Christmas Finds: Tinsel Trees

For the past few years, I’ve not really added much to my Christmas collection. I love Christmas, but I already had quite a bit of stuff. With our move last year and one of my fake trees lights giving out, I’ve started weeding out things and picking up new.

I thought this week I would share some things I’ve picked up this year :)

We got a new tree after Christmas last year at Sam’s. It’s big and beautiful. I did add some lights because I love lots lof lights.

While at Target last month, I came across these tinsel trees…..
If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the picture I posted while debating which color. They were $20 and I thought that was a pretty good deal, although I couldn’t decide which color I wanted. I ended up going with silver.

They are SO easy to put together. They come in this box and you just assemble in about 60 seconds. I think it will also make them super easy to store.

A week or so later, I went back to Target and they had them on sale for $18. I decided I wanted another color, but couldn’t decide which. So naturally, I bought them all. In fact, I often pairs so my favorites I bought two of. Crazy, maybe. They are fun!

It may also be crazy that I put them in the area where Knox & Sloane play now. Some days they don’t touch them at all, and some they play knock them over and laugh. I was a bit hesitant about normal trees and ornaments this year, so I think these are a good option, though I did put a few trees up in other areas of the house!

So this was my favorite Christmas fine at Target this year! These and of course everyone needs festive socks from the dollar spot and $1 glittery peace sign ornaments.

I’ve picked up a few gifts at Target, but I can’t decide if I want to wait to share until the gifts are given. hmm. I posted my obsession with many of Target’s current pajamas and thankfully santa my mom has a few of them under the tree.

More Christmas finds, soon!

Also, I posted a great Tiny Prints deal yesterday! Well, I updated the post with another great discount code and they will have fast shipping!

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Happy Monday!


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    I love those tinsel trees! They look great! I was reading your post down below about paint colors. What color is the paint in the room with the tinsel trees? I love the color Rainwashed that you used!

  2. says

    I love the tinsel trees!
    I moved this year too and did a lot of weeding out of Christmas stuff so I need to start building up my collection again :)

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    I bought the red one! I love it! I would love to have all of the colors as well. It was hard to choose just one. I'd love a couple to set up in the basement. The red one went to our baseball themed extra bedroom.

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