A Very Merry Christmas!

Per my last post, I did decide to take a few days off of blogging, from my entire computer in fact, to soak up the holiday moments with my loves :) I’m back now and
I’ve missed you all…and blogging!

Did you all have a Merry Christmas?

What was your favorite activity or moment/s?

Did Santa bring you anything fun?

Are you sad it’s over?

My answers:

VERY Merry Christmas!

I had lots of favorite moments. Mostly seeing Knox & Sloane’s expressions to things and seeing them together, here, with us. My heart feels so full. So thankful.

I didn’t request much of anything from Santa this year. I really just wanted his efforts to be on Knox & Sloane and I have a feeling it will be like that for a while. He did bring me some fun things, though!

I am sad it’s over just because I love the holidays SO much! I love that people get in the spirit of giving and I hope it stays around all year. However, as sad as it is that time passes so quickly, it will be Christmas again before we know it!

I have a slew of pictures I took over the past week. A lot. I want to organize and sort them and perhaps make a little book or something with them. Rest assured, though, there will be a few more Christmas posts popping up from me!

I think these two are the only two pictures of us all looking at the camera and I love them so….



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