Santa! …..and stuff :)

I hope you all are having Happy Holidays!!!!

I feel like I’ve kind of been neglecting my blog, though unintentionally! I’ve been posting on Instagram quite a bit, and while I love doing that, I want to be sure I’m updating my blog. I love having posts to look back on with words, stories, updates and pictures. I love all these precious days, even with some horribly stressful moments, and I’m thankful to have my blog to journal it! Of course I’ll continue to post on Instagram/Twitter, I’ll be posing more pictures and rest of the story right here :)

I also want to get better with connecting and re-connecting with bloggers. I use to comment on blogs quite a bit, but now I’m always skipping the comment part so I can squeeze a bit more reading in. It doesn’t really matter to me whether I get comments or not, but sometimes just one comment can brighten my day!

So, that brings us to Santa…..
I have lots of little twin treats that I want to post, but I thought Santa would be a good start!

Our first encounter this year was just Sloane and myself. Knox was under the weather so he stayed home. Our friends had a fun little kids party where Santa came, they sat on his lap and he gave them a toy. Super cute and fun!

Well, Sloane took some sort of offense to Santa….

I feel a bit bad for laughing, but her squealing cry and everyone giggling at her just made me.

My cousin works for the Today Show and my mom and SIL talked me into submitting this to their scared Santa pics, but because of the tragic change in news, they held off on posting the rest of the picture series. {I had a few people that asked.}

So, even though she was not thrilled with Santa, we did have a really nice time at the party…

On Friday, we took both babies to see Santa. I can accurately say Know felt the same way as Sloane did about Santa this year…..not a fan…

Though an unpleasant few seconds for them, we did have a nice time. Both mine and Brent’s moms want with us and we had lunch after Santa.

Sloane is into giving the funniest little faces and tilting her little head. She will also put her hands up under her chin and it’s so cute….

Knox loves his hat so much!

They both enjoyed their lunch although I think Knox had a bit of something he didn’t like at one point…

While waiting on Santa, I snapped some pics and I think they are so funny!

I snapped more when we got home while they played :) I’ll post those once I upload them

Knox LOVES his bucket hat and Sloane loves her bonnet! They were both made by The Beaufort Bonnet Company. They do SUCH an amazing job!!

Gosh, looking back on Santa pictures from last year; My how things have changed!

Oh my heart can’t even take this sweetness….

Merry Merry :)

*If you are looking for kid friendly Nativity Sets, I posted two in my previous post.


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    They are so adorable! I think the crying ones are the funniest and you'll look back on them and laugh. Time just flies! Merry Christmas xoxo Becky

  2. says

    I adore those bonnets. Mason and Caroline hated Santa this year too. Honestly, crying Santa pictures are hilarious to me! Sloane and Knox are adorable!

  3. says

    darling! I love the Utica Santa! I took my girls a million times this year. I only made my baby sit on his lap once though! ha! LOVE that little polka dot dress!

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