Baby Eating! – The Stuff

I’ve had quite a few people request info about Knox & Sloane’s eating regimen!

Of course it has changed with time, like anything else :)

I thought today I would post about the stuff and then do the food next.

We did high chairs, but the ones we originally picked….
weren’t a good fit. I really liked them and they folded up to be very compact, but the more Knox & Sloane were eating, the more I noticed that food was just getting everywhere. They were just too far back from the tray. I think if we tried them now, they might be a bit better, but really I thought it was quite hard keeping them clean. Although, I’ve come to find that’s hard in general when it comes to lots of food and babies learning to eat!

I went with a clip on high chair for the counter. I was always a bit hesitant when I would see these, but I figured if there were any real issues, they wouldn’t be for sale. I did still set a chair under Knox & Sloane when we first got them. After a week, it hadn’t broken off our granite counter top so I figured it was good to go 😉

They are the Phil & Ted’s Lobster. I originally got them ones without the tray, but I quickly realized a tray would be ideal. I could put their food right on the tray and take away the tray once they were done and wash it. It also helped from getting so much everywhere.

We are working on spoons and they really do good with that. I know they know how to do it, but I don’t give them one everyday just because it can get QUITE messy!

As for their bibs, we’ve stuck with two different ones. These Kushies ones anad these Green Spouts ones have worked pretty well for us.  I like the pocketed ones, and they have to be longer, because I can tuck it between the counter and the material on the high chair like so…..

Therefore, the food should go right down to the bib pocket.

I feel like right now we are using the Green Sprouts’ bibs more because I like the material better, but I do prefer the neckline on the Kushies. I may explore to see about finding a combination of both. Between each feeding, I wash off the bibs with just dish soap. In the summer, I would set them outside to dry in between meals. Now, as long as I drape them properly, they will dry fine in the sink between feedings. I posted about some disposable bibs we use when traveling here. The material on the Green Sprouts ones dries faster, but I believe that Kushies also has one with this material. It’s just a thicker, less flimsy.

Knox & Sloane started using plates recently. For breakfast, I’m still leaving just the high chair tray down because they do waffles, toast & fruit, but they do the waffles & toast in bigger pieces because they are learning to take bites of things. So with the plates, I just kind of separate out what they are eating. I was nervous because I figured they would want to just pick the plate up and throw it, but honestly, they were more interested in the food. I think we did kind of start out with bowls. So, that might have gotten them use to it.

We used these suction bowls for a while and that kind of taught them it wasn’t to be picked up. Now, they don’t really both to pick anything up. They will push their plate away when they are done or take off their bib.

For plates, we’ve started out with sectioned ones and are planning to try one big one soon. I liked the divided ones in the picture above and below. They are both from

I also saw these in a boutique over Thanksgiving and think they are so cute.

For sippys, we’ve stuck with good ole Playtex ones (which are in the picture above.) I’ve tried a few others, but they just acted annoyed. We’ve let them use some normal cups lately, while we hold and they are getting the hang of them. I’ve also purchased the Playtex ones without handles that we will soon work on.

I will say, for a while I thought cleaning food off the floor was going to be the death of me. They were very into throwing food on the floor. Sometimes it was food they didn’t like and sometimes they just did it to be honorary. Thankfully, that didn’t last forever…nothing does! While they were in the throwing stage, I got a splat mat. I picked one up at a local place and I got one off Etsy here. It’s basically just oil cloth. IT IS A LIFE SAVER! So, the food doesn’t get on your floor. You can just wipe the mat up. I wipe it with a damp paper towel and then once the babies go to bed, I wipe with vinegar.

Their highchairs hang on our kitchen island where barstools will eventually go, when they move to the table. Here is the splat mat before a feeding and after. I actually took these pictures in May. I had a bigger splat mat cut for their birthday cake pictures and I use that mat now since we have carpet so close to where they eat right now.

These are things that have/are working for us! Hope it helps!

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    Thank you for posting this!!! We are starting to feed Cameron and are in the trial/error phase!! We have a pretty good high chair, but I like the ones you use…we may have to check into those!

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    I'm definitely thinking that we will start Elyse with plates soon…for now we've just been putting food on her tray, but since she's starting to eat off our plates it's hard to know how much she's getting unless we section it out.

    & thanks for the link to the etsy site for the splat mats…I'm ordering one today!

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    I just LOVE your "stuff" posts. Our first baby is due in April and I have read through your recommendations over and over. I admire you so much as a mother, and now homemaker. If you ever do a post on how the transition from two incomes to one worked for your family, I'll be glued to it. Thanks for everything!

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    We also used the suction bowl for Emma. I just recently bought her the snowman plate from Target after buying several Fall/Thanksgiving ones from their Dollar Spot. LOVE Target!!!

    Melissa from

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