Christmas Finds: DIY Glittery Peace Sign

This very well could have already been done a million times and all over Pinterest, but I haven’t found too much time to look lately. I, however, did take a two hour trip to Walmart a few Friday nights ago. Yep, I don’t go to Walmart for probably six months alone and then I get there and can’t drag myself out. I’m a Target girl all the way and it’s ridiculously close to our house, but Walmart had some great things to offer and I caught myself thinking I needed to go up and down every aisle.

On the craft aisle, I came across some felt cut outs. I immediately saw the peace sign and my head starting spinning…..
I’ve always loved peace signs, but don’t really fine much of a reason for them, although I think Christmas is a great time. I imagine the playroom will have a fun one someday, too!

So, I saw the peace sign and right by it was glitter. I’ve never really done a DIY with glitter so I wasn’t sure the best way to get it to stick. Of course I thought I wanted something quick because I’m a immediately results kind of girl. Honestly, they didn’t have much as far as craft glues go. All I really saw was Elmer’s. So, I opted for the stick.

Once it was all on, it was of course just shaking off everywhere so I wasn’t sure what to put on top. I Googled around and a few people said the Elmer’s spray and a few people said clear, finish coat spray paint. I first did the spray paint, though not pictured. I don’t really think it helped it stick too much. I use a glossy one because I was worried it would take the sparkle away from the glitter. I didn’t seem to. Then, I decided to try the Elmer’s spray, also worried it would take some shine away. I think it made it a tad matte looking, but not too bad.

The final result isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty and sparkly and peaceful :)

What do you use for glitter projects? Does Hobby Lobby have a wooden peace sign that would have been easier? Perhaps I would paint this one gold before painting next time, although in person, you can’t really see the green all too much.

Hmm, maybe I’ll do a peace sign Christmas tree. This would go good with these ornaments.


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    Super cute! I have seen wooden peace signs at hob lob. They also have a clear craft glue that I paint on with a paint brush then sprinkle on the glitter. It says very well and doesn't lose any of its shine. I love glitter! :)

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    Not sure if you knew this or not but the peace sign was originally known as "Nero's Cross". It is an anti Christ symbol used to demean Christianity. It was designed to look like an upside down, broken cross. Heart breaking to a believer if you stop and think about it. I know its perfectly acceptable to use in today's culture, but its hard for me to separate its original meaning, created by a hater of Christ and His followers, to do harm to the faith. I'm not judging in any way, just didn't know if you were aware of its history or not. Merry Christmas to your sweet little family.

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      This is not true. It was created as a symbol for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1950's. It is a symbol of the letters N and D and was created by a pacifist. In my opinion it does more harm to the faith to spread untruths about things. Please check facts before passing along gossip. Snopes and google and wikipedia are good sources at times.

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    I am a Classical Studies major (the study of ancient Greece and Rome) and I can assure you (if you cared) that the above claim is completely untrue. Nero had no such symbol, it was not designed until the 1950s. I'm a Christian, so don't take this the wrong way, but the only sources that claim such a thing are Christian groups – scholarly groups who study the time period insist that it is not true. So don't worry about your pretty decorations! :)
    You did a good job with the glitter – way better than I could do. Happy holidays!

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