So real….

I still haven’t wrapped my head around the shootings and Sandy Hook. It’s consumed my thoughts, but it’s like I can’t keep thinking about it….but I do.

I can’t imagine those kids who saw what happened; I can’t imagine the adults that saw. I would be haunted. As for the kids, their poor little hearts and souls must be in agony, but yet they are still too young to process a lot of it.

The parents and the families who lost a child or family member are experiencing something I also can’t imagine. Even having had a child die, I know this is still such a different experience.

They all need our prayers. They really need them.

I thought last night….
that I would do a blog post for today, but I couldn’t think of anything besides those children. Then, today, when I put Knox & Sloane down for their nap, I thought I would do a fun Christmas blog post. Then, I kept thinking about those children.

I kept thinking about this picture….

The first time I saw it, I sobbed.

Then, I thought those angel babies and school employees have faces, and in no time, this picture came up on the TV….

Continued sobs.

They are real; they were real.

This is real.

All I know is we aren’t safe. I don’t care if it’s home or school or Target or the mall. I don’t care if it’s guns or knives or mental illness or the government or a car wreck.

And if you feel unsure of yourself or someone around you, tell someone.

We aren’t in control.

You just need to feel comfortable with your life and where you will go after this life. I pray for you to know God is in control.

Obviously the shooter was lost. His family needs prayers as well. He took his mother’s life.

Hold your babies, friends and family tight.

Lend your heart and hands this holiday season.

*You can honor Sandy Hook Victims with #26Acts of Kindness.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

~ 2 Corinthians 4:18

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    Thank you for this. I keep crying too, and thinking of those poor babies and teachers and their families. I hope we can remember them always and use their memory to inspire us to be kinder to one another.

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    It's so easy to be afraid. It's so easy to be depressed. I teach public school. I find my eyes filling with tears at the oddest times . . . when I'm teaching math or reading my kids a book, but through it all I know that God is in control. He did not cause this. I don't think it was His will. We live in a fallen world where evil is very present and very real, and when I start to feel like I can't handle everything that is happening in our world I turn to Him.

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts/feelings. I am just having the hardest time processing it all…I see the pictures, I sob. I think about the families who have to have Christmas in 5 days without their loved ones, I sob. I think that those babies were the same age as my son, I sob. It's a vicious cycle of sadness. I think of myself as a strong Christian, and I know that worrying does nothing, but I can't help it. I feel like I just can't move forward because if I do, it's a diservice to those lives lost. Life is hard, and to think that my heartache doesn't even come CLOSE to how those parents/families feel who lost loved ones. I have vowed to my children to be a better mother in honor of those 20 sweet "babies". That's the least I can do…

    Prayers for all of the people affected, whether directly or indirectly. That's all we can do is pray!

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    Megan, I never comment, I just enjoy reading about your sweet family every day, and looking at the darling pictures of your babies. But I must comment today, you have written the best blog post I have read on this tragedy in Connecticut. You have not blamed it on guns. You have not blamed it on lack of parenting. You have seen clearly, the truth, which is that we live in a sinful world and horrible things happen. Only God knows the time when this painful, sinful world will be over for those of us who are believers, and what a glorious day THAT will be!!! Until then, we must pray for those who are hurting, and be the light and the salt Jesus wants us to be. A little extra kindness to everyone we bump into in our daily lives can make all the difference! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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