Documenting Pregnancy - Whoa Belly!

When I first found out I was pregnant with Cohen, I signed up on Baby Center for their weekly updates. I loved reading about what was going on with my baby and body.

I also decided to blog about each week in pregnancy. I created list of them here. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this. Once we found out about Cohen’s heart, I also blogged about that. I did weekly updates on how I was feeling, new baby goodies, baby kicks, doctor’s appointments and so forth.

Those posts keep it fresh in my heart. I loved being pregnant. I felt good and I fel......
t it was such a blessing. I think pregnancy is a miraculous thing.

I did the weekly blog updates with the twins as well, but I didn’t do the Baby Center calendar because things were quite different with twins! I did have a few sites I went to that would give me an idea of what was going on with the two dumplings I was growing. If I couldn’t remember what week I was, I could always go back and look at the previous weeks “Prego Mego” post!

I’d say in general I’ve always been a bit modest; not overly modest, but just a tad reserved, I guess. Therefore I did hesitate to post bare belly pictures for a while, but then I just decided pregnancy was human nature and I really did want to document it in my journal. Thanks to blogging, I can do that with words and pictures.

I did bare belly in the weekly posts, but here I am with the twins that I collaged...

That’s maybe my favorite thing about my blog. I get to look back and remember moments; I can feel them. I love to see my belly with Cohen compared to my belly with the twins.

When Knox & Sloane were born, I continued to do weekly posts for them, which I also love looking back on.

Did you document your pregnancy/ies or do you plan to?

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  1. I documented my 3rd pregnancy on my blog and now I do monthly updates on my little one :) It's especially fun to read the gender reveal post (It's a boy!) and then the birth announcement post (Nope, it's a girl!)! I wish I would have documented my 1st 2 pregnancies too!

  2. I really wish I had stayed on top of recording moments and taking pictures of my tummy while I was pregnant with Owen. It's such a treasure to keep :)

  3. I'm glad you did this as well! So neat to look back on & compare! The babies will love it one day as well! =)

  4. I love that you documented this! It is so special to have that and to go back and remember what it is what like. It's so easy to forget, especially as life gets busier and busier with children. :) You have such a sweet blog and I really enjoy it.

  5. I definitely plan to! I want to take pics. I'm thinking about finding a shirt I can wear for most of the pictures or the same color to maybe keep it even. We'll see though. (-:


  6. I documented the pregnancy with my twins every few weeks. It was fun to do and I'm sure I'll look back on it someday. I love your week by week comparison, I wish I was that organized!

  7. I actually got the idea to do a weekly blog about my pregnancy from your posts. I have really enjoyed doing the weekly posts and taking pictures to document everything along this journey. I don't want to forget anything that happens, and I like looking back over the course of the last few months and see how things have changed.

  8. I definitely documented through my pregnancy last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did posts just about every week and pictures every so often, as well. And thanks to this post, I wanted to compile a collage of the majority of the pictures taken - so here it is! I linked up with your blog as well. :)


  9. I am pregnant with my first and have documented the pregnancy each week so far through weekly letters to my baby on my blog.


    It's been fun to recap how the week has been and I know it is something I'll look forward once Baby is here!


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