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A lot of people love baby carriers that you wear. I honestly only wore one on one occasion, that I can recall. It’s not because I didn’t think it was handy or a good idea, but I had two babies. If I held one, the other wanted to be held. If they were awake, I tried to split my time, and I was usually sitting in the floor doing it so I could still be by both of them. I wasn’t ever really doing anything where I needed free hands and to keep the baby close by. I feel like, looking back, I wasn’t doing anything…except taking care of two babies..sitting on my the floor, haha :)

When I was alone with one baby, I never really had……
the need to wear a carrier. When Knox & Sloane were little, it was winter so as far as going out and about, we didn’t hardly take them anywhere for quite a while as we didn’t want to risk any sickness since they were on the smaller side.

Brent loved the baby carrier and Knox loved to be in it. So during the spring and early summer, when they were still not too big, Brent would take Knox to lunch or a car show and he would also wear the Bjorn. I thought it was so cute! We had a few other carriers, but Brent felt like the Bjorn was the best option for him and Knox. We tried to put Sloane in it a few times and she wasn’t a fan.

The one time I did wear one with a baby in it, I just remember thinking that my chest hurt! I was nursing and I was quite inflated. It might just have been an isolated incident, but I never really thought about it again because I never ended up being in a situation where I needed or wanted to wear one again!

I know a lot of people swear by the carriers. Their baby loves them and it frees up their hands so they can get some things done while having their little love close by, which really is ideal! So, if you are wondering about a carrier that you wear, I’d definitely say get one and try it out! It might be a great option for you and your baby!

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    I never used my Baby Bjorns with my twins either, because it was usually me on my own with them, so I can relate. With #3 baby wearing was a lifesaver! I used the Moby Wrap and love it. I plan to use it for #4 as well. :)

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    The baby bjorn I had always hurt my back too. I ended up getting a boba baby carrier with my second son and loved it. It is supposed to be better for baby's hips and legs too because the boba has them in a sitting position with their weight on their butt and thighs instead of all their weight only on their crotch. I highly recommended that carrier…I've heard Ergo's are good too. I used the carrier a ton when he was under one year but now just occasionally (and it still doesn't hurt my back and I have a bad back!)

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    Still use my different carriers today! But, with a three year age difference, it is probably easier to use than with twins. I love them because I can keep up with the older one and can participate in her activities. Unfortunately, the baby doesn't enjoy it anymore so ours days of hands free are almost done. :( (the Bjorn hurt my back so I opted for cloth ones and a cheap front carrier)

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