Personalized Ornaments

One of my sweet blog buddies, Annie, opened up a cute creative shop! She is super woman, for real. She's always posting fun projects.

 A.B.C Creations makes unique goodies from whimsical wreaths to birthday banners!

Annie was so nice to send the kiddos personalized....
ornaments! I love the ribbons at the top and the glitter colors!

We love ornaments around here and these will fit our tree perfectly!!!

So thoughtful of her to include Cohen :)

Thank you, Annie!!!

These would make great gifts! You can find A.B.C Creations' items on their Facebook page HERE.

Happy shopping!


  1. awe! Those are perfect! I love them :)

  2. Annie is soooo sweet and soooo creative! The ornaments are adorable!

  3. Those are so cute! And who could forget Cohen? I know that I never will!

  4. these are adorable, I especially love Cohen's with the heart...

  5. Those are simply adorable..my personal favorite would be the Sloan one..I think its really pretty and a great way to personalize a the Christmas ball...And ABC Creations seems to be a fun place to shop from..As of now I have been doing my Ornaments Shopping from http://www.ornamentsandmore.com


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