The meanings….

I’ve talked several times about us picking out baby names, but never really talked about the meaning of their names! I first posted the names here and then about us picking them here.

We didn’t pick names based on the meaning, but we can’t imagine Knox & Sloane being named anything else. We say that all the time, that we really just can’t see…..
them being named anything besides their names. They fit them so perfectly!

When I looked up the name Knox, it said “round-top hill.” Brent immediately said, “my name means hill!” Pretty ironic, huh? So Brent’s name also means hill. Like father like son ☺ My sweet little hills.

Sloane’s name means “warrior” ☺ The girl is a warrior. She is definitely the dominant personality between her and Knox, if that means anything! She’s definitely not a fighter, but she’s a brave little lady, haha.

While on the subject of names, mine means “small pearl.” That seems sweet, yes? I guess I try to be sweet like a pearl, haha. While pearl isn’t my birthstone, I own a little collection of pearls ☺

 I think names are fun, but they definitely take on the meaning of the person I feel like!

As I reflect on previous pregnancy posts, I keep seeing pictures of me pregnant and I miss it. I was 20 weeks in this picture. Half way!


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    I love the meaning of your name. It's part of why we picked it for our daughter. :) I love that both of the boys in your life have names that mean hill.

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    I love names with sweet meanings and that is so neat that Brent and Knox have the same meaning! Louise means warrior too! I would say that fits her personality for sure. And we are naming the baby Harold Milo and those both mean soldier/army ruler. Ha! We like the strong names :)

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    I love finding out the meaning of names and I thoroughly enjoy Sloane's middle name because that is both mine and Kelsey's hehe…and you look amazing at the halfway mark with the twins :) xo

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    I love that you shared the meanings of their names. We had a theme with our kids that they were all Celtic names and then we looked up the meanings. So our kids have very unique names and I love it. We get asked where we found their names and why we chose them.

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