2012 Holiday Cards!

I love our card this year. Brent’s mom did it and when I looked at it, I still had I can’t believe we have these two sweet babies thoughts…..
In our card last year, I think I thought the same thing and they were just tiny little tots! Oh, those pictures in that post. Melt my heart.

Knox was not in a picture taking mood this day, of course, but he still looks pretty cute :) Our hair looks a tiny bit red in the digital image, but not as much on the actual card, although I’d kind of love to be a bright red head.

Merry Christmas from us :)

For the past few years, I hung the cards we received like this. This year, I decided I’d do them on a few cabinet doors. I wanted to do them in one section of our kitchen, but turns out, we had too many cards, so I ended up using some of the wall in order to keep them all together. I think it still looks cute, though. I kind of want to leave them up all year. I love seeing our friends and family everyday, even if it is via card.

I tried not to cover any faces or much of each card. I used red ribbon and small clothespins that I got from Walmart. I think they are actually more mini because there is a larger one that still isn’t as big as a normal one.



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    Your Christmas card is so cute. The children are growing up so fast and are precious.
    I haven't seen those little clothes pins but I am going to look for them. I like the way you hung all your cards. You certainly received a lot of them! Happy New Year….

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    Holy cow you get a LOT of Christmas cards!! Haha, I'm jealous! I love opening our mailbox every day and seeing new ones in there 😉 Your family card is SO cute this year. Hard to believe this is their 2nd Christmas card appearance, huh?! 😉

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    I loved your card, your MIL takes the best pictures! I wish people sent some kind of cards during the summer, maybe 4th of July? That should be a thing! haha! I want to keep mine up too, I love seeing everyone's cute pictures in my kitchen!

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    I loved getting your card…so precious! And I would seriously never be able to believe it if I had twins either. Two perfect and healthy beings! Such an awesome reminder of God's grace!

    PS…hope you got our card. I sent y'all one!!!

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