Twin Treats – 11.9.12

*If you didn’t read my post yesterday, I encourage you to :)

Now for my attempt to do a weekly “Twin Treats” :) It’s my 9 days since my last one and we’ve had fun. I took a little trip and I think it was good for Knox & Sloane to have time away from mommy and for mommy to have time away, but I think we missed each other, too! Once I got home, Knox started getting a runny nose and then a bit of a tummy bug that Brent had. Then, I got it. We are all on the up and up, though.

Knox & Sloane are now obsessed with Barney. I try not to have it on all day, but as soon as I mention, they get excited, especially Sloane. They do the dance alongs and…..
clap their hands to “if you’re happy and you know it,” it’s pretty funny.

Sloane is trying to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat.” She can say row row and she tries to say merrily merrily. It’s great.

Knox is attempting to say more words. He is saying ball, mama, dada, more and a few others.

Knox has been a super cuddle bug since he’s been sick. I don’t mind at all, but Sloane starts acting out about because he is fussy and won’t let her sit in my lap with him.

I think they are exhausted because I put them down for a nap at 9:30 this morning and it’s almost 1:00 and they are still asleep. That never happens. I thought about waking them, but I figured they needed the sleep.

We’ve been working on bowls and spoons. They’ve actually done really well. When they get low, they either throw the bowl down or try to lick it…mostly Knox. On one occasion, he put it on his head, which I couldn’t resist but to take a picture, which is below, haha.

When went to a Piggy & Paws party at some friends’ house. Sloane did good getting her hands printed, but Knox wasn’t really a fan of doing his food. They loved their friends chairs and didn’t want to get up.

Brent dressed Knox in his razorback gear and took him to the doctor yesterday. 
Knox laid down yesterday. He didn’t even want to play, bless his heart. Sloane laid down by him and started rubbing his head like I do. It was so sweet. 
For the past few mornings, when he’s woken, he coughs a lot. We bring him down and elevate him and he does much better. 
Happy Friday….and I had no idea it was Friday until I saw the news this morning, ha! 


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    Elevating worked so good for our little boy when he had a cough. When it got reall bad at night we would stack a few books under his mattress to elevate his head. Workded wonders!

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    You are so brave to let your kids eat yogurt by themselves with a spoon. My son (now 3 years old) did really well with a spoon even as a baby, but my daughter who is 18 months old makes me cringe! She loves to turn the spoon upside down so everything falls onto her tray or her lap. I suppose that's how they learn and I have to fight my inner OCD to stay back and let her do it on her own. And like you, I would have grabbed my camera to capture the cute pics then grabbed the wipes and start cleaning up (or bath if it's messy enough).

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    Barney was a hit with all 3 of ours. They all knew there shapes and colors at 2 years old..all thanks to Barney:) I highly recommend the Shapes and Colors videos..I believe they are a 2pk that come together. The Christmas one is cute too..they visit the north pole:))

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