Around the house - painting progress...

This week our painter ended up having an opening so we decided to have him paint our dark wood trim!

I've blogged about it several times, but our house felt really dark when we first moved in. There were dark colored walls, dark wood trim and some dark wood doors.We are almost at our year anniversary of living here, which seems crazy, but I've think we've made good progress. Anyways, at the first of the year, we went ahead and had the kitchen, small living area and breakfast area done. We LOVE it. In the summer, we had all the main walls done, but decided to leave the wood trim for a bit just to make sure we didn't want it. I knew pretty quickly I didn't. I just like light and bright......

So now, we've almost gotten all of it painted. We haven't done inside of rooms, except the dinning, but we had them do all the main areas. The nursery is also done; Brent did it when we moved in. So, we still have the gameroom, guest room, master and front room (sitting/office), guest bathroom and laundry room.

We re-did the master bathroom here.

We had planned to finish out the attic, but we realized we wanted to get everything else done and that would come last.

These aren't great pics, but a few people had wanted to see before and after. Once everything is complete, I'll post real before and after pictures. You can see most of the house in this post from when we bought it.

We've changed out some lighting and have a few more fixtures to do. I love lighting, but have a hard time making up my mind.  We are about to do all the door knobs.

Yes, I had to un-decorate the top and a portion of the main tree by the fireplace so that it could be moved. This weekend, I'm working on getting things back to normal and getting all the Christmas goodies in place :)

This is the dining room, not the same wall, but you can see the change in paint and I had him add wainscoting. I also had the doors removed that are pictured going into the kitchen.

Main living area fireplace

Above living area

This isn't a great before/after, but I'm standing in the first picture kind of where the TV is now in the living area off the kitchen. 
I had been eyeing this sink vanity at Lowe's and saw, the other night, that it was on closeout so I decided to get it for the guest bathroom.

Like I said, these aren't great pics, just some I took on my phone! Looking at them now, I'm not sure they really even portray the colors all too well, but nonetheless, there is a difference :) I will post better ones on down the road or maybe room by room once it's complete.

Happy Saturday!! :)


  1. It looks great! Our house also has a lot of wood trim, (though ours is that ugly orange oak), and I can't wait to get it all painted white! I love the light and bright feeling too! :)

  2. Oh I love it! It looks so bright and airy now :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  3. Oh it looks so good! So much happier feeling! It's amazing what a little paint will do.

  4. You have a game room? Like for video games? My husband is dying for one so he can't wait until we move out of our apartment!

  5. Gorgeous!! Love the white & bright colors!! Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

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