Food! Filling the babies’ bellies!

I did this post last week on the things we use for our eating and at the request of many, I’m now posting some things they eat!

Knox & Sloane are eating gluten free. For the most part, they always have, but since my diagnoses with Celiac Disease, we decided, along with our doctor, that it would be best to eliminate gluten from their diet. Since I have the gene, the chances of one or both of them….
having it is increased. I’m not sure when we will do the testing, but for now, we are preventing damage and being proactive. My doctor said if they are eating gluten and have Celiac, their chances of autoimmune diseases are increased, so if we can hopefully prevent that, why not try.

Do you remember Knox’s skin breaking out so much for several months? Well without formula and any gluten, it hasn’t broken out once. So that’s a sign to me he may have an allergy. Both of their pops are normal now; no more mush. Granted, many kids can be sensitive to gluten because it is harder to process, but with time their bodies develop and can process it better, so you can keep that in mind because they may not necessarily have Celiac by any means.

I’ll do a post on my new gluten free, gallbladder free lifestyle soon!

Knox & Sloane have tried lots and lots of food! Knox has always been my picky eater. It was stressful for a while, but he finally got better and I finally just stopped worrying about it. They do eat good now, but he still has many picky days.

I did start out with oatmeal, the mushed foods. We started them at about seven months. We did Nature’s Best jars. Knox & Sloane really liked them. We moved onto solids after a month or two and they did pretty well. I didn’t jump right into baby led weaning, but I did let them try to take bites and get a feel for the food. They did get teeth pretty early, so that made me feel comfortable. I think right now they both have 12+ teeth.

I nursed Knox until ten months and Sloane until ten and a half months. Of course once they started food, they didn’t nurse as much.

So, what do they eat now?

They really like what anyone else does I suppose! It’s just gluten free. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of gluten free tasting good, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s really good. Well, not all of it, so we’ve definitely had to taste test quite a bit.

They love fruit. They like some veggies, but not all and not often. They do good with avocados, apples, Sloane does bananas, peas, clementines, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc.

They aren’t doing much meat, but they will do a little bit of chicken. They do beans pretty well.
Since Knox had a mild milk allergy on his testing, we decided to do almond milk in the sippy. He still gets cheese and yogurt, though and has no real issue.

I do try to do organic. I’ve had the organic mentality long before they were born and after researching and hearing doctor’s input,  I’m confident it’s a good decision for us. It’s a personal preference like anything else. Of course not everything is organic, which I’m fine with, but we aim for fruits, veggies, potatoes and most milk products to be.

*** I decided I would take pics of some things other than fruit and fresh stuff. I will include links to the site if you want more of a face and info for it. Please note, not all products these companies make are gluten free if that’s what you are after.

We LOVE Amy’s frozen meals. Our whole family loves them! We eat one at least once a day…whether for lunch or dinner. There are LOTS. Some are gluten free and some are not, but it will say in green on the top of the box or in normal print on the bottom right corner.

We tried several breads and decided this Rudi’s Gluten-Free Multi-grain is our favorite. Since I have eaten wheat bread before, I think it’s most comparable taste wise! ( I un-twisted and stood up so you could see package.)

They love jelly on their waffles and toast. We also tried several of those and like Cascadian Farms the best. It’s smooth and goes on easy! The blueberry has actual blueberries in it, which sometimes they think is chewy. I think strawberry & grape are their favorite.

They eat toast and waffles every morning. We like the Van’s and sometimes they do the french toast, too. I’m out of the regular waffles right now. They also like the Nature’s Path Buckwheat. I typically put the jelly on the toast and these.

In their snack cups, I usually put Glutino Gluten Free Cereal, Cheetos Simply Natural white cheddar puffs or Annie’s Snickerdoodle bunnies

Annie’s also makes good gluten free pastas and they like the Road’s End Orgnaics & Ancient Harvest Quinoa.

They like eggs with ketchup. Actually the eat quite a few things better with Ketchup. Sweet potatoes as well as the Peas of Mind Veggie Sticks and Cascadian Farm Spud Puppies.

They like tortilla with cheese, Pace’s picante sauce and sour cream. They like this because I was eating it and they got a bit and decided it was delicious!

I usually use shredded cheese but I ran out yesterday, but they do love string cheese al the time.

The do corn tortillas and then I found these Toufayan gluten free wraps. They are a bit more to comparable to flour. They do have a different taste if you eat it alone, but once stuff is on it, I don’t think you can tell at all. I’m going to try enchiladas with them soon!

They love love love yogurt. They like StonyField regular and Yo baby and I recently added The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt. It has LOTS of fat, which is good for them.

Speaking of yogurt, a good trick for me to have them consume more veggies and fruit is to mix these squeeze packets and leftover jar food I have into the yogurt. The Greek Gods has a plain one (green label) as well as Stonyfield. These are also great on the go and the meal packets are good to put in a bowl to let them start working the spoon.

For the above we typically do Earth’s Best, Happybaby & Plum Organics.

They like almond butter and jelly sandwiches.

For gluten free sweets, so far we like King Arthur Flour the best for muffins; Betty Crocker for brownies and we are getting ready to try Heartland Gourmet. (I’m out of Betty. It doesn’t last long around here :P)

Knox likes pickles.

Sloane likes almonds.

These are things I eat as well so I do love them! Of course this isn’t all they eat, but the gist of keeping their bellies happy and full :)

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    I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing. My sweet girl just turned a year old last month. She has a gluten allergy and I have really struggled with what to give her because she gets really sick if she has even the smallest bit of gluten so her diet has mostly consisted of fruit, chicken, and some veggies because of my fear of her getting sick. I have been afraid to venture out at all. I printed this post and am pinning it for sure for others out there like me. Thanks for sharing what works for you.


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    Somehow I missed the post where you talked about your diagnosis! I have a lot of friends who are gluten intolerant prevely severely, but none of them are actually celiac. I know the big diagnostic test is the biopsy of the stomach cells/tissues/lining whatever. When they did that on you, did they find that you had a lot of damage or not? Hopefully they caught it early so you didn't have much damage! We did gluten free for a while, and it was rough at first, but it seemed like as soon as we got in a habit of it, it became a lot easier. But Celiac is so tough because you have the issues of contamination! I'm glad you guys have been able to find good stuff that is gluten free! (-: I can't wait to hear about how you are feeling now that you are gluten free! (-:


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    My daughter is 2 and I still use the squeeze packets with her. She may refuse to eat the actual vegetables that are in them plain, but she can finish one of these off in a mintute. I have also purchased some reusable squeeze tubes, and put apple sauce and yogurt in it so that I can buy those in bulk and save a little on cost.

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