Leggings, Scarves, etc......

I posted this pic on Instagram/Twitter last night....

and a few people asked about the leggings, so I thought I'd share with everyone :)

I love love looooove them. I spotted them on ModCloth a while back and decided I needed them. It appears they don't have them anymore, but they were here. Sometimes they re-stock!

Though not a great picture, I also love the infinity scarf I have on. It's from Cents of Style and you can find it here.

I like wearing my leggings with Piko tops and I got my black one on ShopSosie here.

While looking over emails this morning, I saw that Very Jane currently has these.....

They seem pretty similar and are also super cute. I think I might need some, and at that price, can't beat it!

Then, I went to the Very Jane website and saw they have such cute things right now...

I'm loving it all and the heart and leopard pashminas are so fun!

Keep an eye on Very Jane's Facebook page today as they are launching an awesome New Year's giveaway!!



  1. Love those leggings thanks for sharing where you purchased them ! I'm heading over to check out the Very Jane website too :) Looks like there may be a few things I need !

  2. Cute Leggings!
    Where are the boots from??

  3. I've had a few of my headbands featured on Very Jane! Such a cute website with cute stuff! :)

  4. Thanks for this!! I am going to order a couple pairs :) What do you wear with them? I wear black and brown leggings from time to time, but throwing in the color is throwing me off a little. But I do want to try to go outside the box. Thank you!!

  5. They are lovely. And the scarves are so colorful and bright.


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